NCABL Transactions
  1. 04/17/20 Click here for a list of players released to free agency.
  2. 04/17/20 Click here for a list of players who retired after the 1995 season.
  3. 04/17/20 Flatbush releases Anthony Young, John Cummings, Alejandro Pena, Pedro Munoz, and Randy Knorr.
  4. 04/17/20 Mechanicsburg releases Todd Haney, Tony Longmire, Mike Kingery, and Tom Henke.
  5. 04/17/20 Flatbush sends 1996 Fla#1 to Cathedral City for Chili Davis and 1996 CC#4.
  6. 04/18/20 Kansas City releases Andy Stankiewicz, Steve Frey, and Dean Hartgraves.
  7. 04/19/20 Kansas City sends Mark Lemke to Nebraska for 1996 Neb#4.
  8. 04/20/20 South Shore releases Chip Hale, Milt Thompson, Pat Kelly, Jim Abbott, and Paul Wagner.
  9. 04/20/20 New England releases Brett Butler, Darren Daulton, Steve Scarsone, Chris Bosio, Kirk McCaskill ,and Rick White.
  10. 04/20/20 Jersey releases Doug Strange, Luis Andujar, and Randy Veres.
  11. 04/21/20 Wichita releases Tim Pugh, Tim Scott, Mike Henneman, and Scott Leius.
  12. 04/21/20 Mechanicsburg sends Mark Carreon to Minneapolis for 1997 Min#4.
  13. 04/21/20 Fernley releases Andre Dawson, Tim Bogar, and Brian Williams.
  14. 04/22/20 Piedmont releases Geronimo Pena, Shawn Barton, Mike Walker, Eric Gunderson, Ricky Bones, Vaughn Eshelman, Rich Robertson, and Jeff Branson.
  15. 04/22/20 Nebraska releases Todd Van Poppel.
  16. 04/22/20 Berwyn sends Brian Anderson and 1996 Ber#4 to South Shore for Ricky Bottalico.
  17. 04/22/20 Berwyn releases Mark Kiefer.
  18. 04/23/20 Wyandotte releases Tripp Cromer, Mike Harkey, Brian Givens, and Bob Scanlan.
  19. 04/24/20 Cathedral City releases Alex Diaz and Brian Hunter (1B).
  20. 04/24/20 Midwest releases Jeff Tabaka, Paul Menhart, Kevin Foster, Jason Bere, Vince Coleman, and Dwayne Hosey.
  21. 04/24/20 New York releases Jose Rijo, Willie Banks, Dave Leiper, Alan Trammell, Tony Tarasco, and Manny Alexander.
  22. 04/25/20 Berwyn releases John Wehner.
  23. 04/25/20 Canton releases Alex Cole, Dave West, and Scott Service.
  24. 04/25/20 Jersey sends Carlos Baerga to Myrtle Beach for 1996 MB#4.
  25. 04/26/20 Ohio releases Benji Gil, Bret Barberie, Bill Swift, Johnny Ruffin, Steve Howe, and Mike Christopher.
  26. 04/26/20 Flatbush releases Bill Pulsipher.
  27. 04/26/20 Myrtle Beach releases Glenn Dishman.
  28. 04/27/20 Jersey releases Rick Krivda.
  29. 04/28/20 Tranton releases Edwin Hurtado, Steve Wojciechowski, and Joe Orsulak.
  30. 04/28/20 Tranton sends Ismael Valdez, Steve Reed, and 1997 Tra#2 to Canton for Jim Bullinger, 1996 Can#1, and 1997 Can#1.
  31. 04/28/20 Kansas City sends Luis Polonia, Toby Borland, 1997 KC#1, and 1997 KC#4 to Tranton for John Wetteland and Willie McGee.
  32. 04/29/20 Fernley sends Orel Hershiser and 1996 Fer#1 to Trantor for Shane Reynolds and 1996 Tra#2.
  33. 04/29/20 Tyler releases Scott Sanderson, Mike Simms, and Tom Urbani.
  34. 04/30/20 Minneapolis releases Allen Battle, Angelo Encarnacion, Eddie Williams, Kenny Robinson, Lee Hancock, and John Hayban.
  35. 04/30/20 Jersey sends Orlando Merced and Eric Plunk to Canton for Leo Gomez, Rickey Henderson, and 1996 Can#5.
  36. 05/03/20 Wyandotte sends Darren Lewis, Lee Tinsley, Kevin Gross, 1996 Wya#1, and 1996 Wya#2 to Trantor for Chuck Knoblauch, Lance Johnson, and Scott Radinsky.
  37. 05/04/20 South Shore sends Mike Sirotka and 1996 SS#1 to Trantor for Geronimo Berroa, 1996 Wya#1, and 1996 Wya#2.
  38. 05/04/20 Berwyn sends Sterling Hitchcock and 1996 Ber#5 to Portland for Mike Trombley.
  39. 05/05/20 Portland releases Darnell Coles, Dwight Smith, Jon Ericks, Brian Keyser, Curtis Goodwin, and Jesus Tavarez.
  40. 05/07/20 Cathedral City sends Bob Tewksbury and 1996 CC#5 to Midwest for Lenny Webster and 1996 Mid#2.
  41. 05/07/20 Cathedral City releases George Williams, Alvaro Espinoza, and Mark Gubicza.
  42. 05/07/20 Jersey sends 1996 Jer#4 to Cathedral City for Joey Cora.
  43. 05/07/20 Jersey releases Derrick May.
  44. 05/07/20 South Shore sends 1999 Wya#1, Wya#2, and SS 1997#3 to Cathedral City for John Franco, Chris Haney, Mike Morgan, and Kevin Setizer.
  45. 05/07/20 South Shore releases Roger McDowell and Andujar Cedeno.
  46. 05/10/20 Cathedral City sends Marvin Benard, 1996 Wya#2 and 1997 CC#2 to Trantor for Tony Gwynn, 1996 Mid#3, and 1997 Tra#3.
  47. 05/10/20 Trantor sends John Flaherty to Canton for 1996 Can#2.
  48. 05/12/20 Trantor sends 1996 Tra#3 to Cathedral City for Pat Rapp.
  49. 05/12/20 Portland sends Randy Myers and 1996 Ber#5 to Cathedral City for Luis Alicea and Bobby Witt.
  50. 05/12/20 Canton sends Ron Karkovice and Pat Borders to Minneapolis for 1996 Min#5 and 1997 Min#3.
  51. 05/13/20 New York sends Jerry Dipoto to Cathedral City for Armando Reynoso.
  52. 05/13/20 South Shore sends John Olerud to Cathedral City for 1997 CC#1, 1997 CC#3, and 1997 SS#3.
  53. 05/13/20 Wyandotte sends Keith Lockhart to Trantor for Yamil Benitez and 1997 KC#4.
  54. 05/14/20 Cathedral City sends John Jaha and 1997 CC#4 to South Shore for 1996 Ber#4 and 1997 SS#2.
  55. 05/15/20 Trantor trades Doug Drabek, Pete Schourek, and Bill Risley to New York for Danny Darwin.
  56. 05/17/20 Wyandotte sends Mark Johnson and Jesse Levis to Trantor for Jason Bates, Brian Johnson, and Jeff Manto.
  57. 05/20/20 Ohio claims Kimera Bartee and Rafael Bournigal; releases Turner Ward and Mike Perez.
  58. 05/20/20 Portland claims Greg Hansell; releases Robby Thompson.
  59. 05/20/20 South Shore claims Matt Rubel; releases Mike Munoz.
  60. 05/20/20 Wyandotte claims Rich Batchelor and Calvin Maduro; releases Yamil Benitez and Matt Whiteside.
  61. 05/20/20 Piedmont claims Greg Gohr and Jaime Bluma; releases Eduardo Perez and Joel Adamson.
  62. 05/21/20 Midwest claims Doug Creek; releases Wilson Delgado.
  63. 05/21/20 Myrtle Beach claims Joe Orsulak; releases Chad Fonville.
  64. 05/23/20 Ohio claims Doug Strange; releases Rafael Bournigal.