1975 Trades
  1. New Oxford sends QB James Harris to Detroit for 1976 Det#2.
  2. Portland sends Dave Hampton, RB to Frankford for Bill Munson, QB
  3. Atlanta sends Mike Wagner, S and Andy Russell, LB to Apopka for APK 1975 #1
  4. Brooklyn sends Winston Hill, T and J.D. Hill, WR to Apopka for APK 1976 #1, #3
  5. Brooklyn sends Carl Garrett, RB to Illinois for ILL 1976 #3
  6. Forty West sends Paul Krause, S, FW 1975 #3 to Portland for POR 1975 #1
  7. Brooklyn sends Fred Dryer, DE to Portland for POR 1975 #2, 1976 #2
  8. Forty West sends Mel Renfro, CB to Washington for WAS 1975 #3
  9. New Oxford sends NO 1975#1 and 1975 NO#4 to Catskill for Willie Lanier, LB and Emmitt Thomas, CB.
  10. Atlanta sens DE Elvin Bethea to Cincinnati for 1975 CIN #1
  11. Brooklyn sends L. Mitchell, RB to Illinois for ILL 1976 #1
  12. Brooklyn sends B. Bryant , CB to Illinois for ILL #2
  13. Brooklyn sends T. Jackson, #2 (1976) to Sherman Oaks for SHO 1976 #1, #4
  14. Brooklyn trades G. Doughty, WR to Cincinnati for CIN 1976 #2
  15. Brooklyn trades R. Caster, TE to Apopka for APK 1976 #2
  16. Massillon trades M. Montgomery G/T, B. Hoskins, DT to Mohawk Valley for MV #3
  17. Atlanta trades Roman Gabriel, QB to Los Angeles for Joe Scibelli, G, LA #5
1974 Trades
  1. Forty West sends DE Bill Stanfill and OLB Dave Robinson to Apopka for Apopka 1974 Apo#2 and 1974 Apo#4.
  2. New Yorks sends 1974 NY#2 to Pittsburgh for DE Barney Chavous.
  3. Detroit sends Det#2 to Forty West for CB Willie Brown.
  4. Forty West sends RB Calvin Hill to Frankford for 1974 Fra#2.
  5. New Oxford sends QB Norm Snead to Catskill for 1975 Cat#3.
  6. Forty West sends RB Calvin Hill to Frankford for 1974 FRA #2.
  7. Forty West sends WR Roy Jefferson to Long Island for 1975 LI #3
  8. Brooklyn sends RB Don Woods, S Dave Elmendorf, and 1975 Bkn#4 to Illinois for S Craig Clemons, 1975 Ill#1, and 1975 Ill#3.
  9. Forty West sends C Mick Tingelhoff and DT and Walter Johnson to Frankford for 1975 Fra#2.
  10. Illinois sends 1975 Ill#5 to Washington for 1974 Was#6.
  11. Illinois sends RB Tom Sullivan and 1975 Ill#6 to Catskill for 1975 Cat#2 and 1975 Cat#5.
1972 Trades
  1. Detroit sends QB Steve Spurrier and 1972 Det#2 to Portland for RB Floyd Little.
  2. Colorado sends TE Jim Mandich to New Oxford for TE Bob Moore.
  3. Forty West sends CB Tim Foley, RB Jim Harrison, 1972 FW#1, and 1972 FW#4 to Manchester for CB Willie Brown, RB Don Nottingham, and ILB Dan Conners.
  4. Colorado sends QB Steve Ramsey to Mohawk Valley for 1973 MV#4.
  5. Los Angeles sends G Gale Gillingham and P Julian Fagan to Colorado for T Doug Crusan, G Mo Moorman, 1972 Col#4.
  6. Los Angeles sends 1972 LA#1 to Colorado for 1972 Col#1 and 1972 Col#5.
  7. Colorado sends 1972 LA#1 to Forty West for T Dave Foley and T Rufus Mayes.
  8. Forty West sends 1972 LA#1 and DE Tony Cline to Los Angeles for DE Bill Stanfill.
  9. Colorado sends QB Mike Phipps to Birmingham for 1972 Bir#2.
  10. Kansas City sends 1972 KC#3 to Marquette for CB Joe Taylor.
  11. Washington sends 1972 Was#3 to Detroit for
  12. Massillon sends WR John Henderson to Kansas City for S Hugo Hollas.
  13. Kansas City sends WR Gene (Min) Washington and DE George Andrie to Westchester for DE Rich Jackson and CB Rich Sowells.
1971 Trades
1. Massillon sends DE Bubba Smith, S Jerry Logan, 1971 Mas#5, and 1971 Mas#6 to Westchester for 1971 Wes#3 and 1972 Wes#1.
2. Colorado sends 1971 Col#3 and 1972 Col#2 to Cincinnati for RB Essex Johnson.
3. Colorado sends 1971 Col#1 to Washington for 1971 Was#1, 1971 Was#2, and QB Marty Domres.
4. Colorado sends 1971 Was#1 and 1971 Wes#4 to Long Island for 1971 LI#1 and 1971 LI#3.
5. Forty West sends RB Wayne Patrick, G Jim Skaggs, and 1971 FW#2 to Los Angeles for CB Mel Renfro.
6. Frankford sends S Al Randolph to Long Island for John Dockery.
7. New York sends S Hugo Hollas, G John Shinners, 1971 NY#6, and 1972 NY#1 to Kansas City for RB Clarence Davis, S W. K. Hicks, and C Sam Gruneisen.
8. New Oxford sends DT Jethro Pugh, DE Lionel Aldridge, QB Jack Concannon, 1971 NO#4, 1971 NO#5, and 1971 NO#6 to Detroit for 1971 Det#4, 1971 Det#5, 1971 Det#6, and 1972 Det#1.
9. Birmingham sends T Grady Alderman, 1971 Bir#3, and 1972 Bir#1 to Massillon for RB Leroy Kelly and T Walter Rock.
10. Los Angeles sends OLB Gus Otto and 1971 LA#6 to Cincinnati for T Roger Shoals.
11. Cincinnati sends 1972 Cin#6 and S Richie Petitbon to Westchester for 1972 Wes#5 and CB Ed Sharockman.
12. Cincinnati sends G Dan Sullivan and WR Jack Gehrke to Kansas City for RB Larry Watkins.
13. Colorado sends C Greg Larson to Kansas City for 1971 KC#4.
14. Forty West sends ILB Myron Pottios to Birmingham for 1971 Bir#5.
15. Detroit sends 1972 Det#3 to Masillon for C Bob DeMarco.
16. Cincinnati sends 1971 Cin#5 to Portland for S Alvin Wyatt.
17. Colorado sends QB Marty Domres to Forty West for QB Steve Ramsey.
18. New Oxford sends 1971 Det#5 and 1971 Det#6 to Los Angeles for 1971 LA#5.
19. Colorado sends S Mike Howell to Cincinnati for C Bruce Jarvis.
20. Colorado sends 1972 Col#6 to Portland for T Doug Crusan.

1970 Trades

1. Cincinnati sends RB Paul Robinson to Seattle for G George Goeddeke and Sea 1970#6.
2. Forty West sends S George Atkinson to Colorado for WR Roy Jefferson.
3. Colorado send CB Butch Byrd, DT Tom Keating, and T Mike Haggerty to Massillon for T Forrest Gregg, 1971 Mas#3, and 1971 Mas#4. 
4. Portland sends 1971 Por#3 to Massillion for ILB Henry Davis.
5. Massillion sends G Jim Cadile to Marquette for T Clyde Williams.
6. Massillion sends ILB Marlon McKeever to Seattle for ILB Chuck Allen and G Joe O'Donnell.
7. Forty West sends DT Fred Miller to Kansas City for 1970 KC#3.
8. Colorado sends T Cas Banaszek and DT Gary Larsen to Westchester for 1970 Wes#2 and 1971 Wes#4.
9. Colorado sends CB Willie Williams to Detroit for 1970 Det#4.
10. New Oxford sends S Ricky Harris to Westchester for 1970 Wes#3.
11. Detroit sends DT Jerry Shay to Calgary for QB Jerry Rhome.
12. Kansas City sends 1970 KC#2 to Westchester for S Wayne Rasmussen, 1970 Wes#5, and 1971 Wes#1.
13. Masillion sends 1970 Mas#3 to Forty West for CB Clancy Williams and 1971 FW#5.
14. Masillion sends DE Coy Bacon to Forty West for DE Bubba Smith.
15. Detroit sends RB Sam Havrilak to Forty West for 1970 Col#3.
16. Texas sends 1970 Tex#3 to Masillion for S Dick Daniels and T Mike Haggerty.
17. New Oxford sends LB Adrian Young to Calgary for 1970 Cal#6.
18. Portland sends S Don Webb to Frankford for 1970 Fra#4.
19. Seattle sends 1970 Wes#4 to Kansas City for 1970 KC#4 and 1970 KC#5.
20. Cincinnati sends LB Bill Laskey and 1970 Cin#6 to Gold Canyon for QB Virgil Carter.
21. Detroit sends RB Jerry Hill to New Oxford for RB Tommy Mason.
22. Colorado sends LB Mike Stratton to Frankford for 1970 Fra#6.
23. Franklin sends QB Randy Johnson to Kansas City for 1971 KC#5.
24. Cincinnati sends LB Bill Peterson to Kansas City for DB Pet Jacquess.

1969 Trades

1. Colorado sends WR Charley Taylor to Seattle for G Billy Shaw, CB Butch Byrd and LB Mike Stratton.
2. Colorado sends C Bill Curry and 1970 Col#1 to Marquette for DT Tom Keating and S Mike Howell.
3. Colorado sends DT Roland Lakes to Cincinnati for T Joe Carollo.
4. Colorado sends QB Jim Hart, TE Ray Poage, S John Rowser, LB Mike Morgan, T Rocky Freitas, 1969 Col#1, 1970 Col#2, and 1970 Col#4 to Marquette for LB Gus Otto, CB Willie Williams, RB Bill Butler, TE Bob Windsor, and T Cas Banasek.
5. Forty West sends G Dan Sullivan, and T Roger Shoals to Cincinnati for T Lane Howell and DE Joe Robb.
6. Forty West sends CB Ben Davis to St. Paul for LB Lonnie Warwick.
7. Forty West sends RB Dick Hoak to Detroit for WR Boyd Dowler.
8. Forty West sends LB Ray May to Marquette for WR Wendell Tucker and QB Sam Wyche.
9. Westchester sends QB Bart Starr, CB Willie Daniel, and 1969 Wes#5 to Kansas City for QB Virgil Carter, QB Jack Kemp, 1969 KC#1, and 1969 KC#3.
10. Colorado sends DT Diron Talbert and 1969 Col#2 to Portland for G Sonny Bishop, LB George Webster, and DE Ike Lassiter.
11. Colorado sends 1969 Col#5 to Frankford for P Billy Lothridge.
12. Colorado sends LB Gus Otto and 1969 Col#3 to Texas for S Karl Kassulke and 1969 Tex#4.
13. Colorado sends 1970 Col#5 to Portland for K Sam Baker and 1970 Por#6.
14. Colorado sends 1969 Col#4 to Cincinnati for RB Warren McVea.
15. Forty West sends RB Don McCall to Colorado for 1970 Col#3. 
16. St Paul sends DE Ben McGee, CB Ed Sharockman, QB Craig Morton and1969 SP#2 pick to Westchester for QB Roger Staubach and 1969 Wes#4.
17. Colorado sends S Karl Kassulke to New York for S Ken Graham and 1970 NY#3.
18. Seattle sends 1969 Sea#2, 1969 Sea#3, and 1970 Sea#4 to Detroit for 1969 Det#1.
19. Westchester sends CB Bob Horn and 1970 Wes#4 to Seattle for DT Jim Dunaway.
20. Seattle sends 1969 Sea#4 to Forty West for RB Andy Livingston.
21. Marquette sends DT Jerry Rush and 1969 Mar#5 to KC for 1969 KC#2.
22. Calgary sends RB Ed Podolak to New Oxford for 1970 NO#2 and 1970 NO#3. 
23. Westchester sends QB Virgil Carter to St Paul for RB Gayle Sayers, DT Paul Dickson and 1970 SP#4.
24. Detroit sends 1969 Det#2 pick to Forty West for 1969 FW#2 and FW#4.
25. Forty West sends 1970 FW#4 to Long Island for RB Ernie Koy.
26. Long Island sends 1970 LI#5 to Marquette for 1969 Mar#6.
27. St. Paul sends C Jerry Strum to Colorado for T Joe Carrollo.
28. Westchester sends 1970 SP#4 to Marquette for T Paul Costa.

1968 Trades

1. Forty West sends TE Austin Denney to Seattle for T Stew Barber.
2. Miami sends DE Mel Branch to Pittsburgh for K Sam Baker.
3. Cincinnati sends 1968 Cin#1, TE Dave Parks, G Sam Davis, and CB Al Nelson to Marquette for TE Bob Trumpy, RB Essex Johnson, RB Jess Phillips, G Howard Fest, LB Ken Avery, and DE Steve Chomyszak.
4. Detroit sends QB Joe Kapp and 1968 Det#6 to St. Paul for 1968 SP#2 and 1968 SP#4.
5. St. Paul sends QB Bob Berry and 1968 SP#6 to New Oxford for WR Joe Morrison and 1968 NO#4.
6. Detroit sends RB Jim Lindsey and 1969 Det#3 to Seattle for DT Tom Sestak and 1968 Sea#4.
7. Post-draft free agent claims
8. Colorado sends G Rick Sortun and 1969 Col#6 to Calgary for RB Don Shy.
9. St. Paul sends LB Ted Davis and DE Jim Katkavage to Westchester for C Joe Wendryhoski and LB Vince Costello.
10. Miami claims QB Gary Wood.
11. Calgary claims QB Ronny South.
12. Black Hills claims QB Kim Hammond and RB Perry Lee Dunn.
1967 Trades
1. New Oxford trades Floyd Peters, DT and Dale Meinert, LB to Frankford for their 1968 #2
2. Detroit trades their 1968 #1 to New Oxford for their 1967 #1
3. Colorado trades Don Meredith, QB to 40 West for Gary Larson, DT, Gary Lewis, RB, Paul Martha, DB, and Westchester's 1967 #5
4. Pittsburgh trades Fuzzy Thurston, G and their '68 #2 to Wausau for Charlie Bradshaw, T
5. Forty West trades Long Island's '67 #2 and Detroit's '67 #4 to Colorado for George Seals, G
6. Frankford trades Tom Hall, WR and Pittsburgh's '67 #5 to 40 West for Randy Johnson, QB
7. Colorado trades Charlie Harper, G-T to Carolina for Ed Beard, ILB
8. Pittsburgh trades Alex Hawkins, WR to Frankford for their '67 #6
9. Pittsburgh trades Fred Whittingham, LB to Colorado for Dave Cahill, DT
10. Forty West trades John Baker, DE to Texas for Billy Gambrell, WR
11. Colorado trades Charlie Harper, G-T, to Carolina for Ed Beard, ILB
12. Forty West trades Sonny Randle, WR to New Oxford for their '68 #6
13. Forty West trades Walter Roberts, WR, Irv Cross, CB and Jerry Jones, T to Long Island for Joe Carollo, T and their '68 #3
14. Colorado trades Bob Skoronski, T and their '68 #6 to Detroit for Steve Jackson, LB and their '68 #5
15. Westchester trades their '68 #6 to Frankford for Terry Nofsinger, QB and Gary Barnes, WR
16. Forty West trades their '68 #6 and New Oxford's '68 #6 to Long Island for Clarence Childs, DB
17. Pittsburgh trades their '68 #4 to Wausau for Leroy Caffey, LB
18. Pittsburgh trades Bobby Williams, DB to Frankford for their '68 #6<![endif]>
19. Pittsburgh trades Jim Boeke, G-T to Detroit for Bobby Morgan, DB
20. Colorado trades its '68 #5 to Wausau for Jim Purnell, OLB
21. Colorado trades Detroit's '68 #5 to Frankford for Gerry Allen, RB
22. Forty West trades Eli Strand, C-G to Detroit for Bob Nichols, T
23. Detroit trades Colorado '68 #6 to Wausau for Ronnie Bull, RB
24. Detroit trades Eli Strand, G to Wausau for Butch Wilson, TE
1966 Trades
1. Pittsburgh trades Detroit's 1966 #1 to New Oxford for Jim Houston, OLB
2. New Oxford trades it's 1967 #4 to Texas for Tommy Mason, RB
3. Long Island trades it's 1966 #3 to Calgary for Dick Szymanski, C
4. Frankford trades Detroit's 1966 #2 to New Oxford for it's 1967 #2
5. Long Island trades Gail Cogdil, WR to Carolina for Jim Burson, DB
6. Wausau trades it's 1967 #4 to Carolina for it's 1966 #4
7. Westchester trades Abe Woodson, DB and it's 1967 #4 to Texas for John Thomas, G and it's 1966 #5
8. 40 West trades Billy Ray Barnes, RB and Bob Skoronski, G to Frankford for it's 1966 #3
9. Pittsburgh trades Johnny Brewer, OLB to Calgary for Dennis Gaubatz, ILB
10. Pittsburgh trades Sam Huff, ILB and it's 1967 #5 to Frankford for it's 1967 #3
11. 40W trades Freeman White, DE and it's 1966 #6 to Detroit for it's 1967 #4
12. 40W trades George Izo, QB to Frankford for Kay McFarland, WR
13. 40W trades Larry Vargo, LB to New Oxford for Allen Brown,TE, Frank Roy, G & Guy Reese, DL
14. Pittsburgh trades Mal Hammack, TE and Bob Schmitz, LB to 40W for Guy Reese, DL
15. Detroit trades Dick Koeper, T to New Oxford for Rudy Johnson, RB
16. Texas trades John Gordy,G to Colorado for Larry Gagner,G and it's 1967 # 2
17. Frankford trades Galen Fiss,LB and Dan James,G to Colorado for Claude Crabb,DB and Lou Groza, PK.
18. 40West trades John Reger, LB to Colorado for it 1967 #6
19. 40 West trades Bernie Casey, WR and Bill Brown, RB to Carolina for Don Perkins,RB, Myron Pottios, LB and its 1967 # 5
20. Frankford trades Bob Skoronski, T to Colorado for its 1967 #3.
21. Detroit trades Preston Ridlehuber, RB to Westchester for Nick Rassas, DB
22. Frankford trades Amos Bullocks, RB to 40 West for Bob Schmitz, LB
23. Frankford trades Lou Groza, K to Colorado for Bob Nichols, T and Pat Killorin, C
24. Long Island trades Wayne Swinford, CB to Wausau for Del Shofner, WR
1966 Pre-Season Trades
1. Pittsburgh trades Riley Gunnels, DE and Wausau's 1966 #4 to Calgary for Fuzzy Thurston, G
2. Pittsburgh trades Lou Kirouac, G to Texas for Bob Kilcullen, DL
3. 40 West trades Warren Livingston, DB to Long Island for Bill George LB
4. Pittsburgh trades Nate Ramsay, DB to Wausau for Clendon Thomas, DB
5. Pittsburgh trades its 1967 #2 to Frankford for Dave Manders, C
6. 40 West trades Joe Rutgens, DT and Jim Parker, OL to Long Island for their 1967 #2
7. 40 West trades Bennie McRae, DB to Frankford for Dick Hoak, RB
8. Detroit trades their 1967 #3 and Jim Boeke, OL to Pittsburgh for Earl Gros, RB
9. 40 West trades Bill George, LB and John Meyers, DT to Westchester's for their 1967 #5
10. Westchester trades Mike Connelly, C to Carolina for Larry Bowie, G
1965 Trades
1. Westchester trades Tom Moore, Rb to Wausau for Jim Steffen and Wausau's 1966 #4
2. Westchester trades its 1966 #4 pick in to Colorado for Jim Kanicki, DT and Vince Costello, LB
3. Forty West trades Howard Mudd, G to Calgary for Jim Parker, G and Calgary's 1966 #4
4. Long Island trades its 1966 #5 to Pittsburgh for Jim Stiger, RB
5. Pittsburgh trades Dick Lynch, CB and their 1966 #6 to Westchester for Wausau's 1966 # 4.
6. New Oxford trades Bobby Felts, Rb to Wausau for Joe Marconi, Rb.
7. Texas trades Bobby Smith, KR to Wausau for Buzz Nutter, C
8. Wausau trades New Oxford's 1966 #2 pick and Rick Casares, RB, Bob Lacy, WR, Dick Leeuwenburg, OL, Don Chuy, G, Tom Costello, LB, Russell Wyat, LB, Lou Slaby, LB and John Seedburg, P to Frankford for Paul Wiggin,DE
9. Carolina trades Neal Petties, WR to Frankford for Glenn Glass, WR
1965 Pre-Draft Trades
1. Colorado trades Johnny Brewer, TE, Nate Ramsey, DB, Carl Kammerer, DE, John Kirby, LB and Sam Baker,K
to Pittsburgh for Preston Carpenter, TE, Johnny Sample, DB, Lou Groza, PK, John Paluck, DE and Steve Stonebreaker, LB
2. 40 West trades Dennis Gaubatz, LB to Calgary for Don Shinnick, OLB
3. 40 West trades Larry Stallings, LB and Angelo Coia, WR to Pittsburgh for Sonny Randle, WR
4. Detroit trades their 1965 # 1 and 1966 # 1 & # 2, Glenn Glass WR and Izzy Lang RB to Frankford for their 1965 # 1 & Pittsburgh's 1965 # 3, & Danny Villaneuva K-P
5. Detroit trades 1965 # 3 to Pittsburgh for Clarence Peaks, RB and Tommy Watkins, RB
6. Pittsburgh trades John Baker, DE, John Reger, LB and their 1966 #3 to Forty West for Joe Robb, DE, Don Shinnick, LB and their 1966 #3.
7. Forty West trades their 1966 #1 and Ronnie Bull, RB to Wausau for Timmy Brown, RB
8. Frankford trades Paul Krause, DB to 40 West for their 1965 #1, Bruce Maher, DB and Bob Reynolds, T
9. Frankford trades Bruce Maher, DB to Detroit for Detroit's 1966 #3 and Pittsburgh's 1965 #3.
10. Forty West trades their 1966 #2 & Pittsburgh's 1966 #3 to Calgary for their 1965 #2.
11. New Oxford trades their 1965 #5, 1965 #6, and 1966 NO#2 to Wausau for QB Frank Ryan
12. Pittsburgh trades their 1966 #1, FWS 1966 #3 and Frank Varrichione, T to Carolina for Forrest Gregg, T
13. Pittsburgh trades their 1965 #1 to Frankford for Willie Richardson, WR and Detroit's 1966 #1
14. Forty West trades their 1965 #5 to Frankford for Mike Lind, RB.
15. Carolina trades Dan Currie, LB to New Oxford for 1965 NO#4.
16. Frankford trades Ross Fichtner, S to Pittsburgh for Marv Woodson, DB
17. Long Island trades Pat Richter, TE/P to Colorado for John Hilton, TE
18. New Oxford trades Milt Plum, QB and his 1966 #3 to Carolina for Jack Concannon, QB and his 1966 # 5.
19. Frankford trades Forty West's 1965 #5 to Carolina for their 1966 #4.