NCABL Transactions
  1. 04/24/18 Click here for a list of players released to free agency.
  2. 04/28/18 Click here for a list of players who retired after the 1993 season.
  3. 04/28/18 Wyandotte sends 1995 Wya#2 to New England for Jeff Blauser.
  4. 06/09/18 Ohio releases Tim Bogar, Jeff McKnight, Mike Pagliarulo, Jose Guzman, Angel Miranda, Eric Hillman, Dave Stewart, and Carl Willis.
  5. 06/09/18 Mechanicsburg releases Gary Redus, Lonnie Smith, and Frank Viola.
  6. 06/13/18 Piedmont releases Jerry Goff, Phil Clark, Brad Pennington, Jeff Schwarz, Kevin Rogers, Richie Lewis, Phil Leftwich, and Dave Fleming.
  7. 06/19/18 Jersey releases Ken Patterson, Cris Carprenter, Joe Grahe, Mike Hartley, Jerry DiPoto, Tim Hulett, and Scott Hemond.
  8. 06/19/18 New York releases Dion James, Greg Hibbard, Bud Black, and Harold Reynolds.
  9. 06/19/18 South Shore releases Steve Farr, Greg Litton, Skeeter Barnes, Randy Milligan, and Dave Gallagher.
  10. 06/19/18 Fernley releases Freddie Benavides, Mackey Sasser, Tom Bolton, and Craig Lefferts.
  11. 06/19/18 New England releases Jeremy Hernandez, Edwin Nunez, and Randy Tomlin.
  12. 06/19/18 Berwyn releases Jim Gott, John Doherty, Blas Minor, and Ricky Trlicek.
  13. 06/19/18 Portland releases Phil Hiatt, Frank Bolick, Carlos Martinez, Kurt Stillwell, Jayhawk Owens, Dave Telgheder, Rene Gonzales, and Bill Hasselman.
  14. 06/19/18 Tyler releases Jeff Reardon, Frank Seminara, Brian Barnes, Ben Rivera, Daryl Boston, and Mike Felder.
  15. 06/19/18 Nebraska releases Eric Yelding, Alfredo Griffin, Dennis Powell, Mark Davis, Bob Melvin, Jeff Bronkey, and Kurt Knudsen.
  16. 06/19/18 Wyandotte releases Bob Ojeda, Butch Davis, and Luis Rivera.
  17. 06/19/18 Cathedral City releases Craig Grebeck, Mario Diaz, and Chris Jones.
  18. 06/19/18 Midwest releases Randy Knorr, Rod Correia, Joel Johnston, Mitch Williams, Lee Guetterman, and Jerry Spradlin.
  19. 06/19/18 Kansas City releases Alex Arias, Duane Ward, Al Osuna, and Paul Gibson.
  20. 06/20/18 New England sends 1994 NE#3 to Cathedral City for Don Slaught.
  21. 06/20/18 Florida releases Casey Candaele, Jack Armstrong, Bryan Harvey, Tim Leary, and Rick Sutcliffe.
  22. 06/21/18 Canton releases Tony Lovullo, Chris Gwynn, Reb Deer, Jose Bautista, Steve Frey, Mike Perez, and Danny Cox.
  23. 06/21/18 Flatbush releases Todd Frowirth, Dennis Boucher, Matt Turner, Ross Powell, and Trevor Wilson.
  24. 06/24/18 Minneapolis releases Tom Foley, Cory Snyder, Rich Renteria, Jeff Gardner, Erik Pappas, Gene Harris, and Bill Wertz.
  25. 06/24/18 Chesapeake Bay releases Scott Servais, Todd Burns, Dave Righetti, and Bill Gullickson.
  26. 06/24/18 Midwest releases Andy Van Slyke.
  27. 07/12/18 Jersey claims Greg Cadaret, releases Wally Whitehurst.
  28. 07/12/18 New England claims A.J. Sager, releases Ryan Bowen.
  29. 07/13/18 Jersey claims Ryan Bowen, releases Greg Cadaret.
  30. 07/14/18 Florida claims Wally Whitehurst, releases Mike Moehler.
  31. 07/15/18 Flatbush claims Greg Cadaret, releases Eduardo Perez.
  32. 07/18/18 New England gifts Steve Buechele to Portland.
  33. 07/18/18 Mechanicsburg gifts Dwight Smith to Portland.
  34. 07/18/18 Portland claims Roger Salkeld, Chris Nabholz, Ted Higuera, and Brian Turang (emergency claims).
  35. 07/18/18 New England claims Mike Kelly.
  36. 07/18/18 Cathedral City claims Richie Lewis, releases Lou Frazier.
  37. 07/18/18 Mechanicsburg claims Dennis Hocking.
  38. 07/19/18 Midwest claims Marcus Moore and Luis Rivera, releases Mike Butcher and Rafael Belliard.
  39. 10/30/18 Midwest sends Paul Wagner and 1995 Mid#1 to South Shore for Jimmy Key.