NCABL Transactions
  1. 11/27/13 Click here for a list of players released to free agency.
  2. 11/27/13 Click here for a list of players who retired after the 1988 season.
  3. 11/27/13 Mechanicsburg releases Alex Madrid and Don August.
  4. 12/01/13 Wichita releases Don Heinkel, Dave Lieper, Mickey Brantley, Ozzie Virgil, and Ron Washington.
  5. 12/04/13 Ohio releases Jerry Reuss, Marty Barrett, Jody Davis, and David Palmer.
  6. 12/04/13 New England releases Tom Foley, Cory Snyder, Wes Gardner, and Paul Kilgus.
  7. 12/06/13 Nebraska releases Doug Jennings, Tom Niedenfuer, and Tommy John.
  8. 12/07/13 Wyandotte releases Paul Mirabella, Scott Medvin, Bob Stanley, and Luis Medina.
  9. 12/07/13 Canton releases Alan Ashby, Buddy Bell, Jeff Musselman, Willie Hernandez, and Floyd Youmans.
  10. 12/07/13 Berwyn releases Luis Aguayo, Keith Atherton, Rick Rhoden, Dave Schmidt, and Charles Hudson.
  11. 12/08/13 Piedmont releases Rich Schu, Rod Booker, and Charlie Puleo.
  12. 12/14/13 Midwest releases Doug Sisk, Jim Sundberg, Steve Lombardozzi, Dave Collins and Rick Dempsey.
  13. 01/12/14 Flatbush releases Ken Phelps, Jamie Quirk, and Joey Meyer.
  14. 01/13/14 Chesapeake Bay releases Bob Dernier, Tom Brookens, Mike Birkbeck, and Don Carmen.
  15. 01/27/14 Jersey releases Brian Fisher, Roger Samuels, Steve Ontiveros, Jose Bautista, Lee Mazzilli, Brad Wellman, and Greg Walker.
  16. 01/28/14 Piedmont releases Steve Shields, Brad Havens, Freddie Toliver, Mike Dunne, Greg Cadaret, and Jim Traber.
  17. 01/31/14 Canton releases Bob Knepper.
  18. 02/03/14 Hopewell sends Brook Jacoby, Geno Petralli, Wally Joyner, and Bill Swift to Piedmont for 1989 Pie#1.
  19. 02/03/14 Wyandotte sends Tony Gwynn and 1989 Wya#1 to Chesapeake Bay for 1989 CB#1 and 1990 CB#4.
  20. 02/04/14 Midwest sends 1990 Mid#3 to Wyandotte for Rick Reuschel.
  21. 02/04/14 Midwest sends 1989 Mid#2 and 1989 RH#2 to Nebraska for Mike Scott.
  22. 02/05/14 Mechanicsburg sends Bob Patterson, 1989 Wya#3, 1989 Mec#4, 1989 Mec#5 to Wyandotte for Frank DiPino and Rob Dibble.
  23. 02/05/14 Tyler releases Manny Trillo, Jim Eppard, and Dave Dravecky.
  24. 02/05/14 Hopewell releases Craig McMurtry, Al Nipper, and Ron Jones.
  25. 02/05/14 Rural Hall releases Jeff M. Robinson, Randy O'Neal, and Dave LaPoint.
  26. 02/06/14 Mechanicsburg sends Len Dykstra to Chicago for 1989 Chi#1.
  27. 02/07/14 Mechanicsburg sends Chet Lemon to Nebraska for 1990 Neb#4.
  28. 02/07/14 Fernley releases Neil Allen and Craig Reynolds.
  29. 02/08/14 Midwest sends 1990 Mid#2 to Florida for Todd Benzinger.
  30. 02/11/14 Mechanicsburg sends Lee Gutterman to Midwest for Jim Gott.Pie#4.
  31. 02/14/14 Mechanicsburg sends Jeff Treadway to Piedmont for Ron Kittle and 1990
  32. 02/15/14 Wyandotte sends Ed Whitson and 1990 Wya#3 to Chicago for Kevin McReynolds and John Farrell.
  33. 02/15/14 Berwyn sends Mark McGwire, 1989 Ber#4, and 1990 Ber#4 to Wyandotte for Kent Hrbek, Mark Knudson, 1989 Mec#3 and 1990 Wya#1.
  34. 02/15/14 South Shore sends 1989 SS#4 to New England for 1990 NE#4.
  35. 02/16/14 Chicago sends 1990 Chi#5 to South Shore for 1989 SS#5.
  36. 02/18/14 Canton sends Terry Puhl to New England for 1989 NE#4.
  37. 02/25/14 Rural Hall sends Kevin Ritz and 1990 RH#5 to New England for Storm Davis.
  38. 03/04/14 Jersey claims Eddie Williams, releases Tim Flannery.
  39. 03/04/14 Rural Hall sends Calvin Schiraldi to Canton for Bob Melvin.
  40. 03/16/14 Rural Hall claims Tommy Gregg; releases Rob Ducey.
  41. 07/13/14 Jersey sends Scott Garrelts to Mechanicsburg for Tony Armas and 1990 Mec#2.