1. 08/13/14 Click here for a list of free agents due to the league's 1/4 minimum use rule and retirements.
  2. 08/13/14 Chicago White Sox release Robin Roberts, Bobby Richardson, Dick Stigman, Roy McMillan, Pat Corrales, John Boccabella, and Arnold Earley.
  3. 08/13/14 New York Mets release Dave Rusteck, Fred Newman, Larry Sherry, Bill Short, Bill Heath, Don Landrum, and Tim Talton.
  4. 08/13/14 San Francisco releases Frank Bolling, Gene Freese, Billy Murphy, Gil Blanco, Jim Duckworth, Ray Herbert, Ron Piche, Billy Bryan, Bob Chance, Joe Amalfitano, George Altman, John Miller, and Joe Grzenda.
  5. 08/13/14 Pittsburgh releases Jackie Hernandez, Dick Nen, Jack Baldschun, Bob Bruce, and Jorge Rubio.
  6. 08/13/14 Detroit releases Dennis Higgins, Dick Simpson, Del Crandall, Ossie Chavarria, Hal Woodeshick.
  7. 08/13/14 New York Yankees release Bob Buhl, Jerry Stephenson, Wes Stock, John Orsino, Johnny Lewis, and Eddie Bressoud.
  8. 08/14/14 Cleveland releases Jack Kralick, Chris Zachary, Carroll Sembera, Johnny Romano, Jesse Gonder, and Floyd Robinson.
  9. 08/14/14 Philadelphia releases Sandy Koufax, Vern Handrahan, Roger Craig, Art Mahaffey, Gordie Richardson, Don Bryant, Dick Stuart, George Kernick, Hector Lopez, Eddie Kasko, George Smith, and Wes Covington.
  10. 08/14/14 Chicago Cubs release Jim Ollam, Chuck Hiller, and Billy O'Dell.
  11. 08/14/14 Los Angeles releases Bob Lillis, Dave Nicholson, and Jim Owens.
  12. 08/14/14 Washington releases Byron Browne, Doug Clemens, Chris Cannizzaro, and Aurelio Monteagudo.
  13. 08/14/14 Baltimore releases Dwight Siebler, Felix Mantilla.
  14. 08/14/14 Cincinnati releases Bill Faul, Frank Kreutzer, Chi Chi Olivo, Joey Jay, Jake Wood, Aaron Pointer, and Ralph Terry.
  15. 08/14/14 Boston releases Orlando Macfarlane, Gary Geiger, Bob Sadowski, Jerry Lynch, and Frank Malzone.
  16. 08/15/14 St. Louis releases Pedro Ramos.
  17. 08/15/14 Detroit sends George Brunet to Boston for Dave Baldwin and 1968 Bos#3.
  18. 08/15/14 Kansas City releases Johnny Klippsetein, Jack Sanford, Johnny Podres, Ray Barker, Bill Skowron, Sam Bowens, Sandy Valdespino, and Don Demeter.
  19. 09/09/14 Pittsburgh sends Jim Gosger to Los Angeles for Ray Oyler.
  20. 09/10/14 Pittsburgh sends Vada Pinson to Chicago White Sox for 1967 KC#2.
  21. 09/10/14 Chicago White Sox release Ty Cline.
  22. 09/16/14 Washington sends Ray Culp to New York Mets for Pete Mikkelsen and Ted Uhlaender.
  23. 09/18/14 San Francisco sends Horace Clarke and 1967 SF#6 to Philadelphia for 1967 Phi#2.
  24. 09/18/14 Chicago Cubs send 1967 ChC#3 to Cleveland for Adolfo Phillips.
  25. 09/18/14 Chicago White Sox sends Mike Shannon to Philadelphia for Phil Ortega and 1968 Phi#4.
  26. 09/18/14 Chicago Cubs send Russ Snyder to Pittsburgh for 1967 Pit#4.
  27. 09/18/14 Houston releases Don Schwall, Ted Davidson, Hank Fischer, and Rich Rollins.
  28. 09/21/14 New York Yankees send 1967 NYY#3 to Pittsburgh for Charley Smith.
  29. 09/21/14 San Francisco sends 1967 LA#2 to Pittsburgh for Bob Rodgers.
  30. 09/21/14 Washington sends Bob Johnson to St. Louis for 1967 StL#2.
  31. 09/21/14 Detroit sends Joe Horlen to the New York Mets for 1968 NYM#1.
  32. 09/21/14 Cleveland releases Lou Clinton, Tom Kelley, and Larry Stahl.
  33. 09/22/14 Boston sends Jerry Lumpe and Bob Locker to St. Louis for Vern Fuller, Tito Fuentes, and 1968 StL#2.
  34. 09/24/14 Cleveland sends Woodie Held to the New York Yankees for Larry Brown.
  35. 09/24/14 Cleveland sends Jim Bunning to the Chicago Cubs for 1968 ChC#2.
  36. 09/24/14 Washington sends Bubba Morton and Jim Hannan to the New York Mets for Jack Fisher.
  37. 09/24/14 Chicago White Sox send 1967 Det#3 to the Chicago Cubs for Don Nottebart.
  38. 09/24/14 Chicago Cubs send 1967 Pit#4 to Los Angeles for Ruben Amaro.
  39. 09/28/14 Atlanta sends Bill Dillman and 1967 Atl#3 to Detroit for Dave Baldwin.
  40. 10/08/14 Chicago Cubs send 1967 ChC#6, 1967 ChC#7, and 1967 ChC#8 to Cleveland for 1968 Cle#6.
  41. 10/11/14 New York Yankees send Rich Nye to Chicago White Sox for Dave Eilers and 1968 CWS#5.
  42. 10/12/14 Boston sends John Buzhardt to Cleveland for 1968 Cle#3.
  43. 10/13/14 Washington claims Chuck Hiller.
  44. 10/13/14 Cincinnati claims Floyd Robinson and Nick Wilhite; releases Wayne Causey and Dan Schneider.
  45. 10/13/14 Kansas City claims Tom Kelley, Frank Tepedino, Wayne Comer, and Dave Marshall.
  46. 10/13/14 Philadelphia claims Bob Chance and Hal Woodeshick.
  47. 10/13/14 Pittsburgh claims Sandy Valdespino and Gus Gil.
  48. 10/14/14 Boston claims Tim Talton.
  49. 10/14/14 Washington claims Wayne Causey, releases Chuck Hiller.
  50. 10/14/14 San Francisco claims Ozzie Chavarria, Bob Bruce, and Manny Jimenez.
  51. 10/14/14 Philadelphia claims Ed Rakow and Jim Cosman.
  52. 10/14/14 Cleveland claims Dan Schneider
  53. 10/15/14 Cleveland claims Ed Connollly and John Stephenson.
  54. 10/15/14 Philadelphia claims Tom Shopay and Rick Joseph; releases Jimmy Piersall and Mike Ferraro.
  55. 10/15/14 San Francisco claims Hank Fischer, Galen Cisco, Aaron Pointer, and Chuck Hiller.
  56. 10/15/14 New York Mets claim Steve Jones; release Byrone Browne.
  57. 10/16/14 Cleveland sends Frank Linzy, Ed Connolly, John Stephenson, and 1968 Cle#4 to St. Louis for Jerry Lumpe, Jim Landis, Jake Gibbs, Bob Locker, and 1968 StL#3.
  58. 10/16/14 Washington sends Wayne Causey and 1968 Was#7 to Cleveland for Bob Lillis and 1968 Cle#5.
  59. 10/16/14 Cleveland releases Billy Cowan.
  60. 10/16/14 Detroit claims Byron Browne; releases Ron Davis.
  61. 10/16/14 St. Louis claims Marv Stahle and Ken Turner; release Ed Connolly.
  62. 10/17/14 Pittsburgh claims Ron Davis, releases Sandy Valdespino.
  63. 10/20/14 Houston sends Roberto Pena and 1968 Hou#2 to Chicago White Sox for Rich Nye.
  64. 10/24/14 Cleveland Ed Connolly and Billy Cowan; releases Gary Geiger and John Ollom.
  65. 10/28/14 San Francisco sends Bob Aspromonte, Hank Fischer, and 1968 SF#5 to Chicago White Sox for Jim Bouton, Sandy Alomar, and 1968 CWS#2.
  66. 01/21/15 Cincinnati sends Mickey Mantle to Chicago White Sox for 1968 Hou#2, Roberto Pena and 1968 CHW#6.
  67. 02/08/15 St. Louis sends Al Weis and 1968 StL#5 to Cincinnati for Julio Gotay and 1968 Cin#7.
  68. 02/16/15 San Francisco claims Johnny Romano (emergency claim).
  69. 04/17/15 San Francisco claims Tommy Dean; releases Eddie Bressoud (emergency claim).
  70. 06/15/15 Boston claims Bill Heath and Gary Geiger (emergency claim).