Transactions - post 2002 season

  1. (11/04/02) Indiana sends Gary Sheffield and Herb Perry to Irishtown for Kris Benson, Michael Barrett, and 2003 Iri#1.
  2. (11/16/02) Susquehanna sends Doug Glanville to Alabama for 2003 Ala#5.
  3. (11/25/02) Blue Mountain sends Christian Guzman, Wade Miller, and Ramiro Mendoza to Heidelberg for Tim Hudson.
  4. (11/26/02) Harrisburg sends Edgar Renteria and 2003 HA#3 to St. Louis for Odalis Perez.
  5. (12/02/02) Susquehanna sends Bobby Higginson and Cesar Izturis to Dallas for Jared Sandberg and Mark DeRosa.
  6. (12/04/02) Nuevo sends Scott Rolen, Ramon Hernandez, Ricardo Rincon, 2003 Nue#4, and 2003 Nue#5 to St. Louis for Corey Koskie, Mike Lieberthal, Jermaine Dye, and Billy Koch.
  7. (12/05/02) Indiana sends 2003 Ind#1 and 2003 Ind#2 to New Oxford for 2003 NO#1 and 2003 Ala#1.
  8. (12/11/02) Susquehanna releases Scott Brosius, Ron Coomer, Britt Reames, Dave Coggin, John Franco, and Chad Fox.
  9. (12/17/02) St. Louis sends Jim Edmonds to Nuevo for Jermaine Dye, 2004 Nue#2, 2004 Nue#3, and 2004 Nue#4.
  10. (12/19/02) Nuevo sends 2004 Nue#1 to St. Louis for Jose Valentin.
  11. (12/20/02) Nuevo sends Paul Shuey and Neifi Perez to Cooperstown for Rich Aurilia.
  12. (12/20/02) St. Louis releases Frank Menechino, Denny Hocking, Erik Almonte, Albie Lopez, Justin Ducherer, Curtis Leskanic, and Brian Reith.
  13. (12/31/02) Nuevo sends Mark Redman, Marquis Grissom, and Homer Bush to Durham for Roger Clemens and John Vander Wal.
  14. (01/01/03) Blue Mountain sends Geoff Blum, Scott Strickland and 2003 BM#4 to Alabama for Pokey Reese and 2003 Ala#2.
  15. (01/01/03) Blue Mountain releases Jeff Liefer, Mark Little, Chad Durbin, Brad Thomas, and Aaron Myette.
  16. (01/02/03) Dallas releases Tom Wilson, Raul Casanova, Chad Allen, Mike Thurman, Jack Cressend, Rich Garces, Lorenzo Barcelo, and Rickey Henderson.
  17. (01/02/03) Harrisburg releases Chad Hermansen, Norm Charlton, Chad Harville, Matt Riley, Jason Grilli, Blake Stein, and Dan Reichert.
  18. (01/02/03) New Oxford releases Jose Offerman, Wilton Guerrero, Dean Palmer, Gookie Dawkins, Jose Ortiz, Dustin Hermanson, Jeff Fassero, Kevin Olsen and Tim Raines Jr.
  19. (01/05/03) Falling Rock releases Brian Roberts, Enrique Wilson, Calvin Murray, Brady Clark, Steve Parris, Rob Bell, Paul O'Neill and Matt Herges.
  20. (01/05/03) Cooperstown releases Danny Bautista, Chris Michalak, Donnie Sadler, David Segui, Donnie Wall, Gerald Williams, Jeff Zimmerman, and Tike Redman.
  21. (01/06/03) Durham releases Greg Swindell, Jesus Sanchez, Danny Patterson, Josias Manzanillo, Vic Darensbourg, Mike Sirotka, Lance Davis, Nick Bierbrodt, Chris Latham, Quilvio Veras, Hector Ortiz, Travis Fryman, and Ruben Rivera.
  22. (01/07/03) Strongsville releases Mike Darr, Russ Davis, Luis Lopez, Mario Encarnacion, Dan Plesac, and Jason Christiansen.
  23. (01/08/03) Virginia releases Juan Castro, Shawon Dunston, Pedro Borbon, Dave Mlicki, Gil Meche, Wilfredo Rodriguez, and Stan Javier.
  24. (01/08/03) Lincoln releases Sal Fasano, Craig Paquette, Devon White, Sterling Hitchcock, Matt Wise, Jose Lima, Mike Morgan, Chuck McElroy and Terry Mulholland.
  25. (01/09/03) Penticton releases Pete Schourek, Dante Bichette, Scott Chiasson, Rich Rodriguez, Erik Hiljus, Gene Stechshulte, Steve Sparks, and Mark P. Johnson.
  26. (01/10/03) Elyria releases Brook Fordyce, Russ Johnson, Jose Rosado, Turk Wendell, Brian Cooper, Toby McKnight, and Andres Galarraga.
  27. (01/11/03) Alabama releases Dan Wheeler, Jeff Shaw, Pat Rapp, Mike Trombley, Olmedo Saenz, David McCarty, and Dave Martinez.
  28. (01/11/03) Mohonasen releases Ron Mahay, Rudy Seanz, Randy Choate, Jim Brower, Mike Fetters, Kevin Jarvis, Chris Holt, Paul Rigdon, and Ken Caminiti.
  29. (01/12/03) Irishtown releases Tim Raines, Sr., John Bale, and Adam Everett.
  30. (01/13/03) Dallas releases Tony Gwynn, Felix Martinez, and Calvin Maduro.
  31. (01/13/03) Nuevo releases Pasqual Coco, Bob FIle.
  32. (01/14/03) Irishtown sends Aaron Rowand to Heidelberg for Vance Wilson.
  33. (01/15/03) Anza sends Armando Rios to Durham for 2004 Dur#5.
  34. (01/16/03) Newark releases Rod Beck, Scott Sheldon, and Jose Canseco.
  35. (01/16/03) Round Rock releases Angel Pena, Calvin Pickering, Alex Escobar, Paxton Crawford, Wascar Serrano, Delino Deshields, Mike Mordecai, Eric Valent, Luis Matos, Ricky Ledee, and Brent Butler.
  36. (01/16/03) Heidelberg releases Kevin Tapani, Chris Pieresoll, Bart Miadich, D. T. Cromer, and Cal Ripken.
  37. (01/17/03) Indiana releases David Cone, John Frascatore, Mark Gardner, Geraldo Guzman, Julio Zuletta, Mike Lansing, Daryl Hamilton, Warren Morris, and Bryan Rekar.
  38. (01/17/03) New Oxford releases Brett Prinz.
  39. (01/18/03) Newark releases Kris Wilson, Cesar Crespo, and Mike Holtz.
  40. (01/19/03) Bridgewater releases David Lee, Jeff Wallace, Xavier Nady, Ed Sprague, Edwards Guzman, Juan Moreno, Mike Buddie, Victor Santos, Jose Cabrera, Paul Abbott, Jason Middlebrook, and Hector Mercado.
  41. (01/20/03) Strongsville releases Angel Santos.
  42. (01/21/03) Anza releases Darren Dreifort, Josh Towers, Adam Pettyjohn, Travis Miller, Jose Nunez, Bob Wells, Jose Acevedo, and Jay Bell.
  43. (01/21/03) St. Louis releases Brad Voyles.
  44. (01/21/03) Bridgewater sends Pedro Martinez to Blue Mountain for Tony Armas, Ivan Rodriguez, and Doug Mientkiewicz.
  45. (01/25/03) Dallas sends Orlando Merced to Durham for 2004 Dur#4.
  46. (01/25/03) New Oxford releases Bret Prinz.
  47. (01/25/03) Blue Mountain releases Nelson Cruz.
  48. (01/26/03) Falling Rock releases Kyle Farnsworth.
  49. (01/26/03) Heidelberg releases Brady Anderson, Eric Munson, and B. J. Surhoff.
  50. (02/01/03) Round Rock sends 2003 RR#5 to Alabama for 2004 Ala#4.
  51. (02/01/03) Cooperstown sends Joe Randa, Miguel Batista, and Paul Shuey to Bridgewater for Al Leiter and Kevin Young.
  52. (02/01/03) Alabama sends Mike Young to New Oxford for Terrance Long.
  53. (02/02/03) Penticton claims Dave Hansen and Adam Hyzdu; releases Ron Coomer and Jeff Reboulet.
  54. (02/02/03) Durham claims Brian Meadows; releases Dan Reichart.
  55. (02/02/03) Cooperstown claims Brook Fordyce; releases Fernando Lunar.
  56. (02/02/03) New Oxford claims Rudy Bukvich; releases Seth Etherton.
  57. (02/02/03) Nuevo claims Mark Wohlers; releases Ricky Bottalico.
  58. (02/02/03) Harrisburg claims Miguel Asencio; releases Dermal Brown.
  59. (02/02/03) Blue Mountain claims Alex Herrera; releases Bud Smith.
  60. (02/02/03) Anza claims Brandon Puffer; releases Brian Tallet.
  61. (02/02/03) Alabama claims Sun Woo-Kim; releases Jerrod Riggan.
  62. (02/03/03) Penticton sends Greg Maddux and 2004 Pen#2 to Round Rock for Kenny Rogers and Jason Jennings.
  63. (02/03/03) New Oxford claims Brian Tallot; releases Brian Roberts.
  64. (02/03/03) Nuevo claims Dan Plesac; releases Tom Davey.
  65. (02/03/03) Newark claims Matt Walbeck and Chad Paronto; releases Augie Ojeda and Frank Castillo.
  66. (02/03/03) St. Louis sends Shane Spencer to Penticton for Joe McEwing.
  67. (02/03/03) Round Rock claims Dermal Brown.
  68. (02/03/03) Alabama claims Jason Romano; releases Tom Goodwin.
  69. (02/04/03) Irishtown claims Kyle Farnsworth; releases John Rocker.
  70. (02/04/03) Penticton releases Scott Eyre.
  71. (02/04/03) Anza claims Victor Alvarez; releases Kevin Jarvis.
  72. (02/04/03) Elyria sends Steve Reed to Irishtown for Jesus Colome and 2004 Iri#2.
  73. (02/05/03) Dallas claims Scott Eyre; releases Randy Velarde.
  74. (02/06/03) Durham claims Brian Roberts; releases Doug Creek.
  75. (02/06/03) Susquehanna sends Brandon Inge, Jon Garland, and 2004 Sus#2 to Cooperstown for Kirk Reuter and Brook Fordyce.
  76. (02/07/03) Newark claims Albie Lopez; releases Luke Prokopec.
  77. (02/07/03) Susquehanna claims Jose Molina; releases Brook Fordyce.
  78. (02/07/03) Anza claims Julios Matos; releases Brian Buchanan.
  79. (02/08/03) Newark claims Tom Goodwin; releases Greg Vaughn.
  80. (02/08/03) Penticton sends Sammy Sosa to New Oxford for Johnny Damon, Ted Lilly, and 2004 NO#2.
  81. (02/08/03) Penticton releases Bill Selby.
  82. (02/08/03) New Oxford claims Ricky Ledee.
  83. (02/08/03) New Oxford claims Brian Buchanan; releases Carlos Hernandez.
  84. (02/08/03) Blue Mountain claims Dave Elder; releases Bruce Chen.
  85. (02/09/03) Falling Rock claims Carlos Hernandez; releases Jimmy Anderson.
  86. (02/09/03) Round Rock claims Bruce Chen; releases Shawn Chacon.
  87. (02/10/03) St. Louis sends Matt Morris and Gabe White to Newark for Jake Peavy and 2004 New#1.
  88. (02/10/03) St. Louis claims Chad Fox.
  89. (02/11/03) Newark releases Albie Lopez.
  90. (02/12/03) Penticton sends Alfonso Soriano, Mike Redmond, and Dave Hanson to Bridgewater for Jay Payton, Hank Blalock, and Dan Wilson.
  91. (02/12/03) Penticton claims Wilton Guerrero; releases Joe Girardi.
  92. (02/16/03) St. Louis claims Bud Smith; releases Adam Everett.
  93. (02/17/03) Durham claims Abraham Nunez (of); releases Adam Bernero.
  94. (02/19/03) Penticton claims Aaron Taylor; releases Mike Fyhrie.
  95. (02/19/03) Blue Mountain claims Andy Pratt; releases Alex Herrera.
  96. (02/22/03) Durham claims Alex Herrera; releases Homer Bush.
  97. (02/23/03) Durham claims Steve Sparks; releases Dennis Cook.
  98. (02/24/03) New Oxford claims Dennis Cook; releases Ricky Ledee.
  99. (02/27/03) Strongsville claims Tony Torcato; releases Mike Meluskey.
  100. (03/08/03) Irishtown claims Damon Minor; releases Pedro Feliz.
  101. (03/08/03) Durham claims Shawn Chacon; releases Abraham Nunez (of).
  102. (03/13/03) Durham claims Casey Blake; releases Yorkis Perez.
  103. (03/13/03) New Oxford claims Joe Girardi; releases Tony Alvarez.
  104. (04/30/03) Falling Rock sends Pat Burrell and 2004 FR#2 to Alabama for Bret Boone and Brian Jordan.
  105. (04/30/03) Falling Rock releases Dennys Reyes.
  106. (05/08/03) Round Rock claims Eddie Perez (emergency claim); releases Sal Fasano.
  107. (05/17/03) Irishtown sends Sean Casey to Cooperstown for Mark Bellhorn and 2004 Coo#4.
  108. (05/18/03) Cooperstown sends Tim Wakefield, Chris Gomez, Mike Jackson, and Scott Stewart to New Oxford for Carl Pavano, Rey Ordonez, Ryan Bukvich, Brian Tallett, and 2004 NO#3.
  109. (06/20/03) Anza sends 2004 Anz#4 and Jason Hart to Durham for Troy O'Leary.
  110. (06/29/03) New Oxford sends Juan Acevedo to Indiana for Jason Bere and 2004 Ind#3.
  111. (06/29/03) Falling Rock sends Damian Rolls to Mohonasen for Elmer Dessens.
  112. (06/30/03) Strongsville claims Mitch Meluskey (emergency claim); releases Tony Torcata.
  113. (07/22/03) Round Rock claims Brook Fordyce (emergency claim); releases Wily Mo Pena.
  114. (08/26/03) Penticton claims Frank Menenchino (emergency claim); releases Willie Bloomquist.