Transactions - post 2003 season/pre 2004 draft

  1. Anza sends Jeromy Burnitz to Durham for 2004 Dur#3.
  2. St. Louis sends Ben Kozlowski and 2004 StL#6 to Dallas for 2004 Dal#5.
  3. St. Louis sends Nate Cornejo, Ty Wigginton, and 2004 StL#1 to Mohonasen for Magglio Ordonez and 2004 Moh#5.
  4. St. Louis releases Joe McEwing, Alexis Gomez, Reuben Quevedo, Denny Neagle, Bobby Howry, Garrett Stephenson, and John Stephens.
  5. New Oxford releases Willie Banks, Dennis Cook, Mike Jackson, Pedro Astacio, Jason Bere, Chris George, and Joe Girardi.
  6. Heidelberg releases Ben Diggins, Luis Pineda, Justin Wayne, Ramiro Mendoza, Brian Bowles, Luke Allen, Hiram Bocachica, and Willis Roberts.
  7. Blue Mountain releases Andy Benes, Andy Pratt, Andy Sheets, Luther Hackman, Dave Elder, and Mike Mordecai.
  8. Harrisburg sends Adam Dunn, Freddy Sanchez, 2004 Har#3, and 2004 Har#5 to Knoxville for Matt Clement and Andy Pettite.
  9. Harrisburg releases Wiki Gonzalez, Matt Franco, Matt Williams, Mike Bynum, Darren Holmes, and Jay Powell.
  10. New Oxford sends 2004 NO#1 and 2005 NO#3 to Mohonassen for Orlando Cabrera.
  11. New Oxford releases Chris Gomez.
  12. Anza sends Felix Heredia and 2004 Anz#7 to Durham for 2004 Pen#4 and 2005 Dur#2.
  13. Durham sends Juan Encarnacion and Felix Rodriguez to Nuevo for Shannon Stewart and Eddie Guardado.
  14. Nuevo sends Jim Edmonds, Vicente Padilla, and Troy Percival to Lincoln for Tom Gordon and 2004 Lin#1.
  15. Lincoln releases Terry Shumpert, John Valentin, Marvin Benard, Chin-Feng Chen, Kirk Saarloos, Cliff Politte, T. J. Matthews, Jeff Austin, Sean Douglas, and Chuck McElroy.
  16. Virginia releases Robert Machado, Pablo Ozuna, Brian Hunter, Andy Ashby, Orlando Hernadez, Glendon Rusch, Jose Jimenez, Antonio Alfonseca, and Dave Dellucci.
  17. Ohio releases Chad Kreuter, Daryl Ward, Mike Myers, and Pat Strange.
  18. Susquehanna releases Jose Molina, Brandon Larson, Jared Sandberg, John Mabry, Chris Richard, Tim Drew, Tony Fiore, Jim Mecir, and Chuck Finley.
  19. Irishtown releases Damon Minor, Herbert Perry, Jamey Carroll, Buddy Groom, Todd Van Poppel, and Robert Person.
  20. Elyria releases Rafael Cardona, Tom Lampkin, Todd Hundley, Luis Ordaz, Ron Gant, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, Matoso Yoshii, and Travis Phelps.
  21. Anza releases Delvin James, Brandon Puffer, Jim Parque, Victor Alvarez, Julius Matos, and Troy O'Leary.
  22. Cooperstown releases Chris Truby, Kevin Young, Rey Ordonez, Ryan Rupe, Brian Mohler, Ryan Bukvich, and Joey Hamilton.
  23. Falling Rock releases Gene Kingsale, Mike Kinkade, Mike Lincoln, and Elmer Dessens.
  24. Penticton releases Bubba Trammell, Adam Hyzdu, Jose Vizcaino, Joe Mays, Ismael Valdes, Dan Smith, and Brian Boehringer.
  25. Durham releases Armando Rios, Jason Hart, Joe Roa, Jesse Orosco, Jeff Tam, Alex Herrerea, George Lombard, and Mike Bacsik.
  26. Knoxville releases Sun Woo Kim; Jason Standridge; Mo Vaughn; Jason Tyner; Reggie Taylor; Jason Romano; Scott Mullen; Kevin Walker; and Scott Strickland.
  27. Virginia releases Grant Roberts and John McDonald.
  28. Round Rock releases Brandon Villafuerte, Bruce Chen, Alberto Castillo, Felix Escolona, and Dermal Brown.
  29. Monohasen releases Tyler Houston, Britt Reames, Tony Clark, Omar Daal, Gookie Dawkins, Nick Punto, Josh Paul, Ryan Jensen, and Todd Ritchie.
  30. Newark releases Mike Lamb,Fernando Tatis, Adrian Brown, Esteban Yan, and Chad Paronto.
  31. St. Louis releases Blaine Neal and Rod Barajas.
  32. Bridgewater releases Damion Easley, Jamey Wright, James Baldwin, and Kevin Olsen.
  33. Durham sends 2004 Dur#2 to Anza for Ken Griffey.
  34. Harrisburg sends Coco Crisp and 2004 HA #1 to Elyria for Dave Riske.
  35. Nuevo releases Mark Grace.
  36. Strongsville releases Clay Condrey, Jayson Werth, and Jeremy Fifiac.
  37. Irishtown releases Rick Helling, Scott Elarton, and Rick White.
  38. Heidelberg releases Humberto Cota, Ricky Gutierrez, and Lenny Harris.
  39. Elyria release Jeff Leifler and Brian Tollberg.
  40. Strongsville releases Todd Zeile and Ryan Drese.
  41. Appleton releases Marty Cordova.
  42. Irishtown sends Vinny Castilla and 2004 Iri#3 to Heidelberg for Hee Seop Choi.
  43. Cooperstown sends Carl Pavano and 2004 Coo#2 to Durham for 2004 Dur#1.
  44. Knoxville sends Jeff Cirillo to Harrisburg for 2004 Har#7.
  45. Virginia releases Rob Nen.
  46. Dallas releases Sean Lowe and Bill Haselman.
  47. Durham releases Brian Meadows, Orlando Merced, and Jay Durocher.
  48. Anza sends Deivi Cruz to Cooperstown for 2004 Sus#2.
  49. Anza sends Wes Helms and 2004 Pen#4 to Newark for Scott Shields, Brett Tomko and Lou Merloni.
  50. Anza releases Paul Bako and Graeme Lloyd.
  51. Durham sends 2004 Coo#2, 2004 Anz#4, and 2005 Dur#1 to St. Louis for Carlos Lee, 2004 Dal#5, and 2004 Stl#7.
  52. Falling Rock releases Andy Fox and Quinton McCracken.
  53. Blue Mountain releases Chan Ho Park.
  54. Falling Rock sends Brian Lawrence to St. Louis for Jay Gibbons.
  55. Knoxville sends Melvin Mora and Preston Wilson to Penticton for 2004 Pen#1 and 2005 Pen#2.

Transactions - post 2004 draft

  1. Penticton claims Miguel Ojeda, Brian Banks, and Darren Holmes; releases Greg Colbrunn, Roger Cedeno, and Joe Beimel.
  2. Durham claims Josh Paul; releases Jose Macias.
  3. Mohonasen claims Ron Villone; releases Vladimir Nunez.
  4. Newark claims Javier Valentin; releases Matt Walbeck.
  5. Anza claims Noah Lowry; releases Scott Sauerbeck.
  6. Virginia claims Rick Helling; releases John Patterson.
  7. Blue Mountain claims Billy Traber; releases Jeremy Giambi.
  8. Strongsville claims Cliff Politte; releases Drew Henson.
  9. New Oxford claims Jared Fernandez and Rodrigo Rosario; releases Wayne Franklyn and Adam Johnson.
  10. Blue Mountain sends Ronnie Belliard and Billy Hall to Nuevo for Rich Aurillia.
  11. Nuevo releases Giovanni Carrara.
  12. Newark claims Jose Molina; releases Tom Prince.
  13. New Oxford claims Mike Lamb; releases Rodrigo Rosario.
  14. Appleton sends Dennis Tankersley and 2005 App#1 to Nuevo for Roger Clemens.
  15. Heidelberg claims Roger Cedeno; releases Mike Hessman.
  16. Knoxville claims John Patterson; releases Rick Bauer.
  17. Blue Mountain claims Jose Macias.
  18. Nuevo sends Dan Plesac to Durham for Jaime Cerda.
  19. Harrisburg sends Matt Anderson and 2005 HA#2 to Nuevo for Tom Gordon.
  20. Indiana claims Dave Burba and Terry Mulholland; releases Jose Paniagua and Todd Jones.
  21. Nuevo sends Juan Gonzalez, Mike Lieberthal, and 2005 App#1 to Mohonsen for Brian Schneider and Ichiro Suzuki.
  22. Durham claims Wayne Franklin, releases Luis Martinez.
  23. Elyria claims Wiki Gonzalez, releases Luis Rivera.
  24. Blue Mountain sends Tim Salmon and 2005 BM#1 to Anza for Chipper Jones.
  25. Dallas claims Adam Bernero, Ismael Valdes, and Humberto Qunitero; releases Mike Venafro, Gary Glover, and Darren Bragg.
  26. Anza claims D. J. Carrasco; releases Matt Ginter.
  27. Appleton claims Chris Widger and Wily Mo Pena; release Jon Rauch and Luis Vizcaino.
  28. Durham claims Luis Vizcaino; releases Josh Paul.
  29. Harrisburg claims Luis Martinez; releases Jonny Gomes.
  30. Nuevo claims Alfredo Amezaga; releases Angel Santos.
  31. Durham claims Cody Ransom; releases Allen Levrault.
  32. Indiana sends Ray Olmedo to Durham for Steve Sparks.
  33. Irishtown claims Jonny Gomes; releases Peter Munro.
  34. Blue Mountain claims Ober Moreno; releases Billy Traber.
  35. New Oxford claims Masao Kida; releases Mike Lamb.
  36. New Oxford sends Tim Wakefield and 2005 NO#1 to Mohonassen for Esteban Loaiza.
  37. Lincoln sends Reuben Sierra and 2005 Lin#5 to Appleton for Wily Mo Pena and 2005 App#4.
  38. Harrisburg claims Chad Harville; releases Miguel Asencio.
  39. St. Louis claims Mark Johnson; releases Damian Jackson (emergency claim).
  40. Appleton claims Matt Walbeck; releases Mike Williams (emergency claim).
  41. Anza sends Eric DuBose to Indiana for 2005 Ind#3.
  42. Indiana released Juan Acevedo.
  43. Knoxville claims Joe Girardi; releases Luis Terrero (emergency claim).
  44. Appleton claims Wilson Delgado, releases Chris Widger (emergency claim).
  45. St. Louis claims Andy Fox, releases Mark Johnson (emergency claim)
  46. St. Louis claims Chris Gomez, releases Andy Fox (emergency claim)