The Oldtime ActionPC Football League (OAFL)

Constitution 1979

1. League Structure

  1. Members must own the latest version of the Action! PC Football game and the season's data disk.
  2. OAFL will have 22 teams, 2 conferences, with 2 divisions in each conference.
  3. Each team will select an era-relevant stadium. Only one team per stadium with the exception of current stadiums which host multiple teams.
  4. Internet play is encouraged but not necessary. Coaches are expected to make every effort to communicate in a timely manner about how and when the game will be played. 
  5. Actual NFL tie-breakers will be used in determining playoff berths, draft order, etc.

2. Schedule and Playoffs

  1. Each regular season will consist of 16 games. All games except for the Super Bowl will be played with home field advantage turned on and set to "3".
  2. Weekly deadlines:
    • Tuesday evening results are distributed
    • Friday evening coach files and Internet play requests are due to the home team
    • Tuesday 10 pm results files are due
    • Games not reported by Tuesday 10 pm will be autoplayed by commissioner
  3. Divisional Playoffs - Each division winner qualifies for the playoffs. Each conference will also have three wildcard teams. Wildcard teams are the three non-division winners with the best records. Playoff teams will be seeded 1 through 5 in each conference. The two wildcard teams seeded #4 and #5 will play a "play-in game" in the first round of playoffs. In the second round of the playoffs the winner of the play-in game will play the #1 seed, while the #2 and #3 seeds play each other. The higher seeded team will act as home team throughout the conference playoffs.
  4. Conference Championship Game - the winners of each divisional playoff game will meet in the conference championship game. The higher seed is the home team.
  5. Super Bowl - The winners of each conference's championship game will meet at a neutral site with a warm weather climate.

3. Rosters, Trades, and Drafts

  1. Each OAFL roster will consist of 50 players. Players who did not receive a rating for the current season may be retained, and he will count as one of the 50 players.
  2. All positions must be filled with at least one backup for each position. For special teams players, any C may be the long snapper, QB's or P's can be used as holders and Gunners can be any WR, RB or DB.
  3. Players may play out of position within the following guidelines: C, G, T may play any offensive line position; DE, DT may play any defensive line position; ILB, OLB may play any linebacker position; CB, S may play any defensive back position. Players who play out of position are reduced in effectiveness by the game.
  4. After final rosters are submitted, players may only be picked up off waivers when injuries prevent a team from fielding a starter and/or a backup. Upon request the league will provide a player off waivers to fill these openings.
  5. Trades may be made during the off-season. All Trades must be submitted by both coaches and must be approved by the league before becoming final. Trades may include draft picks for the current season plus one year in advance. For the purposes of trading, the league is considered to be in the next season when the Super Bowl is completed.
  6. Only players appearing on the DKS season disk may be drafted. The draft is 8 rounds, reverse order of finish, with a weighted lottery among the four teams with the lowest winning percentage. The lottery will determine the draft order for the first four picks in Round 1 only. After the 8th Round teams whose rosters exceed 50 players must cut down to 50, or less, players. A two round supplemental draft will follow. No cuts are allowed in the supplemental phase, and no supplemental picks may be traded. Teams reaching the 50 player limit during, or after, the supplemental phase are finished drafting. Teams with less than 50 players after the supplemental phase will received computer selected players to bring their roster up to the 50 player limit.

4. Player Usage and Game Rules

  1. Injuries, game and season fatigue will dictate player usage. Game fatigue will be set at 15%/30%/50%. Season fatigue will be set at 110%/120%/140%. Injuries carry over to the next week's games, including playoff games.
  2. Post Game injuries will not be used.
  3. Use of "trick plays" (RB/WR/TE runs or passes, runs/passes by kickers/punters) will be limited to actual attempts. Players are limited to 1 of each type of "trick play" attempt throughout the entire playoff season.
  4. Skill position players will be required to achieve 1/3 their actual usage in the following categories: QB - pass attempts; RB - rush attempts; WR/TE - receptions. The pass attempts requirement is waived for any QB who had 9 or fewer attempts. The rush attempts requirement is waived for any RB who had 9 or fewer attempts. The receptions requirement is waived for any WR or TE who had 9 or fewer receptions. All values are rounded down, meaning that 1/3 of 28 attempts is 9.33, or treated as 9. Also, players whose primary purpose was to return kicks are exempted from the 1/3 rule, if their total number of returns is equal to or greater than the number of attempts, or receptions required by their position. (For example, a RB who had 21 real life rush attempts, and 22 kickoff returns would be exempt from the 1/3 rule.) Failure to meet the 1/3 minimum usage requirement results in free agency for the player. Such players go into the next season's rookie draft.
  5. Three audibles can be called by each team per half.
  6. Quarterbacks with a QB Rating of 59.9 or less will have their durabiltiy set to 10.
  7. Players who meet these critera will be exempt from special teams fatigue: Place Kickers, 20 FGA; Punters, 40 punts; Kickoff Returns, 20 returns; Punt Returns, 20 returns.

5. Rule Changes and Miscellaneous Items

  1. Proposals to change the league's rules can be submitted to the commissioner. A ballot will be sent to all league members during the off-season, and a vote taken. All proposals need at least 60% approval to pass, with a minimum of 13 active members voting.
  2. The commissioner is solely responsible for all membership issues.