CGFL 1998 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
CGFL 1997 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. 6/30/17 - Midway trades S Brian Dawkins to Curbside for CURB#1 in '97 and CURB#1 in '98.
  3. 7/5/17 - Woodbine trades C Frank Winters to Philadelphia for PHIL#2 in 1997.
  4. 7/5/17 - Philadelphia trades CB Ray Crockett, TE Jamie Asher and PHIL#3 in 1997 to Curbside for DE John Thierry and TE Ken Dilger.
  5. 7/6/17 - Lubin trades QB Trent Dilfer to Woodbine for WOOD#3 in 1997.
  6. 7/8/17 - Minnesota trades QB Boomer Esiason to Fort Mill for FM#3 in 1997.
  7. 7/9/17 - Lubin trades LUB#2 in 1997 to Curbside for CURB#2 and #3 in 1997.
  8. 7/9/17 - Nashua trades DE Dan Williams, DT Hollis Thomas, RB Mario Bates, C Roger Duffy and NASH#8 in 1997 to Curbside for G-T Ben Coleman and CURB#2 in 1998.
  9. 7/9/17 - Corleone trades S Tim McDonald to Curbside for DE Clyde Simmons and S Darren Perry.
  10. 7/9/17 - Nashua trades CB Dwayne Harper and S Tito Wooten to Hoth for QB Vinnie Testaverde.
  11. 7/12/17 - Nashua trades CB Dale Carter and OLB Quentin Coryatt to Minnesota for CB Dewayne Washington, G Brian Habib and MINN#4 in 1998.
  12. 7/13/17 - Chicago trades ILB Gary Plummer and CHI#4 in 1997 to Cancun for WR Chris Calloway.
  13. 7/17/17 - Fort Mill trades OLB Brian Williams to Curbside for CURB#6 in 1997 and CURB#3 in 1998.
  14. 7/18/17 - Curbside trades DT Henry Ford and DL Brentson Buckner to Corleone for CORL#6 in 1997 and CORL#3 in 1998.
  15. 7/23/17 - Bayou City trades LOND#6 in 1997 to Cancun for CANC#5 in 1998.
  16. 7/30/17 - Canton trades CANT#8 in 1997 to Curbside for CURB#7 in 1998.
  17. 8/2/17 - Nashua trades ILB Ricardo McDonald to Minnesota for MINN#6 in 1998.
  18. 8/13/17 - Eastern trades C Mark Stepnoski to Chicago for C Tim Ruddy.
  19. (In Season transactions) Midway drops QB Glenn Foley, adds QB Mark Rypien
  20. Canton drops WR Chris Thomas, ILB Carlton Bailey and CB Craig Newsome, adds G-T Nate Miller, DE Ray Seals and LB James Folston.
  21. Brooklyn drops DB Deron Cherry, adds QB Todd Philcox.
  22. Midway drops QB Mark Rypien, adds QB Dave Krieg.
  23. Mt. Sinai drops DB Marlon Forbes, adds QB Jeff Lewis.
  24. Nashua drops WR Chris Jones, adds WR Michael Adams.
  25. Nashua drops RB David Thompson, adds RB Robert Green.
  26. Nashua drops RB Rashaan Salaam, adds RB Kevin Bouie.
  27. Midway drops CB Lionel Washington, adds QB John Friesz.
  28. Midway drops QB Dave Krieg, adds QB Steve Stenstrom.
  29. Nashua drops DL Rick Te

CGFL 1996 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (8/30) Corleone trades QB Jeff Hostetler to Eastern for Eastern's 3rd round pick.
  3. (9/24) Fort Mill trades Fort Mill #1 pick in 1996 draft (20th overall) to Curbside in exchange for Curbside #2 pick in 1996 (28th overall) and Mt. Sinai #3 pick in 1996 (62nd overall).
  4. (9/25) Nashua trades Nashua #1 pick in 1997 draft to Hoth for Hoth #2 pick (#25 overall) in 1996 draft.
  5. (9/26) Corleone trades Houston #2 pick (32nd overall) to Chicago for RB Terry Kirby and CB Jeff Burris.
  6. (9/27) Carolina trades CB Willie Williams to Corleone for CB Donnell Woolford.
  7. (9/29) Midway trades RB Thurman Thomas, TE Keith Jackson, DE Tony Bennett, and S Mike Zordich to Blacksburg for Blacksburg #5 pick, #12 pick, #13 pick, #14 pick, #15 pick and Blacksburg #2 pick in 1997 draft.
  8. (9/30) Woodbine trades K Doug Brien to Curbside for Curbside #5 pick.
  9. Hoth trades Hoth #3 pick to Chicago for Chicago #4 pick and Chicago #2 pick in 1997 draft.
  10. (10/09) Curbside trades WR Robert Brooks and Curbside #5 pick in 1997 draft to Houston for CB Albert Lewis and Houston #3 pick in 1997 draft.
  11. (10/12) Bayou City trades Midway #7 pick to Carolina for Carolina #6 pick in 1997 draft.
  12. (11/19) Chicago adds QB Kerwin Bell and drops CB Steve Lofton.
  13. (11/25) Chicago drops QB Mark Rypien and adds QB Geno Torretta.
  14. (11/27) Canton drops WR Terry Guess and adds QB Jeff Lewis.
  15. (12/14) Wichita trades WR Rob Moore, ILB Fred Strickland and WIC #3 pick to Houston for WR Derrick Mayes, ILB Paul Butcher and HOU #1 pick.


CGFL 1995 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (8/01) Curbside trades Curbside's 1st round pick in the 1994 draft and Curbside's 1st round pick in the 1995 draft to Carolina for QB Mark Brunell.
  3. (8/07) Midway trades Midway's 3rd round pick in the 1994 draft to Bayou City for OL Joe Staysniak.
  4. (8/07) Houston trades T Gerald Perry and DT Tim Johnson to Woodbine for RB Vince Workman and Woodbine's 5th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  5. (8/08) Chicago trades DE Tony Bennett, T John Alt, RB Steve Broussard, S Thomas Everett to Midway for WR Willie Green and Midway's 1st and 3rd round picks in the 1995 draft.
  6. (8/08) Corleone trades Corleone's 4th round pick in the 1994 draft to Curbside for Derek Brown, RB and WR Aubrey Matthews.
  7. (8/08) Midway trades LB William Thomas and Midway's 2nd round pick in the 1995 draft to Chicago for WR Bill Brooks, LB Greg Lloyd and Chicago's 5th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  8. (8/12) Birmingham trades Birmingham's 2nd round pick in the 1995 draft to Carolina in exchange for WR Gary Clark.
  9. (8/18) Canton trades Canton's 5th round pick in the 1995 draft to Gate City for CB Lenny McGill.
  10. (8/20) Midway trades Midway's 8th and 9th round picks in the 1994 draft to Nashua for Nashua's 7th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  11. (8/22) Bayou City trades pick 9.20 in the 1994 draft to Canton for Canton's 8th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  12. (8/23) Bayou City trades pick 10.20 in the 1994 draft to Canton for Canton's 9th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  13. (8/26) Midway trades Midway's 10th round pick in the 1995 draft to Carolina for Carolina's 12th round pick in the 1994 draft.
  14. (8/30) Blacksburg trades DE Darren Mickell and WR Mike Sherrard to Lubin for OT Ed Simmons and DE Rob Burnett.
  15. (9/04) Canton releases David Treadwell, K and Freddie Joe Nunn, DE and claims Walter Reeves, TE and Jackie Slater, T.
  16. (9/04) Brooklyn releases Mike Saxon, P and claims Tyrone Legette, CB.



CGFL 1994 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (7/10) Houston trades RB Barry Foster, WR Michael Haynes to Corleone for Corleone's 1st round pick in the 1994 draft.
  3. (7/10) Houston trades T Stan Brock to Canton for Canton's 6th round pick in the 1994 draft.
  4. (7/10) Houston trades DE Donald Evans to Blacksburg for Blacksburg's 4th round pick in 1995.
  5. (7/10) Chicago trades CB Donnell Woolford to Corleone for Corleone's 2nd round pick in 1994 and Woodbine's 2nd round pick in 1994.
  6. (7/12) Bayou City trades OLB Quentin Coryatt to Nashua for Nashua's 3rd round pick in 1995.
  7. (7/14) Curbside trades RB James Joseph to Nashua for Nashua's 7th round pick in 1994.
  8. (7/24) Wichita trades Wichita's 4th round pick in 1994 to Woodbine for LB Michael Brooks.
  9. (7/28) Nashua trades QB Craig Erickson to Birmingham for LB Vincent Brown.
  10. (8/01) Curbside trades Curbside's 1st round pick in the 1994 draft and Curbside's 1st round pick in the 1995 draft to Carolina for Mark Brunell.
  11. (8/07) Midway trades Midway's 3rd round pick in the 1994 draft to Bayou City for OL Joe Staysniak.
  12. (8/07) Houston trades T Gerald Perry and DT Tim Johnson to Woodbine for RB Vince Workman and Woodbine's 5th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  13. (8/08) Chicago trades DE Tony Bennett, T John Alt, RB Steve Broussard, S Thomas Everett to Midway for WR Willie Green and Midway's 1st and 3rd round picks in the 1995 draft.
  14. (8/08) Corleone trades Corleone's 4th round pick in the 1994 draft to Curbside for RB Derek Brown and WR Aubrey Matthews.
  15. (8/08) Midway trades LB William Thomas and Midway's 2nd round pick in the 1995 draft to Chicago for WR Bill Brooks, LB Greg Lloyd and Chicago's 5th round pick in the 1995 draft.
  16. (8/12) Birmingham trades Birmingham's 2nd round pick in the 1995 draft to Carolina in exchange for WR Gary Clark.


CGFL 1993 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (10/19) Brooklyn sends WR Sterling Sharpe to Corleone for 1993 Cor#1.
  3. (12/01) Curbside sends QB Phil Simms to Canton for 1993 Can#4.
  4. (12/01) Canton sends 1994 Can#4 to East New York for RB Lewis Tillman.
  5. (12/02) Eastern sends 1994 Eas#5 to East New York for RB Brad Baxter.
  6. (12/03) Curbside sends OLB Greg Lloyd, DT Tim Goad, and S Thomas Everett to Chicago for 1994 Chi#1, 1994 Chi#5, and 1993 Chi#4.
  7. (12/05) Lubin sends WR Ricky Sanders and 1993 Lub#2 to Nashua for CB Nate Odomes, S Martin Bayless, G Doug Dawson, and WR Tim McGee.
  8. (12/06) Lubin sends 1993 Lub#1, 1993 ENY#2, and 1993 Lub#5 to Chicago for DE Rob Burnett, LB Corey Miller, and G Rick Cunningham.
  9. (12/06) Woodbine sends 1993 Woo#4 to Chicago for DT Tim Goad.
  10. (12/06) Chicago sends 1993 Woo#4 to Fort Mill for LB Andre Tippett.
  11. (12/09) Nashua sends 1993 Nas#3 to Curbside for CB Eugene Daniel and 1993 Cur#8.
  12. (12/10) Nashua sends ILB Tracy Simien to Brooklyn for ILB Johnny Holland.
  13. (12/13) Midway sends DT Pierce Holt and DE Anthony Pleasant to Lubin for 1993 Lub#1 and 1994 Lub#5.
  14. (12/14) Eastern sends 1994 Eas#2 to Carolina for WR Jessie Hester and CB Vince Buck.
  15. (12/14) Carolina sends RB Robert Delpino and LB Lawrence Taylor to Nashua for LB Keith Goganius, 1994 Nas#4 and 1993 Nas#15.
  16. (12/16) East New York sends T Bernard Daffney to Canton for LB Vinson Smith.
  17. (12/27) Chicago sends S Shaun Gayle to Wichita for DE Marvin Washington and 1993 Wic#3.
  18. (12/29) Chicago sends T Ken Ruettgers to Eastern for 1993 Eas#3.
  19. (12/31) Curbside sends QB Bobby Hebert to Chicago for WR Charles Wilson and DT Joe Phillips.
  20. (01/01) Canton sends WR Todd Kinchen to Bayou City for LB Carlton Bailey.
  21. (01/03) Houston sends 1993 Hou#4 to Carolina for S Gene Atkins.
  22. (01/13) Canton sends 1994 Can#9 to Bayou City for 1993 BC#10.
  23. (01/14) Brooklyn sends QB Jay Schroeder and T Tootie Robbins to Midway for QB Wade Wilson.
  24. (01/15) Canton sends 1994 Can#10 to Bayou City for 1993 BC#11.
  25. (01/21) Cancun claims S J.C. Pearson, ILB Reggie Barnes, and RB Ron Wolfley.
  26. (01/21) Baltimore claims S Terry Ray.
  27. (01/21) East Texas claims TE Mike Dyal.
  28. (01/21) Corleone claims TE David Frisch; releases K Chip Lohmiller.
  29. (01/21) New Orleans claims DE Don Davey.
  30. (01/21) Brooklyn claims CB Ronnie Bradford.
  31. (01/21) Carolina claims DL Mike Teeter and OLB Myron Baker.
  32. (01/21) Midway claims DE Skip McClendon, CB Robert Bailey, ILB Bryan Hinkle, HB Terry Orr, and WR Fred Banks.
  33. (01/21) Curbside claims DE Todd Kelly, DT Leonard Renfro, ILB Elijah Alexander, CB Tony Brown, and QB Casey Weldon; releases G Rich Moran, C James Campen, and RB Kenyon Rasheed.
  34. (01/21) East New York claims OLB Leon White, CB James Jefferson, CB Bruce Pickens, and G Joe Wolf.
  35. (01/21) Nashua claims S Keith Taylor and DT Jeff Faulkner.
  36. (01/21) Philadelphia claims T Eric Jonassen and DE Gerald Robinson; releases G Eric Moore and LB Brian Noble.
  37. (01/22) Cancun claims DT Dave Rocker and T Richard Stevens; releases ILB Kurt Barber.
  38. (01/22) Wichita claims S Deral Boykin.
  39. (01/22) Canton claims K Tony Zendejas and T Tunch Ilkin; releases P Mark Royals and C Ken Moyer.
  40. (01/22) East Texas claims RB Randy Jordan.
  41. (01/23) Lubin claims WR Robert Claiborne; releases G Bruce Reimers.
  42. (01/23) Houston claims P Mark Royals; releases P Jeff Gossett.
  43. (02/16) Bayou City sends G Guy McIntyre and 1994 BC#5 to Chicago for G Bob Kratch and 1994 Chi#3.
  44. (03/18) Woodbine sends QB Billy Joe Tolliver and 1994 Woo#2 for QB Mark Rypien.
  45. (03/18) Bayou City sends WR Jeff Query to Midway for WR Fred Banks and 1994 Mid#4.
  46. (04/17) Midway releases T Darryl Moore; claims QB Bucky Richardson (emergency claim)

CGFL 1992 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (02/01) Woodbine sends RB Reggie Cobb to Wichita for 1992 Wic#2.
  3. (03/08) Midway sends 1992 Mid#3, 1993 Mid#2, and 1993 Mid#3 to Willamette for C Bern Brostek and LB Jeff Herrod.
  4. (03/16) Eastern sends 1992 Eas#1, 1992 Eas#4, and 1993 Eas#2 to Willamette for RB Gaston Green, DE Greg Townsend, and T Mike Kenn.
  5. (03/16) Wichita sends 1992 Wic#4 to Willamette for C Keith Kartz.
  6. (03/26) Willamette sends G Mark Schlereth and DE Frank Warren to Midway for 1993 Mid#1 and 1993 Mid#6.
  7. (03/27) Midway sends G Bruce Reimers, C Jay Hilgenberg, and 1992 Mid#4 to Lubin for CB Gil Byrd.
  8. (03/27) Lubin sends T Anthony Munoz and 1992 Lub#7 to Midway for TE Terry Orr and DT William Perry.
  9. (03/29) Nashua sends 1992 Nas#3 and 1993 Nas#2 to Willamette for G Raleigh McKenzie, CB Nate Odomes, and WR Art Monk.
  10. (03/31) Baltimore sends 1993 Bal#3 to Willamette for S Eddie Anderson and 1992 Wil#10.
  11. (04/04) Corleone sends G Ron Hallstrom to Houston for 1992 Hou#4.
  12. (04/26) East New York claims WR Louis Lipps and LB Reggie Burnette.
  13. (04/26) Baltimore claims LB Antonio Goss; releases K Greg Davis.
  14. (04/26) Nashua claims TE Derek Ware; releases DT Eric Williams.
  15. (04/26) Cancun claims RB Dexter McNabb, WR Emile Harry, DT Tyrone Rodgers, DE Timothy Edwards, ILB Victor Jones, CB Richard Fain, and S Solomon Wilcots.
  16. (04/26) Carolina claims LB Kanavis McGhee; releases DT Tory Epps.
  17. (04/26) Willamette claims QB Shawn Moore, QB Dan McGwire, QB Will Furrer, T Derrick Graham, S Bo Orlando, OLB Elijah Alexander, and C Dale Hellestrae.
  18. (04/26) Curbside claims QB Mike Buck and RB Stanford Jennings.
  19. (04/27) Woodbine claims C Mike Withycombe; releases DT Mario Johnson.
  20. (04/27) East Texas claims WR Doug Thomas and WR Rico Smith; releases QB Tom Tupa and QB Bob Gagliano.
  21. (04/27) Cancun claims DT Tory Epps and K Greg Davis; releases DE Don Davey and DL Greg Hinkle.
  22. (04/29) Carolina claims T Harry Boatswait; releases P Jeff Gossett.
  23. (05/02) Lubin sends DT Henry Thomas, DE Leslie O'Neal, CB Terry McDaniel, and S Mike Prior to East New York for G Greg Skrepenak, T John Fina, DT Brad Culpepper, CB Phillippi Sparks, 1993 ENY#1, and ENY#2.
  24. (05/02) Lubin sends DL Pierce Holt and LB Al Chamblee to Midway for S Barney Bussey, DE Martin Harrison, and 1993 Mid#4.
  25. (05/04) Nashua claims P Jeff Gossett; releases P Klaus Wilmsmeyer.
  26. (05/07) East New York sends WR Jeff Query to Willamette for ILB Gary Plummer.
  27. (05/20) Willamette claims RB Buford McGee, WR Rico Smith, RB Alonzo Highsmith, WR Ron Morris, TE Tommie Stowers, CB Izel Jenkins, and S Tim Hauck; releases T Joe Wolf, LB Frank Stams, T Derrick Graham, T Larry Tharpe, S Bo Orlando, LB Elijah Alexander, and QB Dave Brown.
  28. (6/24) Lubin claims QB Bob Gagliano and QB Tom Tupa; releases WR George Thomas and G Tom Ricketts.
  29. (6/24) Midway claims QB Dave Brown; releases LB Al Chamblee.
  30. (6/30) Houston claims G Mike Sullivan; releases LB Joel Smeenge (emergency claim).
  31. (7/01) East New York claims G Theo Adams and G William Schultz; releases C Bill Lewis and ILB Glenn Cadrez (emergency claim).
  32. (7/13) East New York claims DB Frank Robinson; releases RB Ostell Miles.
  33. (7/13) Canton claims T Cecil Gray; releases RB Tommie Agee.
  34. (7/25) Gate City claims QB Cary Conklin and QB Tony Sacca; releases T Joe Jacoby and WR Kitrick Taylor.


CGFL 1991 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (07/02) Eastern sends WR Mark Duper and DT Steve McMichael to Corleone for 1991 Cor#1 and 1991 Cor#3.
  3. (07/11) Philadelphia sends QB Hugh Millen to Willamette for WR Tom Waddle.
  4. (07/18) Nashua sends 1992 Nas#2 to Fort Mill for 1991 Lub#2.
  5. (07/19) Carolina sends 1991 Car#2 to Chicago for DE Matt Brock.
  6. (07/22) East Texas sends S Nesby Glasgow to Baltimore for QB Tom Tupa.
  7. (07/24) Philadelphia sends WR Rod Harris for 1991 Mid#4.
  8. (08/11) Woodbine claims QB Mark Herrmann.
  9. (08/11) Baltimore claims S Alonzo Hampton.
  10. (08/11) Cancun claims K Scott Norwood, QB Cliff Stoudt, OLB Tony Walker, TE John Brandes, G-T Reggie Reading.
  11. (08/11) Midway claims QB Todd Philcox.
  12. (08/11) Lubin claims WR Erik Affholter.
  13. (08/11) Nashua claims DT Jim Burt.
  14. (08/11) Carolina claims C Kani Kauahi.
  15. (08/11) Houston claims G-T John Melander.
  16. (08/11) Cancun releases S Chris Hale.
  17. (08/13) Cancun claims DB Brian Mitchell, releases S Terry Hoage.
  18. (08/13) Curbside claims G Warren Wheat, DE Darrell Davis, and WR Dale Dawkins.
  19. (08/16) Houston claims DE Shawn Patterson, releases G Jon Melander.
  20. (09/13) Nashua sends DB Randy Hilliard, S Deron Cherry, LB Burnell Dent, TE Damone Johnson, G Rich Moran, RB Gil Fenerty, and DE Jacob Green to Curbside for RB Cleveland Gary, S Mark Kelso, WR Leonard Harris 1992 Cur#2, and 1992 Cur#4.
  21. (09/13) Nashua claims TE Don Warren, G Tom Neville, LB Sam Anno, and DE Jim Skow.
  22. (09/13) Curbside releases S Kevin Porter, DE Darrell Davis, G Warren Wheat, and WR Dale Dawkins.
  23. (09/17) Eastern claims QB Dan McGwire; releases WR Ron Brown.
  24. (09/18) Woodbine claims DE Jason Buck, DB Joe Fuller, and S Lamar McGriggs; releases QB Mark Herrmann, RB Ottis Anderson, and CB Kevin Clark.
  25. (10/22) Houston claims G Jon Melander; releases QB Troy Taylor (emergency claim).

CGFL 1990 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (10/04) Chicago sends QB Phil Simms and ILB Eugene Lockhart to Curbside for 1990 Cur#1 and 1990 Cur#3.
  3. (10/21) Fort Mill sends S Joey Browner, DT Jerome Brown, and G Bryan Millard to Curbside for 1991 Cur#1, 1991 Cur#2, and 1991 Cur#3.
  4. (10/22) Philadelphia sends RB Thurman Thomas to Midway for 1990 Mid#1.
  5. (10/25) Woodbine sends 1990 Woo#4 and 1991 Woo#2 to Chicago for G Mark Bortz and DE Brent Williams.
  6. (10/26) Fort Mill sends CB Everson Walls, WR Ernie Jones, TE Ozzie Newsome, and ILB Matt Millen to Nashua for ILB Mike Johnson, 1991 Nas#2, and 1991 Nas#4.
  7. (10/30) Canton sends LB Henry Rolling to Baltimore for 1991 Bal#5.
  8. (10/30) Curbside sends 1990 Cur#5 to Corleone for TE Mike Mularkey.
  9. (10/31) Blacksburg sends S Dave Waymer to Houston for 1991 Hou#3.
  10. (11/02) Blacksburg sends S Andre Waters to Willamette for 1990 Wil#3.
  11. (11/03) Canton sends CB Richard Johnson to Cancun for 1991 Ccn#4.
  12. (11/04) Willamette sends C James Campen to Carolina for 1991 Car#4.
  13. (11/06) Wichita sends T Stan Brock to Houston for 1991 Hou#2.
  14. (11/21) Chicago sends TE Alfredo Roberts to Philadelphia for QB Mark Vlasic.
  15. (11/21) Philadelphia claims QB Chuck Long; releases P Don Bracken.
  16. (11/21) Canton claims TE Trey Junkin; releases T Ron Mattes.
  17. (11/21) Midway claims K Raul Allegre; releases QB Gale Gilbert.
  18. (11/21) Cancun claims G Dave Zawatson, TE Danta Whitaker, LB Kurt Larson, and DB Ron Pitts.
  19. (11/21) Gate City claims RB James Jones; releases K Jerry Kauric.
  20. (11/21) Eastern claims OLB Bobby Abrams; releases RB Lars Tate.
  21. (11/21) Blacksburg claims DT Mike Charles and CB Bobby Butler.
  22. (11/21) Nashua claims QB Jeff Kemp and OLB Louis Cooper; releases TE Butch Rolle.
  23. (11/21) Fort Mill claims ILB Cedric Figaro, CB Elvis Patterson, S Travis Curtis, DB Patrick Allen, OLB Leo Barker, DT Mitchell Benson, G Robert Cox, and RB Alonzo Highsmith.
  24. (11/22) New Orleans claims G Keith Uecker; releases T James Fitzpatrick.
  25. (11/22) Midway claims TE Butch Rolle; releases TE Orson Mobley.
  26. (11/22) Gate City claims DE Rick Bryan; releases DL Tom Gibson.
  27. (11/22) Wichita claims QB Gale Gilbert; releases G Paul Jetton.
  28. (11/22) Corleone claims WR Pete Mandley and TE Chris Verhulst.
  29. (11/22) Houston sends QB Andre Ware to Wichita for 1991 Wic#12.
  30. (11/22) Houston claims QB Vince Evans.
  31. (11/23) Midway sends OLB Anthony Bell and 1991 Mid#5 to Blacksburg for OLB Jerry Robinson.
  32. (11/23) Wichita claims QB Steve Pelluer; releases CB Mickey Sutton and LB Ken Tippens.
  33. (11/23) Houston claims TE Orson Mobley; releases TE Eric Sievers.
  34. (11/23) Willamette claims S Chris Oldham; releases G Craig Wolfley.
  35. (11/24) Chicago claims QB Joe Ferguson; releases CB Stefon Adams.
  36. (11/24) Carolina claims CB Mickey Sutton; releases LB George Bethune.
  37. (11/27) Gate City claims RB Richard Bell; releases TE William Harris.
  38. (12/04) East Texas claims TE Tim Jorden; releases C Mike Webster.
  39. (01/03) Lubin sends 1991 Lub#2 to Fort Mill for T Anthony Munoz.
  40. (01/03) Fort Mill claims T Paul Jetton.
  41. (01/03) Lubin releases CB Eric Wright.
  42. (01/08) Woodbine claims LB George Bethune; releases RB James Wilder.
  43. (01/11) Midway claims QB Jeff Francis; releases QB Peter Tom Willis.
  44. (01/11) Eastern claims QB Mark Herrmann; releases LB Tracy Hayworth.
  45. (03/16) Houston claims LB Tracy Hayworth; releases WR Jason Phillips.
CGFL 1989 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (12/28) Iron Mountain sends 1989 IM#2 to Midway for RB Eric Dickerson.
  3. (01/02) Birmingham sends RB Gerald Riggs to Houston for 1989 Hou#2.
  4. (01/03) Ohio sends RB James Brooks, T Keith Van Horne, G Crawford Ker, WR Roy Green, TE Steve Jordan, WR Gerald McNeil, DT Keith Millard, DL, LB George Jamison, LB Dino Hackett, and DB Mark Lee to Corleone for TE Robert Awalt, 1989 Cor#1, 1989 Cor#2, 1989 Cor#8, 1989 Cor#9, 1989 Cor#10, 1989 Cor#11, 1989 Cor#12, 1989 Cor#13, 1989 Cor#14, 1989 Cor#15, 1990 Cor#1, and 1990 Cor#2.
  5. (01/06) Chicago sends WR Ricky Sanders, LB Winston Moss, and DE Larry Roberts to Iron Mountain for WR Dwight Stone, LB Aundray Bruce and DE Brent Williams,1989 IM#1, and 1989 IM#3. 
  6. (01/17) Houston sends 1989 Hou#5 and 1990 Hou#1 to Chicago for CB Albert Lewis.
  7. (01/20) Fort Mill sends 1989 FM#2 to Cancun for C Jim Sweeney.
  8. (01/21) Chicago sends S Deron Cherry to Nashua for Shawn Gayle and 1990 Nas#5.
  9. (01/22) Blacksburg sends 1990 Bla#4 to Wichita for C Jeff Bostic.
  10. (01/27) Philadelphia sends QB David Kreig to Woodbine for 1990 Woo#2.
  11. (02/11) Philadelphia sends G Ron Hallstrom and C David Alexander to Corleone for G Ray Brown and C Jamie Dukes.
  12. (02/16) Nashua sends 1990 Nas#2 to Wichita for DL Alvin Wright and RB Albert Bentley.
  13. (02/16) Nashua sends WR Wendell Davis to Philadelphia for WR Richard Johnson.
  14. (3/02) Cancun claims DL John Shannon, DE Mark Duckens, RB Elroy Harris, RB Tracy Johnson, WR Mike Wilson, TE Chris Verhulst, TE Pat Kelly, and LB Greg Clark.
  15. (3/02) Woodbine claims WR Phil Epps; releases P Max Runager.
  16. (3/02) Gate City claims DB Michael Downs; releases DB Charles Washington.
  17. (3/02) Brooklyn claims OLB Eric Kumerow; releases K Rich Karlas.
  18. (3/02) Midway claims TE Brent Novoselsky, WR Glen Kozlowski, RB Tony Baker, and LB Otis Wilson; releases LB Louis Cooper.
  19. (3/02) Houston claims P Bucky Scrivener.
  20. (3/03) Canton claims P Ruben Rodriguez; releases RB Don Smith.
  21. (3/03) East Texas claims WR Carlos Carson, T Rickey Bolden, DT Rolin Putzier, DE Mike Bell, DB Richard Carey, TE Greg Scales, and WR Wesley Walker.
  22. (3/03) Willamette claims TE Ron Middleton and TE Joe Caravello; releases DE Tony Borwick, C Steve Korte.
  23. (3/03) Brooklyn claims RB Ron Davenport; releases K Rich Karlis.
  24. (3/03) Midway claims QB Chuck Long; releases TE Brent Novoselesky.
  25. (3/04) Cancun claims QB Turk Schonert; releases C Mike Ruether.
  26. (3/04) Wichita claims TE Keith Jennings.
  27. (3/04) New Orleans claims K Rich Karlis and CB Renya Thompson; releases CB Mickey Sutton and DL Greg Meisner.
  28. (3/16) Canton trades T Anthony Munoz and K Eddie Murray to Fort Mill for 1990 FM#1 and 1990 FM#2.
  29. (3/16) Canton claims WR Weegie Thompson and WR Lawyer Tillman.
  30. (3/16) Fort Mill releases WR Carl Parker.
  31. (3/16) Baltimore sends C Keith Kartz to Willamette for DE Fred Stokes.
  32. (3/16) Willamette claims DT Tony Bowick; releases T Rory Graves.
  33. (3/16) East Texas claims G Jeff Zimmerman and G Tom Rehder; releases DB Bobby Futrell and C Chuck Lanza.
  34. (3/18) Chicago claims C Kani Kauahi; releases K Greg Davis.
  35. (3/19) Curbside claims RB Don Smith.
  36. (3/19) Iron Mountain claims DL Greg Meisner and S Van McElroy.
  37. (3/19) Birmingham claims DE Rhondy Weston.
  38. (3/22) Iron Mountain claims RB Patrick Egu and RB Allen Rice; releases LB Dave Ahrens and WR Michael Harper.
  39. (3/31) Eastern claims QB Todd Blackledge; releases QB Tommy Kramer.
  40. (4/09) Eastern claims QB Kyle Mackey; releases DE Ben Thomas.
  41. (4/12) Fort Mill claims P John Teltschik; releases CB Mike Haynes.
  42. (6/23) Houston claims DE Ben Thomas; releases DE Jethro Franklin (emergency claim)
CGFL 1988 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (06/14) Canton sends RB Greg Bell and 1989 Can#4 to Fort Mill for 1988 FM#1.
  3. (06/18) Gate City sends 1988 GC#2 and 1989 GC#5 to Houston for S Michael Stewart and 1989 Hou#3.
  4. (06/19) Philadelphia sends C Jay Hilgenberg to Midway for 1989 Mid#1.
  5. (06/21) Canton sends WR J.T. Smith and TE Mickey Shuler to Fort Mill for 1989 FM#1 and 1989 FM#4.
  6. (06/21) Curbside sends 1989 Cur#1 to Philadelphia for WR Al Toon.
  7. (06/22) Midway sends 1988 Mid#4 to Carolina for DT Bill Pickel.
  8. (06/22) Canton sends C Kirk Lowdermilk to Nashua for 1989 Nas#1.
  9. (06/24) Canton sends DT Brian Sochia to Curbside for 1988 Cur#4.
  10. (06/26) Canton sends S Dave Duerson, DT Michael Carter, CB Leroy Irvin, and S Ron Pitts to Midway for 1989 Mid#2 and 1989 Mid#3.
  11. (06/26) Midway sends RB Thurman Thomas to Philadelphia for RB Eric Dickerson and ILB Mike Singletary.
  12. (07/15) Cancun claims WR Gene Taylor, DT John Shannon, DL Doug Bartlett, TE Jim Riggs, CB Eric Everett, S Billy Owens.
  13. (07/15) Woodbine claims RB Barry Redden; release K Raul Allegre.
  14. (07/15) Canton claims RB Scott Williams, C Joe Fields, DE Tom Baldwin, DT Lorenzo Freeman, LB Ed Brady, DB Norman Jefferson, P Bucky Scribner.
  15. (07/17) Cancun claims QB Turk Schonert.
  16. (07/17) East Texas claims S Stephon Adams and T Billy Contz.
  17. (07/17) Canton claims WR Wes Chandler; releases P Kelly Goodburn.
  18. (07/17) Houston claims K Raul Allegre; releases K Vince Abbott.
  19. (07/17) Philadelphia claims C Dave Harbour, CB Stephen Braggs, and DL Karl Wilson.
  20. (07/18) Willamette claims P Kelly Goodburn; releases P Barry Helton.
  21. (07/26) Ohio sends 1989 Ohi#1 to Canton for DT Keith Millard, CB Eric Wright, and 1989 Can#3.
  22. (07/26) Ohio releases DT Toby Williams and C Chris Foote.
  23. (07/26) Canton claims DT Toby Williams and DT Greg Meisner.
  24. (07/27) Canton claims RB Ron Wolfley, RB Junior Tautalasi, and WR Phillip Epps; releases LB Jim Fahnhortst, S Norman Jefferson, and DT Greg Meisner.
  25. (08/22) Houston sends QB Cody Carlson and 1989 Hou#1 to Wichita for CB Frank Minnifield.
  26. (08/22) Nashua sends T Stan Brock, CB Izel Jenkins, 1989 Nas#2 and 1989 Nas#3 to Wichita for DE Jacob Green, T Luis Sharpe, CB Raymond Clayborne, and 1989 Wic#6.
  27. (08/22) Nashua releases RB Frank Pollard.
  28. (08/22) Wichita claims G Ken Reeves and CB Rod McSwain; releases QB Cody Carlson.
  29. (08/28) Houston claims QB Cody Carlson; releases LB Andy Headen.
  30. (09/05) Birmingham claims QB Kevin Sweeney; releases C Wayne Radloff.
  31. (09/25) Midway claims QB Ken Karcher (injury claim); releases QB Don Strock.
  32. (10/02) New Orleans claims DL Sean Smith and LB Rickey Shaw; release QB Tommy Kramer and LB Jim Collins (injury claim).
  33. (10/05) Woodbine claims QB Hugh Millen; release RB James Wilder (injury claim).
  34. (10/23) Canton claims WR Mark Bellini and TE K.D. Dunn; releases WR Wes Chandler and TE Anthony Jones (injury claim).
  35. (11/02) Carolina claims QB Tommy Kramer; releases RB George Wonsley (injury claim).
  36. (11/06) New Orleans claims C Chris Foote; releases DL Sean Smith (injury claim).
  37. (11/22) Midway claims QB Jeff Rutledge; releases QB Ken Karcher (injury claim).
CGFL 1987 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (10/07) Corleone sends 1987 Cor#2, 1987 Cor#4, and 1987 Cor#8 to Nashua for 1987 Nas#2 and 1987 Nas#8.
  3. (10/09) Corleone sends QB Doug Williams to Woodbine for QB Mark Malone.
  4. (10/12) Midway sends 1987 Mid#3 and 1987 Mid#5 to Nashua for 1987 Nas#3 and 1987 Nas#11.
  5. (10/14) Midway sends QB Danny White, TE Doug Cosbie, WR Dennis McKinnon, and T Luis Sharpe to Wichita for QB Steve Grogan, WR Dennis Gentry, T Steve Wallace, and 1987 Wic#5.
  6. (10/17) Willamette sends 1987 Wil#4 to Carolina for WR Mike Quick and C Dwight Stephenson. 
  7. (11/01) Willamette sends 1987 Wil#14 to Midway for C Joe Bostic.
  8. (11/03) Woodbine claims QB Dave Wilson; releases G Terry Tausch.
  9. (11/03) Cancun claims K Tony Franklin, TE Wilbur Strozler, G Doug Williams, DT Jon Norris, DT Elois Grooms, DE Steve Martin, DE Calvin Turner, LB Ed Smalls, LB Ed Grimsley, and DB Gregg Johnson.
  10. (11/03) New Jersey claims WR Tracy Martin; releases WR Carl Aikens.
  11. (11/03) Brooklyn claims TE Harry Holt; releases TE Butch Rolle.
  12. (11/03) Carolina claims DT Bill Berthusen and C Stan Eisenhooth.
  13. (11/03) Houston claims P Ruben Rodriguez.
  14. (11/03) Blacksburg claims WR Marc Brown and LB Tim Crawford; releases LB Shelton Robinson and TE Lin Dawson.
  15. (11/03) Canton claims RB Ray Wallace and RB Lakei Heimuli.
  16. (11/04) Cancun claims RB Bobby Howard and TE Lin Dawson.
  17. (11/04) Woodbine claims CB Troy Newsome; releases CB Gregg Hill.
  18. (11/04) Canton claims TE Greg Hawethorne and K Jim Gallery; releases RB Steve Strachan and RB Joe Dudek.
  19. (11/05) Brooklyn claims LB Greg Gaines; releases LB Dave Ahrens.
  20. (11/12) Corleone claims RB Joe Dudek; releases T Jon Borchardt.
  21. (11/14) Cancun claims P Dave Jennings; releases RB Bobby Howard.
  22. (12/03) Canton claims T Marvin Powell; releases G David Huffman.
  23. (12/09) Corleone claims DT Greg Brown and DE Reggie Doss; releases DE Tony Woods and DE Dee Hardison.
  24. (12/21) Ohio claims CB Ricky Smith; releases T Paul Blair.
  25. (12/23) New Jersey claims QB Tony Eason; releases RB Dan Reeder.
  26. (12/28) Gate City claims DB Victor Scott; releases RB Nathan Poole (emergency claim).

CGFL 1986 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (11/13) Ohio sends T Keith Fahnhurst to Baltimore for CB Cedric Mack.
  3. (11/14) Green Country sends G Dennis Harrah, G Randy Cross, and DE Bruce Clark to Blacksburg for 1986 Car#1, 1986 Bla#14, 1986 Bla#15, and 1987 Bla#3.
  4. (11/15) Cedarhurst sends LB Keena Turner, DL Garin Veris, and WR Steve Largent to Ohio for 1986 Ohi#1 and 1987 Ohi#4.
  5. (11/17) Ohio sends 1986 Ohi#4 to Eastern for DE Greg Browm.
  6. (11/17) Brooklyn sends LB Johnnie Cooks to Adirondack for WR Tony Hill.
  7. (11/18) Nashua sends WR Wesley Walker to Blacksburg for 1986 Bla#3.
  8. (12/01) Midway sends CB Raymond Clayborn to Wichita for CB Lionel Washington.
  9. (12/06) Brooklyn sends G Sean Farrell and C Jeff Bostic to Wichita in exchange for T Irv Pankey.
  10. (01/12) Fort Mill sends S Bill Bates and 1986 FM#10 to Baltimore for CB Scott Case.
  11. (01/13) Fort Mill sends ILB Jim Fahnhorst to Canton for 1986 Can#10 and 1987 Can#3.
  12. (01/18) Cedarhurst sends 1986 Ced#2 to Nashua for QB Dave Wilson and 1986 Nas#3.
  13. (01/19) Nashua sends CB David Croudip and DB Duane Galloway to Blacksburg for 1986 Bla#4 and 1986 Bla#6.
  14. (01/25) Eastern sends 1986 Ohi#4 to Houston for WR Carl Bland.
  15. (02/04) Ohio sends 1986 Ohi#14 and 1986 Ohi#15 to Carolina for 1987 Car#13.
  16. (02/05) Cedarhurst sends 1987 Ced#9 to Blacksburg for 1986 Bla#11, 1986 Bla#12, and 1986 Bla#13.
  17. (02/06) Cedarhurst sends ILB Thomas Benson to Houston for 1987 Hou#4.
  18. (02/08) Midway sends DT Joe Klecko to Houston for LB Ron Rivera.
  19. (02/10) Nashua claims WR Phil Smith and DT Tony Colorito; releases WR Derwin Williams and G Steve Baack.
  20. (02/10) Green Country claims WR Jimmy Teal and DT Karl Morgan.
  21. (02/10) Brooklyn claims TE Travis Tucker and DB Carl Howard; releases ILB Joe Costello.
  22. (02/10) New Orleans claims TE Trey Junkin.
  23. (02/10) Woodbine claims QB Vince Ferregamo.
  24. (02/10) Philadelphia claims RB Scott Williams.
  25. (02/10) Adirondack claims RB Major Everett, WR Scott Holman, WR Michael Harper, TE Bobby Micho, G Stephan Humphries, and DE Kenneth Sims.
  26. (02/10) Ohio claims T Justin Cross; releases LB Calvin Daniels.
  27. (02/10) Canton claims RB Wayne Wilson.
  28. (02/10) Midway claims WR Tim Smith, DT Rubin Carter, and CB Dennis Woodberry.
  29. (02/10) Carolina claims C Mark Traynowicz and DE John Washington.
  30. (02/11) Wichita sends RB Keith Griffin to Canton for 1987 Can#5.
  31. (02/11) Canton claims QB Chuck Fusina; releases RB Alvin Moore and RB Wayne Wilson.
  32. (02/11) Wichita claims S Russell Gary.
  33. (02/11) New Orleans claims RB Mike Guman; releases CB Tim Lewis.
  34. (02/11) Woodbine claims C Trevor Matich; releases WR Jim Gustafson.
  35. (02/12) Midway claims OLB Jesse Penn; releases OLB Whitney Paul.
  36. (02/14) Houston sends WR Nat Moore to Baltimore for T Keith Fahnhorst.
  37. (02/14) Baltimore claims T Dale Hellestrae; releases K Mick Luckhurst.
  38. (02/14) Fort Mill claims K Jess Atkinson.
  39. (02/15) Gate City claims ILB Joe Costello; releases LB Jody Schultz.
  40. (02/22) Canton claims TE Warren Seitz and LB Shawn Burks; releases LB Woodrow Lowe and LB Chris Washington.
  41. (02/23) (week 2) Philadelphia claims LB Chris Washington; releases LB Mike Hegman.
  42. (03/22) (week 5) Woodbine claims WR Jim Gustafson; releases QB Vince Ferragamo.

CGFL 1985 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (4/16) Birmingham sends DL Joe Klecko and ILB Steve Nelson to Midway for LB Tom Cousineau, 1986 Mid#2, and 1986 Mid#3.
  3. (4/18) Midway sends 1985 Mid#2 and 1986 Mid#5 to Nashua for QB Danny White.
  4. (4/27) Blacksburg sends TE Paul Coffman, T Jon Giesler, CB Vernon Dean, and S Carlton Williamson to Carolina for 1986 Car#1, 1986 Car#2, and 1986 Car#4.
  5. (5/8) Canton sends 1985 Can#4 and 1986 Can#3 to Nashua for OLB Woody Lowe and CB Charles Romes.
  6. (5/9) Nashua sends C Tom Rafferty to Woodbine for CB Mark Haynes and 1986 Woo#6.
  7. (5/9) Woodbine sends WR Leonard Thompson and TE Mike Barber to Carolina for 1985 Car#3 and 1986 Car#6.
  8. (5/11) Eastern sends 1985 Eas#3 and 1985 Eas#6 to Carolina for WR Wayne Capers, 1986 Car#3 and 1985 Car#5.
  9. (5/26) Carolina sends 1985 Car#11, 1985 Car#12, 1985 Car#13, 1985 Car#14, and 1985 Car#15 to Woodbine for 1986 Woo#7.
  10. (5/31) Blacksburg claims S Chris Rockins, DT Dave Puzzuoil, and RB Mike Meade.
  11. (5/31) Brooklyn claims QB Gale Gilbert and S Jim Bowman; releases P Ralph Giacomorro and WR Kenny Duckett.
  12. (5/31) Nashua claims RB Cedric Minter, LB Curtis Weathers, TE David Little, DB David Croudip, and T Scott Bergold; releases LB Ken Fantetti.
  13. (5/31) Cancun claims DT Mitch Willis, QB Jeff Rutledge, and TE Allama Mathews.
  14. (5/31) Green Country claims QB Matt Kofler, DE John Harty, DB Keith Lee, and RB Greg Allen; releases T Jim Rourke, DE Casey Merrill, S Greg Williams, and DT Roy Harris.
  15. (5/31) Eastern claims RB John Williams.
  16. (5/31) Cedarhurst claims T Gary Kowalski and T Tom Jeleski; releases T Bill Bain and CB Rod McSwain.
  17. (5/31) Woodbine claims C-G Mark Traynowicz; releases G Kelvin Clark.
  18. (5/31) Ohio claims QB Scott Brunner.
  19. (5/31) Midwest claims K Novo Bojovic; releases QB Joe Theismann.
  20. (5/31) Canton claims QB Guido Merkens; releases LB Scott Peuller.
  21. (6/01) Fort Mill claims QB Joe Theismann; releases QB Gary Kubiak.
  22. (6/01) Cancun claims DT George Little; releases T George Yarno.
  23. (6/01) Baltimore claims WR Clyde Duncan.
  24. (6/01) Woodbine claims CB Rod McSwain; releases CB Lawrence Johnson.
  25. (6/01) Green Country sends DE John Harty and 1986 GC#10 to New Jersey for K Jess Atkinson. 
  26. (6/02) Blacksburg claims WR Duriel Harris.
  27. (6/02) Nashua claims T Bill Bain; releases T Scott Bergold.
  28. (6/02) Woodbine claims T George Yarno; releases G Larry Lee.
  29. (6/02) Ohio claims CB Lawrence Johnson; releases CB Robert Sowell.
  30. (6/02) Green Country sends 1986 GC#4 to Birmingham for RB Earl Campbell.
  31. (6/02) Green Country releases RB Greg Allen.
  32. (6/03) Ohio claims G Larry Lee; releases RB Derrick Jensen.
  33. (6/07) Canton claims RB A.J. Jones; releases TE Derrick Ramsey.
  34. (6/08) Green Country claims TE Derrick Ramsey; releases RB Lynn Cain.
  35. (6/09) New Orleans claims QB Gary Kubiak; releases C Carlos Scott.
  36. (6/09) Eastern claims RB Lynn Cain; releases RB John Williams.
  37. (6/12) Green Country claims C Adam Lingner; releases RB Eric Lane.
  38. (6/13) Gate City claims RB Eric Lane; releases TE Tim Sherwin.
  39. (6/14) Green Country sends G Keith Dorney to New Orleans for 1986 NO#3.
  40. (6/14) Green Country claims G Jon Borchardt.
  41. (6/14) New Orleans releases T Ray Snell.
  42. (6/14) Green Country sends DT Dave Butz to Wichita for DT Scott Virkus and1986 Wic#3.
  43. (7/06) Adirondack claims QB Richard Todd; releases WR Oliver Williams.
  44. (7/06) Woodbine claims T Carlos Scott; releases LB Alvin Toles.
  45. (7/14) Woodbine claims LB Alvin Toles; releases OLB Jesse Penn.
  46. (7/17) Houston claims QB Rusty Hilger; releases DL Ed Nelson.
  47. (7/21) Woodbine claims WR Oliver Williams; releases TE M.L. Harris.
  48. (7/23) Fort Mill claims DT David Ponder and CB Ty Davis; releases DE Andrew Provence and LB Jeff Barnes.
  49. (9/12) Midway claims QB Art Schlicter, releases LB David Frye (emergency claim).
CGFL 1984 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (6/20) Canton sends 1984 Can#1, 1984 Can#3, and 1985 Can#3 to New Orleans for G Russ Grimm and RB Tony Nathan.
  3. (7/27) Baltimore sends 1984 Bal#1 and 1985 Bal#6 to Houston for 1984 Hou#1, 1984 Woo#1, 1984 Mid#1, 1984 Hou#2, and T Tim Irwin.
  4. (8/15) Canton sends QB Phil Simms and 1984 US#1 to Bronx for 1984 Bro#1.
  5. (8/19) Ohio sends 1984 Ohi#1, 1985 Ohi#3, and 1985 Ohi#4 to Fort Mill for T Keith Fahnhost, G Charley Hannah, and DT Bob Baumhower.
  6. (8/19) Fort Mill sends WR Dwight Clark and RB Joe Morris to New Orleans for 1984 Can#1 and 1984 Woo#2.
  7. (8/23) Woodbine sends 1985 Woo#1 and 1985 Woo#2 to Cancun for 1984 Ccn#1.
  8. (8/26) Canton sends G Dan Alexander and T Dave Studdard to Philadelphia for 1984 Phi#1 and 1984 Phi#3.
  9. (9/02) Ohio sends RB John Riggins and WR Alfred Jackson to Cancun for CB Louis Wright and 1984 Ccn#3.
  10. (9/10) Canton sends RB Gary Allen to Willamette for 1984 Wil#5.
  11. (9/12) Midway sends 1985 Mid#1 to East Texas for G John Hannah.
  12. (10/02) Houston claims S Rick Sanford.
  13. (10/02) Green Country claims DT Karl Morgan; releases WR Ken Margurum.
  14. (10/02) Fort Mill claims TE Dave Young, DB George Radachowsky, and CB Victor Heflin; releases P Chuck Ramsey
  15. (10/02) Woodbine claims RB Randy Love, TE Junior Miller, and CB Kenny Daniel.
  16. (10/02) Midway claims CB Terry Schmidt and OLB Brian Cabral. 
  17. (10/03) Midway claims RB Chuck Muncie; releases QB Bob Avellini.
  18. (10/03) Willamette claims DE Tony McGee; releases WR Nick Bruckner.
  19. (10/03) Eastern claims P Chuck Ramsey; releases LB Pete Cronan.
  20. (10/04) Cancun claims LB Stan David.
  21. (10/04) Houston claims OLB Jeff Jackson; releases QB Steve Dils.
  22. (10/04) Hudson Valley claims QB Bob Avellini, QB Jack Thompson, and QB Rich Campbell; releases G Blake Wingle, RB Anthony Corley, and WR David Verser.
  23. (10/04) United States claims QB Greg Landry.
  24. (10/07) East Texas claims G Blake Wingle.
  25. (10/10) Fort Mill claims DE Ken Johnson and CB Robert Sowell; releases OLB Cecil Johnson and S Bill Kay.
  26. (10/22) Woodbine claims RB Anthony Corley; releases TE Junior Miller.
  27. (11/08) Houston sends QB Gary Hogeboom to Eastern for QB Randy Wright and 1985 Eas#5.
  28. (11/15) Gate City claims RB Dexter Bussey, RB Michael Williams, WR George Farmer, and TE Mike McCloskey; releases RB Franco Harris, RB Pete Johnson, DL Ron Farout, and S Tim Fox.
  29. (11/16) Woodbine claims P Tom Orosz; releases RB Randy Love.
  30. (11/16) Houston claims WR Nick Bruckner; relases RB Chuck McSwain.

CGFL 1983 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (10/15) Midway sends 1983 Mid#1 to Gate City for CB Gary Green.
  3. (10/16) Midway sends 1984 Mid#1 and 1984 Mid#4 to Houston for S Gary Fencik and K Jan Stenerud.
  4. (10/16) Midways sends 1983 Mid#2 to Wichita for DT Gary Dunn.
  5. (10/17) Woodbine sends QB Ken Stabler to Green Country for CB Mel Blount and 1983 GC#6.
  6. (10/18) Willamette sends QB Jack Thompson and TE Dave Casper to New York for RB Wayne Wilson.
  7. (10/19) Woodbine sends 1984 Woo#3 to Gate City for G Bob Kuechenberg and G Doug Wilkerson.
  8. (10/20) Woodbine sends 1984 Woo#1 and Woo#5 to Houston for QB Ken Anderson, C Larry McCarren, and LB Jim LeClair.
  9. (11/11) Woodbine sends C Dennis Swilley to Baltimore for 1983 Bal#6.
  10. (11/15) Carolina sends 1983 Car#1 to Philadelphia for 1983 Phi#1 and 1983 HV#1.
  11. (11/18) Houston sends RB Hubie Oliver, G Ed Newman, DE Ben Williams, ILB Bob Breunig, CB Ken Riley, and S Steve Freeman to Ohio for 1983 Ohi#1, 1983 Ohi#3, and G Billy Ard.
  12. (11/19) Houston sends 1983 Ohi#1 and 1983 Hou#1 to Carolina for 1983 Phi#1 and 1983 Car#5.
  13. (11/21) Hudson Valley sends DT Fred Smerlas to New Orleans for 1983 NO#1.
  14. (12/02) Ohio sends ILB Clayton Weishuhn and S Frank Wattelet to Pacific for T Warren Bryant and OLB Whitney Paul.
  15. (12/09) United States sends 1984 US#1 to Canton for 1983 Can#3, 1983 Can#4, and 1983 Can#5.
  16. (12/09) Blacksburg sends G Ed White, DE Curtis Greer, S Dwight Hicks, and LB Glenn Cameron to Ohio for LB David Little, 1984 Ohi#3, and 1984 Ohi#4.
  17. (12/10) Ohio sends ILB Bob Breuning and S Tom Pridemore to New Orleans for 1983 NO#3.
  18. (12/11) Andes sends RB Billy Jackson to Canton for 1983 Can#6.
  19. (12/11) East Texas sends 1983 ET#3 to Philadelphia for RB Theotis Brown.
  20. (12/14) Ohio sends 1984 Ohi#2 to Hudson Valley for LB Robin Cole and 1984 HV#5.
  21. (12/14) Woodbine sends 1984 Woo#2 to New Orleans for LB Barry Krauss.
  22. (12/14) New Orleans sends WR Freddie Solomon to Carolina for DE Mike Bell.
  23. (12/15) Cedarhurst sends G Noah Jackson to Philadelphia for LB Tom Dinkel.
  24. (12/16) Wichita sends WR Mike Wilson to Bronx for 1984 Bro#4.
  25. (12/20) New Orleans sends 1983 NO#6 to Carolina for T Jim Cooper.
  26. (12/31) Houston sends 1984 Hou#11 to Woodbine for 1983 Woo#12, 1983 Woo#13, 1983 Woo#14, and 1983 Woo#15.
  27. (01/03) Houston sends 1984 Hou#8 to Ohio for 1983 Ohi#9, 1983 Ohi#10, 1983 Ohi#12, 1983 Ohi#13, 1983 Ohi#14, and 1983 Ohi#15.
  28. (01/11) Cancun claims TE Tom Mullady, OLB Mark Hicks, and DT Dan Benish; releases OLB Phil Villipiano and DT Richard Bishop.
  29. (01/11) Carolina claims LB Pete Cronan; releases DB Jimmy Turner.
  30. (01/11) Cedarhurst claims DB Tom Holmoe; releases WR Victor Oatis.
  31. (01/11) United States claims LB Rick Dennison; releases OLB Andy Hawkins.
  32. (01/11) Blacksburg claims C Mark Slater, T Darryl Haley, and G Bill Dugan.
  33. (01/11) Gate City claims CB Dwayne O'Steen and DE Jeff Merrow.
  34. (01/12) Blacksburg claims DB Jimmy Turner.
  35. (01/12) Gate City claims QB Jerry Golsteyn and OLB Andy Hawkins; releases DE Elvin Bethea and TE Brooks Williams.
  36. (01/12) Willamette claims RB Sherman Smith.
  37. (01/13) Blacksburg sends C Will Grant and G R.C. Thielemann to New Orleans for G Emil Boures and 1984 NO#2.
  38. (01/13) Blacksburg claims C Glen Titensor.
  39. (01/13) New Orleans release G Tom Glassic.
  40. (01/15) Andes claims RB Ricky Porter; releases WR Rocky Belk.
  41. (01/15) Woodbine claims QB Guido Merkens; releases T Blake Moore.
  42. (01/18) Pacific claims T Blake Moore; releases G Mike Obravac.
  43. (01/20) Green Country claims TE Ed Beckman.
  44. (01/20) East Texas claims QB David Whitehurst.
  45. (01/29) Iron Mountain claims WR Dwight Scales; releases G Dan Audick.
  46. (02/09) Midway claims S Johnny Ray Smith; releases QB Terry Bradshaw.
  47. (02/19) East Texas claims TE Jay Saldi; releases RB Curtis Brown.
  48. (02/23) Gate City claims TE Pat Dunsmore, WR Victor Oatis, RB Major Everett, and TE Ben Young; releases DE Jeff Merrow, LB Cliff Lewis, WR Tommy Vigorito, and RB Otis Wonsley.
  49. (02/25) Ohio sends DE Donnell Thompson and LB Whitney Paul to Midway for 1984 Mid#2.
  50. (02/25) Ohio claims DT Brad White adn LB Jeff Schuh.
  51. (02/25) Midway releases LB Willie Harper and WR Renaldo Nehemiah.
  52. (02/26) East Texas claims LB Willie Harper and WR Renaldo Nehemiah; releases WR Mike Harmon and LB Cliff Thrift.
  53. (03/08) Birmingham claims QB Rusty Lisch and QB Mike Kerrigan (emergency claims); releases DB Bob Gregor and DT John Harty.


CGFL 1982 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (03/05) Canton sends DE Doug Betters, S Johnnie Johnson, and 1982 Can#2 to Woodbine for 1983 Woo#1 and 1983 Woo#6.
  3. (03/05) Midway sends RB Gerry Ellis to Wichita for RB Matt Suhey.
  4. (03/07) Pacific sends 1982 Pac#2 and 1982 Pac#6 to Baltimore for RB Ottis Anderson.
  5. (03/08) Pacific sends 1982 Pac#1 to Canton for 1982 Can#1 and 1982 Woo#1.
  6. (03/08) Philadelphia sends LB Neal Olkewicz, T Gordon King, and 1982 Phi#3 to Hudson Valley for G Petey Perot and1983 HV#1.
  7. (03/17) East Texas sends LB Gregg Bingham to Woodbine for DE Kim Bokamper.
  8. (03/21) Ohio sends DT Darryl Grant and 1982 Wic#4 to Iron Mountain for LB Don Blackmon.
  9. (03/22) Woodbine sends LB Dick Ambrose to Iron Mountain for LB John Bunting and T Dave Reavis.
  10. (03/22) Canton sends 1982 Can#4 to Iron Mountain for QB Doug Williams.
  11. (03/25) Woodbine sends C Dan Dierdorf to Green Country for 1982 GC#5.
  12. (04/02) Ohio sends RB Charles Alexlander and 1983 Ohi#6 to Blacksburg for 1983 Bla#3.
  13. (04/03) Midway sends CB Mario Clark and 1983 Mid#4 to Cedarhurst for WR Jeff Groth.
  14. (04/04) Canton sends QB Doug Williams to Hudson Valley for 1983 HV#4.
  15. (04/05) Carolina sends WR Dwight Walker and WR Johnny Perkins to Blacksburg for T Rich Baldinger and 1983 Ohi#6.
  16. (04/10) Philadelphia claims C Brian Baldinger.
  17. (04/10) Wichita claims LB Frank Marion.
  18. (04/10) Blacksburg claims S Chris Williams; releases P George Roberts.
  19. (04/10) United States claims DL Bruce Thornton; releases P Greg Cater.
  20. (04/10) Canton claims RB Rick Kane, RB George Peoples, RB Art Whittington, DB Bill Jackson, DB Roger Jackson, P Jim Miller.
  21. (04/11) Houston claims G Dave Scott.
  22. (04/11) Philadelphia claims TE Reese McCall.
  23. (05/09) Cancun claims LB Danny Spradlin and DT Mike Perko.
  24. (06/05) Ohio sends TE Jerome Barkum to Houston for DL Ben Rudolph and 1983 Hou#4.
  25. (06/06) Ohio claims LB Keith King; releases DL Ben Rudolph.

CGFL 1981 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (06/09) Willamette sends 1981 Wil#2 to Philadelphia for DT Mike Fanning and 1981 FM#2.
  3. (06/09) Cancun releases LB Jim Laslavic, DT Steve Furness, WR Steve Raible, RB Robert Newhouse, T Doug France, C Walt Downing, G Barney Cotton, and DT Jimmy Webb.
  4. (06/11) Huntsville sends C Guy Morris to East Texas for 1981 ET#2.
  5. (06/16) Pacific sends QB Jim Plunkett and 1981 Pac#2 to Baltimore for RB Wilbert Montgomery and 1981 Bal#1.
  6. (06/19) Ohio sends CB Mel Blount, RB Joe Washington, DE Leroy Jones, and S Rod Kush to Green Country for 1981 GC#1 and 1981 CG#2.
  7. (06/23) Pacific sends RB Wilbert Montgomery to Hudson Valley for 1981 HV#2.
  8. (06/23) Woodbine sends 1982 Woo#1 to Canton for 1981 Can#2.
  9. (06/24) Canton sends WR Cliff Branch, C John Hill, and S Neal Colzie to Cedarhurst for 1981 Ced#2.
  10. (06/28) Andes sends QB Pat Haden to Woodbine for 1981 Woo#7 and 1982 Woo#6.
  11. (06/28) Carolina sends G Terry Stieve to Hudson Valley for T Jim Cooper.
  12. (06/29) Ohio sends CB Louis Breeden, T Matt Herfkenoff, QB Joe Ferguson, OLB Linden King, OLB D.D. Lewis, DT Don Parrish, and RB Ricky Patton to Cancun for Ohio C Billy Bryan, QB Steve Grogan, 1981 Ccn#2, 1981 Ccn#3, and 1982 Ccn#1.
  13. (07/03) Pacific sends 1981 Pac#4 and 1982 Pac#4 to Iron Mountain for 1981 IM#3.
  14. (07/06) New York sends 1981 NY#4 to Carolina for G Greg Roberts.
  15. (07/07) San Antonio sends WR Mark Nichols to Wichita for T Shelby Jordan.
  16. (07/07) Woodbine sends 1981 Woo#8 and 1982 Woo#4 to Pacific for DT Mike Dawson and P Max Runager.
  17. (07/09) San Antonio sends 1981 SA#5 to Philadelphia for LB Larry Evans and G Fred Sturt.
  18. (07/22) Pacific claims RB Clarence Williams.
  19. (07/22) Philadelphia claims LB Cliff Lewis.
  20. (07/22) Carolina claims RB Cleveland Franklin, releases P Tom Blanchard.
  21. (07/22) Huntsville claims G Tim Huffman and DE Neil Elshire, releases RB Delvin Williams and K Benny Ricardo.
  22. (07/22) Green Country claims WR Mike Shumann and DT Steve Furness, releases DB Don Schwartz and DB Clarence Chapman.
  23. (07/22) United States claims C Walt Downing, releases TE Mack Alston.
  24. (07/22) Ohio claims DE Ken Poole, LB Steve Potter, and Dennis Boyd, C.
  25. (07/22) Baltimore claims C Jim Leonard, releases DB Rick Trocano.
  26. (07/23) Canton claims RB Louie Giamonna.
  27. (07/23) Ole Miss claims K Bennie Ricardo, releases C Todd Thomas.
  28. (07/23) Cancun claims RB Louis Jackson, RB Jim Hargrove, WR Gordon Banks, TE Steve Stephens, and DE Mark Buben.
  29. (07/27) East Texas claims RB Ike Forte, QB Greg Landry, and P Jeff West.
  30. (07/28) Woodbine sends RB Woody Bennett, CB Dwayne O'Steen, S Billy Cesare, 1982 Woo#2, and 1982 Woo#5 to Carolina for CB Terry Jackson, S Beasley Reece, ILB Stan Blinka, and 1982 Car#6.
  31. (07/28) Wichita sends QB Dan Pastorini, RB Curtis Brown, and 1982 Wic#4 to Ohio for QB Steve Grogan and RB Harlan Huckleby.
  32. (07/29) New York claims QB Bob Avellini; releases T Lindsey Mason.
  33. (07/29) Pacific claims QB Glen Carano and QB Bobby Scott; releases DE Scott Hutchison and ILB Cliff Thrift.
  34. (07/31) Baltimore sends QB Ken Stabler and 1982 Bal#3 to Woodbine for QB Marc Wilson.
  35. (08/29) Woodbine claims QB Joe Pisarcik; releases RB Jarvis Redwine.
  36. (09/05) Woodbine claims G Barney Cotton; releases TE Randy Grossman.

 CGFL 1980 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (10/20) Hudson Valley sends 1980 HV#1 to Willamette for 1980 Wil#1, 1980 Wil#2, and WR Rick Upchurch.
  3. (10/20) Hudson Valley sends 1981 HV#1 to Philadelphia for WR Lynn Swann and 1980 Phi#2.
  4. (10/20) Woodbine sends LB Whitney Paul, 1980 Woo#4, and 1980 Woo#5 to Pacific for LB George Andrews and 1980 Pac#5.
  5. (10/22) Woodbine sends LB Fred McNeil to Baltimore for DT Wilson Whitley.
  6. (10/23) Willamette sends TE Brooks Williams to Fort Mill for G Derrel Gofourth.
  7. (10/25) Woodbine sends 1981 Woo#4 to Green Country for RB Mark van Eeghen.
  8. (10/27) Canton sends 1980 Can#3, 1980 Can#4, and 1980 SA#3 to San Antonio for 1980 SA#2.
  9. (10/30) Canton sends DT Charlie Johnson to East Texas for 1981 ET#1.
  10. (10/30) Canton sends S Bruce Laird to East Texas for 1981 ET#3 and 1980 ET#5.
  11. (11/01) Canton sends G Reggie McKenzie, LB Stan White, and 1981 Can#3 to San Antonio for 1981 SA#1.
  12. (11/01) San Antonio sends DT John Matuszek to East Texas for DT John Mendenhall and 1981 ET#6.
  13. (11/18) Philadelphia claims WR Ron Smith, QB Sam Adkins, LB Lawrence Johnson, OLB John Mohring, DB Don Harris, DB Eric Hurt.
  14. (11/18) Wichita claims TE Mark Bell, DB Jesse Johnson, DL Bill Barnett.
  15. (11/18) Pacific claims ILB Cliff Thrift, DE Ron Yankowski, RB Terry Miller, RB Eddie Hill.
  16. (11/18) Baltimore claims QB Chuck Fusina, WR Jessie Green, DT Bill Acker, S Reggie Pinkney.
  17. (11/18) Corleone claims RB Tony Davis.
  18. (11/18) Ole Miss claims DT Carl Barisich.
  19. (11/18) Willamette claims DT Tom Tuinei, C Dan Peiffer.
  20. (11/18) Andes claims DE Thomas Brown, OLB Ken Bordelon, TE James Corbett, S Roland Solomon, G Terry Falcon, WR Carlos Pennywell, TE Terry Nelson, WR Paul Darby.
  21. (11/18) United States claims T Gary Puetz.
  22. (11/18) Ohio claims RB Harlem Huckleby, RB Nathan Poole.
  23. (11/19) Ole Miss releases S Don Dufek.
  24. (11/19) Philadelphia claims RB Zachary Dixon.
  25. (11/19) Fort Mill claims T Dan Jiggetts.
  26. (11/19) Ohio claims S Ivory Sully, releases RB Nathan Poole.
  27. (11/20) Wichita claims RB Nathan Poole.
  28. (11/20) Fort Mill claims T Jean Barrett.
  29. (11/20) Ohio claims S Don Dufek, releases S Ivory Sully.
  30. (11/22) Canton claims DB Wylie Turner, S Ivory Sully, WR Larry Mucker, RB Booker Russell, and WR Mike Levenseller.
  31. (11/23) Cancun claims DT Bob Winkel.
  32. (11/27) Franklin claims CB Jeff Allen, DT George Small, TE Mike Williams, QB Guy Benjamin, and RB Mike Hogan.
  33. (12/06) Woodbine claims LB Lee Kunz, releases S Larry Brune.
  34. (12/13) Woodbine claims S Larry Brune; releases LB Lee Kunz.
  35. (12/21) Philadelphia sends WR Roger Carr and 1981 Phi#5 to Fort Mill for WR Willie Miller and 1981 FM#2.
  36. (12/26) Wichita claims QB Paul McDonald.
  37. (12/26) United States claims QB David Humm; releases T Gary Puetz.
  38. (12/29) Andes claims CB Earl Jones, CB Jerome Dove, and S Vic Minor; releases WR Rich Martini, WR John Floyd, and S Roland Solomon.
  39. (01/03) San Antonio sends OLB Linden King, G Craig Wolfley, T Mike Wilson, and 1981 SA#2 to Ohio for T Leon Gray, WR James Scott, CB Joe Lavender, and C Jim Clack.
  40. (01/09) Woodbine sends WR Alfred Jackson, 1981 Woo#2, and 1981 Woo#5 to Ohio for WR Wallace Francis and 1981 Ohi#4.
  41. (01/11) San Antonio claims G Jeff Toews, releases WR Scott Fitzkee.

 CGFL 1979 Transactions

  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (12/27) Nashua sends T Robert Woods to Corleone for G Derrell Gofourth.
  3. (03/05) Nashua sends WR Mel Gray and 1979 Nas#1 to Huntsville for DE Elvin Bethea and G Bob Kuechenberg.
  4. (03/05) Woodbine sends 1979 Woo#3 to Willamette for C Dennis Swilley.
  5. (03/06) Ohio sends T Larry Brown, WR Brian Baschnagel, WR Derrick Gaffney, and 1979 Ohi#2 to East Texas for T Leon Gray and WR Wallace Francis.
  6. (03/06) Huntsville sends T Jerry Sisemore, T Stan Walters, CB Lemar Parrish, and LB Jeff Siemon to Nashua for T Greg Koch, LB Carl Ekern, 1979 Nas#4, 1980 Nas#1, and 1980 Nas#3.
  7. (03/07) Willamette sends 1979 Wil#2 and 1979 Wil#4 to Hudson Valley for 1979 HV#2.
  8. (03/11) Nashua sends T J.T. Taylor to San Antonio for 1979 SA#3.
  9. (03/13) Canton sends QB Craig Morton to United States for 1980 US#1.
  10. (03/20) Canton sends DE Claude Humphrey and 1979 Can#6 to San Antonio for 1980 SA#3.
  11. (03/23) Woodbine sends 1980 Woo#4 to Willamette for 1979 Wil#5.
  12. (04/01) Ohio sends T Billy Shields, 1980 Ohi#2, and 1980 Ohi#5 to Cedarhurst for S Ken Houston, DL Richard Bishop, and OT Dennis Lick.
  13. (04/16) Willamette claims C Ken Brown and DT Diron Talbert.
  14. (04/16) Woodbine claims WR Dennis Pearson and TE Jean Fugett; releases QB Tom Owen and C Jim Langer.
  15. (04/16) Canton claims CB Richard Blackmore and DL Bruce Thornton.
  16. (04/19) Cedarhurst claims QB Jeff Rutledge and RB Tom Newton.
  17. (04/19) United States claims T Dave Lafary; releases G Dan Audick.
  18. (05/15) Woodbine claims QB Tom Owen, LB Tom Ruud, CB Carter Hartwig, and P John James; releases WR Dennis Pearson, TE Jean Fugett, CB David Gray, and P Max Runager.


CGFL 1978 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (6/20) Ohio sends TE Russ Francis to San Antonio for DT Derland Moore and CB Virgil Livers.
  3. (6/22) Canton sends T Ron Yary, C Jim Langer, and T Dan Dierdorf to Woodbine for T Terry Hermeling, T Mike Current, 1978 Woo#5 and 1979 Woo#1.
  4. (6/24) Willamette sends 1978 Wil#1 and 1978 Wil#2 to Iron Mountain for 1978 IM#1.
  5. (6/24) Willamette sends S Mike Wagner to East Texas for 1978 ET#2.
  6. (7/08) Nashua sends QB Steve Grogan to Cancun for 1978 Ccn#2.
  7. (7/26) United States sends WR James Lofton to San Antonio for DT Randy White.
  8. (7/31) San Antonio sends 1979 SA#1 to Corleone for S Bill Thompson, G Larry Little, and 1979 Cor#8.
  9. (8/01) Ohio sends DE Art Still, QB Greg Landry, CB John Outlaw to Willamette for CB Mel Blount, QB Norris Weese, DE Ron McDole.
  10. (8/03) East Texas claims WR Jack Steptoe and RB Dennis Johnson.
  11. (8/03) Huntsville claims LB Tom Dickel.
  12. (8/03) Corleone claims DT Steve Niehaus, T Andy Frederick, and RB Gordon Bell; releases P David Green.
  13. (8/03) Willamette claims RB Hank Bauer.
  14. (8/03) Ole Miss claims QB Vince Evans.
  15. (8/03) Houston claims QB John Walton and CB Nate Allen.
  16. (8/04) Nashua claims P David Green and P Herman Weaver; releases DT Dave Roller.
  17. (8/06) Cancun claims P Rusty Jackson, releases P Mike Patrick.
  18. (8/06) Ole Miss claims C Paul Ryczek, releases RB Boobie Clark. 
  19. (8/23) United States sends QB Don Strock to East Texas for 1979 ET#2.
  20. (8/23) East Texas releases QB Tony Adams.
  21. (8/23) United States claims K Neil O'Donoghue.
  22. (8/25) Woodbine claims RB Boobie Clark; releases WR Terry LeCount.
  23. (8/25) Houston claims QB Tony Adams; releases QB John Walton.

 CGFL 1977 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. Woodbine sends 1977 Woo#1 to Willamette for 1977 Wil#1 and 1977 Wil#3.
  3. Woodbine sends QB Steve Grogan, 1977 Wil#1, and 1977 Can#4 to Nashua for QB Ken Stabler, 1977 Woo#2, and 1978 Nas#2.
  4. Willamette sends DE Harvey Martin to Houston for 1977 Hou#1 and 1977 Hou#5.
  5. Willamette sends WR Charlie Smith and S Marvin Cobb to Woodbine for 1977 Nas#3, 1977 Woo#9, and 1977 Woo#10.
  6. Canton sends WR Nat Moore, TE Charle Young, and S Jack Tatum to Houston for S Bruce Laird, 1977 Hou#2, and 1978 Hou#1.
  7. Canton sends WR Wallace Francis and 1977 Can#3 to East Texas for 1978 ET#1.
  8. San Antonio sends 1977 SA#3 to Houston for 1978 Hou#2.
  9. East Texas sends 1977 ET#8 and 1978 ET#4 to Woodbine for 1977 Woo#5.
  10. Woodbine sends 1977 Woo#6 to Iron Mountain for RB Wayne Morris.
  11. Iron Mountain sends RB Roland Harper to Corleone for DE Wilbur Young.
  12. (post draft) United States sends C Jon Morris to Ole Miss for 1978 OM#5.
  13. Ole Miss releases DT Mike Fanning.
  14. Andes claims G Elbert Drungo.
  15. Woodbine claims S Jim Stienke; releases LB Bob Nelson.
  16. United States claims RB Woody Thompson.
  17. Marathon (now New York) claims CB Mark Washington; releases C Dan Ryczek.
  18. Huntsville claims C Ted Petersen, QB Steve Myer, LB Robert Pennywell, DT Jim Pietzrak, and C Steve Sylvester; releases LB Greg Westbrooks, RB Ed Marinaro, S Beasley Reece.
  19. Willamette claims DT Ken Kennard; releases DT Steve Niehaus.
  20. Canton claims G John Shinners, LB Rick Kingrea, T Jim Yarbrough, and S Windlan Hall.
  21. Andes claims TE Al Chandler, releases WR Larry Burton.
  22. Woodbine claims T Billy Shields, releases S Charlie Phillips.
  23. East Texas claims DT Mike Fanning and RB Robert Miller; releases DE Joe Jones and RB Ed Williams.
  24. Corleone claims T Andy Mauer; releases K Jim Turner.
  25. Jersey sends C Dave Dalby to San Antonio for 1978 SA#2 and 1978 SA#4.
  26. Jersey claims DE Joe Jones.
  27. San Antonio claims TE Rick Walker; releases LB Pat Hughes.
  28. East Texas claims RB Willie Shelby; releases K Tom Dempsey.
  29. Andes claims CB Billy Hardee; releases G Dennis Havig.
  30. New York claims K Jim Turner; releases K Steve Mike-Mayer.
  31. Woodbine claims QB Terry Luck; releases WR Ricky Feacher.

CGFL 1976 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (5/01) East Texas sends LB Richard Wood to Woodbine for 1977 Woo#2.
  3. (5/30) Baltimore sends 1976 Bal#2 to Gate City for DT Richard Osborne and 1976 GC#4.
  4. (6/01) Woodbine sends LB Harry Carson, DE Ron McDole, and 1977 Woo#3 to Gate City for WR Leonard Thompson, 1976 GC#1, 1976 GC#2, 1977 GC#2, and 1977 GC#3.
  5. (6/02) Huntsville sends 1976 Hun#1 and 1976 Hun#2 to Gate City for LB Jeff Siemon and 1976 Bal#2.
  6. (6/02) Willamette sends 1976 Wil#1 to Hudson Valley for 1977 HV#1 and 1976 HV#2.
  7. (6/03) Houston sends 1976 Hou#2 and 1976 ET#3 to Cedarhurst for 1976 Ced#2.
  8. (6/04) Marathon sends G Gary Puetz to Gate City for 1976 GC#5 and 1977 GC#4.
  9. (6/05) Gate City sends 1976 Hun#2 to East Texas for 1976 ET#4, 1977 Woo#2, and 1977 ET#5.
  10. (6/05) Iron Mountain sends CB Allan Ellis to Hudson Valley for 1976 HV#3.
  11. (6/07) Reading sends 1976 Rea#3 to Ole Miss for WR Don Herrmann.
  12. (6/09) United States sends RB Benny Malone to East Texas for P Tom Wittum and 1977 ET#3.
  13. (6/09) Woodbine sends S Charlie West, CB Tom Hayes, LB Tom Graham, and 1976 Woo#9 to Canton for C Ken Mendenhall, S Charlie Phillips, and 1976 Can#6.
  14. (6/10) Willamette sends S Eddie Brown to Canton for 1976 Can#4.
  15. (6/10) Woodbine sends WR John Holland and C Willie Parker to Marathon for LB Ken Geddes and 1976 Mar#7.
  16. (6/11) Woodbine sends K Rich Szaro to Canton for 1976 Can#7 and 1977 Can#4.
  17. (6/16) Woodbine sends TE Billy Masters to Gate City for 1976 GC#7.
  18. (6/18) Woodbine sends G Larron Jackson, T Elbert Drungo, RB Bill Olds, and 1976 Woo#8 to Gate City for T David Taylor and 1976 GC#9.
  19. (6/24) Andes claims QB Craig Penrose.
  20. (6/24) Cancun claims S Brig Owens, LB Merv Krakau, and CB Danny Reece; releases RB Billy Pritchett, LB Dan Dickel, and LB John Skorupan.
  21. (6/24) Marathon claims TE Jack Novak, LB Sanders Shiver, and DE Ron Fernandes; releases RB Alvin Maxson and S Rick Byas.
  22. (6/24) Houston claims QB Virgil Carter.
  23. (6/24) Gate City claims DE Roger Stillwell; releases RB Bill Olds.
  24. (6/24) Willamette claims LB Rusty Tillman; releases G Sam Davis.
  25. (6/24) Canton claims K Chester Marcol.
  26. (6/24) East Texas claims CB John Outlaw and WR Larry Dorsey; releases S Jackie Wallace and DT Bill Dunstan.
  27. (6/25) Canton claims QB David Mays; releases G Bob Kowalkowski.
  28. (6/25) East Texas claims G Sam Davis; releases G Wade Key.
  29. (6/26) San Antonio claims CB Dwight Harrison.
  30. (6/26) Andes claims CB Al Clark, S Larry Mallory, and TE James Thaxton; releases T Gordon Gravelle, S Rick Volk, and TE Jackie Smith.
  31. (6/27) East Texas claims T Gordon Gravelle; releases T Jim Yarbrough.
  32. (6/27) Corleone claims RB Gordon Bell; releases QB Gary Huff.
  33. (6/29) Huntsville claims RB Essex Johnson, G Andy Mauer, and LB Steve Neils.
  34. (7/03) Iron Mountain claims K Benny Ricardo and WR Ed Marshall; releases K Jon Leypoldt and P David Lee.
  35. (7/07) San Antonio claims TE Jackie Smith; releases CB Terry Schmidt


CGFL 1975 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (8/03) Minnesota sends QB Jim Hart and Min#1 1975 to Iron Mountain for QB Fran Tarkenton and WR John Gilliam.
  3. (9/25) Gate City sends 1975 GC#1 and 1975 GC#3 to East Texas for WR Lynn Swann.
  4. (9/26) Gate City sends DT Herb Orvis to Canton for 1975 Can#2.
  5. (9/28) Ole Miss sends RB Carl Garrett to Gate City for WR Don Herrmann and 1975 GC#4.
  6. (9/28) Canton sends RB Tom Sullivan, 1975 Can#1, 1975 ET#2, and 1976 Can#2 to United States for T Ron Yary and C Jim Langer.
  7. (10/3) Canton sends T Elbert Drungo and 1976 Can#1 to Woodbine for G Reggie McKenzie.
  8. (10/23) Tampa sends LB Don Goode to United States for CB Levi Johnson.
  9. (10/28) San Antonio sends QB Joe Namath and 1975 SA#2 to Iron Mountain for QB Jim Hart.
  10. (10/30) East Texas sends 1975 ET#4 to Chicago for RB Woody Green.
  11. (11/04) Gate City sends WR Charlie Smith to Willamette for 1975 Wil#2.
  12. (11/04) Iron Mountain sends G Dennis Harrah, LB Steve Kiner, and T Lionel Antoine to Reading for T Pat Donovan, 1975 Rea#2 and 1975 Rea#5.
  13. (11/05) Gate City sends 1975 Can#2 to United States for 1976 US#2 and 1975 US#5.
  14. (11/09) Fort Lauderdale sends C Ray Mansfield to Marathon for 1976 Mar#3 and 1975 Mar#10.
  15. (11/09) Iron Mountain sends G Woody Peoples to Gate City for 1976 GC#3.
  16. (11/26) Ole Miss claims T Brent Adams and S Ricky Davis; release S Joe Beauchamp and C Karl Chandler.
  17. (11/26) Duluth claims T Darryl Carlton, G Bill Bain, LB Bruce Elia, DB Jim Tolbert, RB Fran Lynch, and RB Rod McNeill; releases G Pat Matson and G Royce Smith.
  18. (11/26) Chicago claims RB Woody Thompson, releases RB Doug Dressler.
  19. (11/26) Cedarhurst claims WR Steve Schubert and QB Pat Sullivan; releases DT Bill Nelson and LB Don Hansen.
  20. (11/26) East Texas claims LB Tom Toner and DT Bill Dunstan; releases DT Leo Brooks and DE Mel Tom.
  21. (11/26) United States claims C Steve Sylvester; releases G Paul Laaveg.
  22. (11/26) Minnesota claims DE Joe Owens, DT Art Thoms, S Steve Preece, RB Charlie Thomas, QB Neil Graff, TE Bill Larson, and RB Reggie Harrison; releases WR Charlie Wade and QB Terry Hanratty.
  23. (11/27) Chicago claims LB Doug Swift, LB Dan Dickel, G Guy Dennis, G Gordon Jolley, RB Billy Pritchett, and RB Gary Hayman.releases LB Carl Gersbach, LB Amos Martin, WR Bob Hayes, T Willie Young, G Bob Penchion, and DT John Little.
  24. (11/27) Cedarhurst claims RB Rod Phillips; releases QB Gary Marangi.
  25. (11/27) Houston sends TE Ron Howard and 1976 Hou#5 to East Texas for 1976 ET#3.
  26. (11/27) East Texas releases LB Tom Graham.
  27. (11/27) Marathon claims LB Dave Graf and WR Bob Hayes; releases K Bill McClard.
  28. (11/27) Andes (former Duluth) claims C Karl Chandler and G Dennis Havig; releases QB Bob Lee and RB Jim Kiick.
  29. (11/27) Houston claims RB Jerry Latin.
  30. (11/29) Andes sends 1976 And#2 to Cancun for RB Larry Csonka.
  31. (11/29) Andes releases RB Dave Osborn.
  32. (11/29) Cancun claims RB Moses Denson.
  33. (11/29) Woodbine claims WR Steve Burke, LB Dave Hansen, and LB Tom Graham; releases LB Jimmy Gunn and LB Roy Winston.
  34. (11/29) San Antonio sends 1976 SA#2 to East Texas for S Bill Bradley.
  35. (11/29) East Texas claims S Barry Hill.
  36. (12/02) Gate City claims CB Calvin Jones.
  37. (12/24) Woodbine claims CB Rich Sowells and WR Don Clune; releases CB Pete Athas and WR Steve Burks.
  38. (12/31) Woodbine claims WR George Farmer, DT Rich Glover, and S Earl Douthik; releases WR Don Clune, C Bob DeMarco, and DT Manny Fernandez.


CGFL 1974 Transactions
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (1/10) Ole Miss sends C Jim Otto to Marathon for Mar#4 1974.
  3. (1/13) Ole Miss sends OM#1 1974 and DT John Mendenhall to East Texas for ET#1 1974 and ET#3 1974.
  4. (2/9) Minnesota sends LB Andy Russell and Min#2 1974 to Reading for LB Steve Zabel and C Guy Morriss.
  5. (2/10) Minnesota sends T Jim Tyrer to Cedarhurst for RB John Fuqua.
  6. (2/24) Duluth sends Dul#1 1974 to Houston for WR Jon Staggers and Hou#1 1974.
  7. (3/01) Houston sends Hou#2 1974 to Woodbine for Woo#2 1975.
  8. (3/02) Woodbine sends K Chester Marcol to Gate City for GC#4 1974.
  9. (3/03) Woodbine sends GC#4 1974 to Reading for RB Jeff Kinney.
  10. (3/03) East Texas sends ET#2 1975 to Canton for Can#3 1974.
  11. (3/03) Gate City sends CB Ernie Jackson to San Antonio for SA#4 1974.
  12. (3/08) Houston sends Hou#4 1974 to Marathon for Mar#5 1974 and Mar#4 1975.
  13. (3/09) Willamette sends RB Ken Brown to Fort Lauderdale for FL#5 1974.
  14. (3/24) Reading claims K Nick Mike-Mayer, releases RB Tony Baker.
  15. (3/24) East Texas claims C Sid Smith, releases LB Bill Laskey.
  16. (3/24) Gate City claims DB Jimmy Warren.
  17. (3/24) Chicago claims RB Doug Dressler, DT Don Reese, C Ted Fritsch, and LB Pete Barnes.
  18. (3/24) Canton claims WR Dick Gordon.
  19. (3/24) United States claims WR Gary Hammond, releases K Bobby Howfield.
  20. (3/24) Houston claims DT Rolf Krueger and T Grady Alderman.
  21. (3/25) Ole Miss claims G Wade Key, RB Bill Thomas, RB Oscar Reed, and WR Tim Berra, releases CB Rich Sowells, P Dennis Partee, RB Bob Gresham, and LB Tim Kearney.
  22. (3/25) Fort Lauderdale claims LB Clyde Werner and S Jim Marsalis, releases WR Fair Hooker and T Charlie Goodrum.
  23. (3/25) Marathon claims C Bob Hyland and QB Bill Troup, releases LB Ron Acks and DE Joe Owens.
  24. (3/29) Minnesota claims RB Bob Burns and WR Jim Beirne, releases P Dave Chapple.
  25. (3/29) East Texas claims TE Doug Kingsriter, releases TE John McMakin.
  26. (4/08) Woodbine claims TE Steve Craig, releases S Maurice Tyler.
  27. (4/28) Ole Miss claims WR Bob Picard, releases WR Mike Montgomery.
  28. (4/28) Woodbine claims TE Alvin Reed, releases TE Steve Craig.
  29. (5/09) San Antonio claims K Pete Gogolak, releases WR Eddie Bell (emergency claim).

CGFL 1973 Transactions  
  1. List of players released to get to 35 man limit
  2. (5/28) Gate City sends CB John OutLaw, DT Bob Pollard, S Chuck Crist and Dul#3 1973 to Reading for CB Curtis Johnson, G Sam Davis and S Garry Lyle.
  3. (5/30) Houston sends RB Jim Braxton to Willamette for Wil#2 1973.
  4. (6/09) Gate City sends RB Don McCauley, LB Charlie Hall, S Ray Easterling and QB Terry Hanratty to Ole Miss for LB Dave Edwards and RB Essex Johnson.
  5. (6/27) Reading sends DT Diron Talbert to Houston for Wil#2 1973.
  6. (7/04) Gate City sends Woo#2 1973 and SA#3 1973 to Reading for CB Bobby Bryant.
  7. (7/13) Minnesota sends QB Terry Bradshaw and Min#7 1973 to Reading for QB Jim Hart and RB Carl Garrett.
  8. (7/13) Minnesota sends G Wade Key to Ole Miss for T Jim Tyrer.
  9. (7/13) Minnesota sends RB Carl Garrett, WR Charlie Joiner, DE Pat Toomay, CB Joe Taylor and Min#4 1973 to Ole Miss for RB Emerson Boozer, WR Walker Gillette, TE Craig Cotton, QB Terry Hanratty and OM#2 1973.
  10. (7/20) Minnesota sends G Ed Budde to Fort Lauderdale for T Dennis Nelson.
  11. (7/21) Chicago sends QB Jim Plunkett to Ole Miss for FL#1 1973 and QB Randy Johnson.
  12. (7/26) Chicago sends Chi#3 1973 to Houston for WR Barry Pearson.
  13. (7/27) Woodbine sends Woo#2 1974 to Gate City for OM#3 1973.
  14. (7/31) Minnesota sends T Dennis Nelson to Iron Mountain for RB Charlie Harraway.
  15. (8/01) Gate City sends GC#3 1974 and CG#6 1974 to San Antonio for P John James.
  16. (8/06) Ole Miss sends LB Jim Files to Marathon for Mar#6 1973.
  17. (8/08) Reading sends C Ken Iman, P Dave Chapple, Rea#9 1973 and Rea#10 1973 to Minnesota for Min#9 1974 and Min#10 1973.
  18. (8/19) Gate City claims RB Bob Hudson.
  19. (8/19) New York claims QB Joe Gilliam and DE Leo Brooks.
  20. (8/19) Reading claims claims S Bill Cahill, releases K Pete Gogolak.
  21. (8/19) Hudson Valley claims Scott Hunter QB, releases Mike Weger S.
  22. (8/19) Marathon claims S Dennis Meyer.
  23. (8/19) Minnesota claims K Jeff White and CB Rex Kern, releases P Spike Jones and RB Bo Scott.
  24. (8/19) San Antonio claims LB Tim Rossovich, CB Cliff Brooks and S Rocky Turner.
  25. (8/19) Fort Lauderdale claims DT Ernie Price and WR Andy Hamilton.
  26. (8/19) Cedarhurst claims TE Chip Glass, releases DE Gerry Philbin.
  27. (8/19) Gate City claims K Pete Gogolak, releases K Curt Knight.
  28. (8/19) Ole Miss claims CB Jim Stienke and LB Tim Kearney, release LB Bob Stein and LB Henry Reed.
  29. (8/19) Jersey claims LB Jim Romaniszyn and DT Dan Goich, release G Rodney Wallace.
  30. (8/19) Woodbine claims TE Marv Flemming.
  31. (8/20) Woodbine releases RB Willie Rodgers and G Rich Wortman.
  32. (8/20) Duluth claims QB John Unitas, releases LB Jim Sniadecki.
  33. (10/01) Woodbine claims TE Gary Ballman, releases TE Marv Flemming.
  34. (10/06) Woodbine claims TE Jim McFarland and RB Bob Anderson; releases TE Gary Ballman and RB Les Josephson.
  35. (10/23) Reading claims QB Wayne Clark, releases S Bill Cahill.
  36. (10/23) Gate City claims QB Gary Keithley, releases RB Robert Hudson.
  37. (10/30) Reading claims QB Jim Del Gaizo, releases DT Phil Olson.
  38. (12/05) Tampa Bay claims QB Bill Demory, releases DT Jim Bailey.

CGFL 1972 Transactions 

  1. (11/7) Gate City sends DT Charlie Krueger and SA#3 1972 to Miami Valley for MV#2 1972.
  2. (11/13) Marathon sends Mar#3 1973 to Houston for WR Sam Havrilak
  3. (11/14) Miami Valley sends MV#3 1973 to Gate City for CB Lenny Dunlap and GC#6 1973.
  4. (11/14) Miami Valley sends G Walt Sweeney and MV#5 1972 to Reading for WR Walker Gillette and Rea#4 1972.
  5. (12/2) Fort Lauderdale sends FL#3 1972 to New York for WR Fair Hooker.
  6. (12/2) Fort Lauderdale sends QB Johnny Unitas and FL#7 1973 to Duluth for DE Deacon Jones.
  7. (12/2) Fort Lauderdale sends FL#2 1973 to Waikiki for WR Ron Shanklin.
  8. (12/7) Gate City sends RB Dave Osborn to Duluth for Dul#3 1973.
  9. (12/9) Canton sends QB Darryl Lamonica and S Gary Lyle to Reading for Rea#3 1972 and Rea#5 1972.
  10. (12/11) Gate City sends CB Clancy Williams, LB Dale Lindsey and GC#7 1972 to San Antonio for SA#4 1972 and SA#3 1973.
  11. (1/3) Gate City sends CB Clarence Ellis and GC#5 1973 to Woodbine for Woo#2 1973.
  12. (1/3) Gate City claims WR Preston Riley, P Steve O'Neal, K Bill Bell, DE Herb Orvis.
  13. (1/3) Marathon claims CB Jim Tolbert, releases P Mike Eischeid.
  14. (1/4) Fort Lauderdale claims LB Bob Geddes, releases TE Dick Witcher.
  15. (1/5) Gate City sends RB Jess Phillips and CB Randy Montgomery to Waikiki for Wai#3 1973.
  16. (1/5) Woodbine releases TE Jim McFarland.
  17. (1/8) Waikiki releases P Dave Chapple.
  18. (1/8) Reading claims P Dave Chapple, releases P Bobby Joe Green.
  19. (1/9) Gate City claims CB Eldridge Small and QB Terry Hanratty.
  20. (1/15) Houston claims WR Terry Beasley.
  21. (1/17) Fort Lauderdale sends RB Emerson Boozer and FL#1 1973 to Miami Valley for LB Dick Butkus and MV#4 1973.
  22. (1/17) Fort Lauderdale claims RB Perry Williams, releases DE Ron Snidow.
  23. (1/25) Gate City sends LB Jimmy Gunn and QB Jerry Tagge to Woodbine for CB John Outlaw and S Hugo Hollas.
  24. (1/28) Miami Valley claims LB Bob Stein, releases DL Ron Billingsley.
  25. (2/13) San Antonio sends WR Margene Adkins and SA#1 1973 to New York for DT Bob Lilly and G Gene Hickerson.
  26. (2/13) New York claims DT Vern Vanoy.
  27. (2/13) San Antonio releases K Curt Knight.
  28. (2/13) Fort Lauderdale claims K Charlie Gogolak and P Bobby Joe Green; releases TE Tom Beer and DT Doug Mooers.
  29. (2/15) Woodbine claims RB John Tarver and RB Willie Rogers; releases QB Jerry Tagge and RB Willie Belton.
  30. (2/27) Woodbine sends QB Steve Ramsey, Woo#3 1973 and Woo#6 1973 to Reading for QB Darryl Lamonica and Rea#8 1973.
  31. (3/01) Woodbine claims RB Jim Strong, releases RB Les Josephson.

 CGFL 1971 Transactions 
  1. (6/5) San Antonio claims DT Bob Briggs, LB Ray Nitchske and CB Rex Kern; releases DT Rolf Krueger, G Bob Hoskins and S Jimmy Warren.
  2. (6/5) Cedarhurst claims QB George Mira; releases C Jay Bachman.
  3. (6/8) North Tampa claims S Dale Hackbart and RB Tony Baker; releases WR Coleman Zeno and RB Bobby Duhon.
  4. (6/11) Marathon claims RB Bobby Duhon; releases RB Claxton Welch.
  5. (6/12) San Antonio claims G Tom Regner; releases G Len St. Jean.
  6. (6/12) Portland claims RB Jim Lindsey; releases RB John Isenbarger.
  7. (6/16) San Antonio sends SA#3 1972 to Gate City for CB Miller Farr.
  8. (6/17) Gate City claims CB Cornell Gordon.
  9. (6/22) San Antonio releases G Mike Regner.
  10. (6/24) Gate City sends DT Tony McGee to Miami Valley for MV#4 1972.
  11. (6/24) Gate City claims DT Ron Berger.
  12. (7/17) New York claims RB Leon Burns; releases T Forrest Gregg.