NCABL Transactions
  1. 04/15/19 Click here for a list of players released to free agency.
  2. 04/15/19 Click here for a list of players who retired after the 1994 season.
  3. 04/15/19 Mechanicsburg releases Randy Ready, Mike Munoz, Steve Bedrosian, Zane Smith, and Mark Eichhorn.
  4. 04/16/19 Piedmont releases Jose Oliva, Tim Hyers, Garey Ingram, Jeff Treadway
  5. 04/16/19 Wyandotte releases Tuffy Rhodes, Rob Murphy, Tom Browning, and Joe Magrane.
  6. 04/17/19 South Shore releases Rich Rowland, Felix Jose, Mike Ignasiak, Billy Brewer, Jack Voigt, Milt Thompson, and John Patterson.
  7. 04/17/19 New York releases Greg W Harris, Xavier Hernandez, Gerald Perry, Robby Thompson, Chris Sabo, and Phil Plantier.
  8. 04/17/19 Nebraska releases Chris Turner, Jim DeShaies, Willie Banks, Tim Pugh, Gabe White, and Tim Davis.
  9. 04/17/19 Canton releases Danny Jackson, Mike Huff, Alan Mills, Ajejindo Pena, and Spike Owen.
  10. 04/17/19 Chesapeake Bay releases Kirk McCaskell, Bobby Munoz, and Damon Berryhill.
  11. 04/17/19 Myrtle Beach (Florida) releases Phil Leftwich, Ricky Jordan, Mike Gardiner, Hector Fajardo, and Vince Horsman.
  12. 04/18/19 Kansas City releases Frank Viola, Darren Hall, Joe Boever, and Dave Winfield.
  13. 04/18/19 Fernley releases Luis Lopez, Bryan Hickerson, Pete Smith, and Rich Montoleone.
  14. 04/18/19 New England releases Wes Chamberlain, Mike Kelly, Roberto Mejia, David Nied, and A.J. Sager.
  15. 04/18/19 Berwyn releases Chris Donnels, Bill Wegman, Chris Howard, and John Hudek.
  16. 04/18/19 Ohio releases Carlos Reyes, John Dettmer, Derek Lilliquist, Bryan Eversgerd, and Dick Schofield.
  17. 06/01/19 Piedmont releases Ravelo Manzanillo, Tom Edens, Jason Jacome, Ron Darling, Bill Swift, Vicente Palacios, and Dave Fleming.
  18. 06/09/19 South Shore releases Bud Black.
  19. 06/09/19 Flatbush releases Rusty Meacham, Pat Gomez, Rich Scheid, Tom Prince and Eduardo Perez.
  20. 06/11/19 Jersey releases Luis Aquino, Cris Carpenter, Greg Gohr, and Ryan Bowen.
  21. 06/11/19 Myrtle Beach releases Wally Whitehurst.
  22. 06/12/19 Midwest releases Darrin Jackson, Shane Mack, Todd Pratt, Rafael Belliard, Marvin Freeman, Donnie Elliott, John Briscoe, Tommy Greene, and Mark Acre.
  23. 06/14/19 Minneapolis releases Danny Cox, Pedro Martinez, Andy Carter, and Jeremy Hernandez.
  24. 06/24/19 Tyler releases Steve Cooke, Kim Batiste, Pat Kelly, David Howard, Tim Mauser, Bill Krueger, Matt Nokes, Doug Strange, Scott Bankhead, and Billy Hatcher.
  25. 06/24/19 Wichita releases Jason Bere, Mario Diaz, Kevin Campbell, Marc Newfield, Juan Samuel, and Chad Kreuter.
  26. 06/26/19 Flatbush sends 1995 Fla#1 to Mechanicsburg for Darrin Fletcher and 1995 Mec#2.
  27. 06/30/19 Portland releases Tim Hulett, Billy Ripken, Terry Shumpert, Scott Hemond, Carl Willis, and John Roper.
  28. 06/30/19 Cathedral City releases Dave Stewart, Eric Anthony, Lou Frazier, Brian Hunter, and Scott Livingstone.
  29. 07/12/19 New York sends 1995 NY#5 to Mechanicsburg for Dave Leiper and Steve Ontiveros.
  30. 07/19/19 Midwest sends 1996 Mid#3 to Chesapeake Bay for Kevin Foster.
  31. 07/22/19 Nebraska claims Kevin Jarvis and Dave Silvestri; releases Jason Jacome and Josias Manzanillo.
  32. 07/22/19 South Shore claims Chris Widger; releases Alex Cole.
  33. 07/22/19 Flatbush claims Dave Valle; releases Brian Harper.
  34. 07/22/19 Midwest claims Bill Simas, Mark Lee, and Eric Anthony; releases Jimmy Key, Rich Rodriguez, and Matt Franco.
  35. 07/23/19 South Shore claims Bill Wegman; releases Chip Hale.
  36. 07/23/19 Chesapeake Bay claims Edwin Hutrado and Steve Wojciechowski; releases Felix Fermin.
  37. 07/23/19 Chesapeake Bay sends Ricky Bones and Darryl Hamilton to Piedmont for Willie McGee and Yamil Benitez.
  38. 07/23/19 Flatbush claims John Cummings; releases David Hulse
  39. 07/23/19 Mechanicsburg claims Terry Shumpert; releases Denny Hocking.
  40. 07/23/19 Nebraska claims Matt Franco; releases Mike Aldrete.
  41. 07/23/19 Berwyn claims Jimmy Key; releases Jose Mercedes.
  42. 07/23/19 Canton claims Alex Cole; releases Wayne Kirby.
  43. 08/01/19 New York claims Willie Banks; releases Todd Pratt.
  44. 08/07/19 Nebraska claims Andy Allanson; releases Scott Service.
  45. 08/08/19 Canton claims Scott Service; releases Derrick May.
  46. 08/11/19 Jersey claims Derrick May; releases Scott Cooper.
  47. 01/11/20 Nebraska sends Tony Longmire to Mechanicsburg for Greg A. Harris.