My Replay Page


1966 - My first shot at Action, and what a great experience! I'm playing most of the NL games, Baltimore, and selected AL games. Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh are battling in the NL while Baltimore is running away with the AL.
1971 - I've always wanted to play 1971, and so this season is my 2nd replay with Action. I am managing Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, and Chicago (AL), plus some Atlanta games. The regular season has ended with Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Oakland making the playoffs.

1972 NL - APBA Dos game. The Pittsburgh Pirates won a one game playoff over the Chicago Cubs to take the NL East, then defeated the Cincinnati Reds for claim the NL Title. Richie Hebner beat out Cesar Cedeno for the batting title (.348 to .347), while Willie Stargell (47 HR, 128 RBI) and Johnny Bench (47 HR, 143 RBI) were the league's top sluggers. Billy Williams was the star of the Cubs, hitting .331 with 33 HR and 106 RBI. Steve Carlton was not as spectacular as in real life, but still went 22-15 with a league-leading 1.50 ERA. Jon Matlack, Don Sutton, and Ferguson Jenkins also won 22 games.

1973 - BBW, AIM, not using actual lineups. Stalled on August 14 as my attention has now shifted to Action. I work on it in spurts...I WILL finish it!
1974 - This is my first run at using ATM and Merlin. The season has stalled, ready to start play in the month of June. It's tough seeing the Merlin grades, but I guess they are better than having the league hit .225.
1975 - Using Action! PC Baseball, the Pirates, Reds, Boston, and Oakland won their divisions as in real life. None of the division races were close and the Reds won an amazing 114 games, winning the NL West by 27 games! Rod Carew hit .366, Reggie Jackson led with 45 HR and 141 RBI. Six pitchers won 20 or more games (Blue, Tiant, Hunter, Palmer, Kaat, Reuss). Boston and Cincinnati made it to the World Series, but instead of the classic 7-game series in real life, the Reds rolled Boston, winning the series in 4 games.

1976 - Combination of Basic game and Dos. The Reds dominated the regular season, then lost to Baltimore Orioles in the World Series as Reggie Jackson carried the team in his one year stay in Baltimore.

1977AL - Started with the Basic game, then DOS, now BBW. Into late August, but not touched in a long time. Not using AIM, so I'm watching player usage myself. Texas surprisingly owns the AL West, with the Yankees leading the Red Sox in the East.
1977NL - Started with the Basic game, then Dos, now BBW. Sits at August 1, but not touched in a long time. Not using AIM, so I'm watching player usage myself. Phillies and Dodgers are the division leaders.
1970 NFL - MacArthur Lane leads the NFL in rushing, scores 14 TD, leads St. Louis to the playoffs, and is named NFL MVP for 1970.
1970 NFL Playoffs - Lemar Parrish picks off two passes and returns a kickoff for a TD as the Bengals defeat San Francisco 31-17 to win the Super Bowl.
1971 NFL - John Brodie leads the 49ers to a 12-2 mark, but Dallas' defense prevails in the NFC. Len Dawson, Ed Podolak, and the Chiefs' defense take the AFC title, 12-2 in the regular season. Larry Csonka is named MVP.
1971 NFL Playoffs - Dallas wins the Super Bowl with a 4 point decision over Kansas City, 28-24. Cliff Harris' two long kickoff returns set up a pair of Dallas scores.
1972 NFL - Miami defeats Washington 16-0 in the Super Bowl, but does not pull off a perfect season. They lost in week 3 to the Vikings 20-14. Billy Kilmer is the league MVP with a 122.9 QB rating (23 TD, 3 int)
1975 NFL - When I was in high school and college I played the 1975 season with the old APBA board game. The Bengals defeated Minnesota in the Super Bowl. Some day perhaps I'll get something on file to post here. Right now the link is empty.