Curt Gowdy Football League
1. Organization - Membership and Teams
Requirements for membership - members must own the latest version of the Action game and the season’s data disk.
24 teams, two leagues, three divisions of 4 teams each.
Playoffs - Division winners and 2 wild cards from each league (two best records).
Super Bowl is played in corresponding real life NFL stadium.
Home team for Super Bowl will rotate - NFC in odd years, AFC in even years.
Ties will be broken using actual NFL tie-breakers.
Ownership of multiple teams - Members are permitted to own more than one team. Transactions between the two franchises is prohibited.
Vacant Teams - The commissioner will handle the draft and general manager duties for vacant teams. Their home games will be autoplayed by the commissioner. A designee of the commissioner will coach vacant teams during the playoffs.
2. Schedule and Method of Play
Schedule is 16 games. Breakdown for 16 game schedule:
a. 6 games in division (3 home, 3 away)
b. 4 games against one other division in team's own conference
c. 1 game each against 2 teams in third division in team's own conference (2 games total)
d. 4 games against one division in the other conference
Method of play - one game per week. All games must be played head to head, or simmed by the commissioner. All playoff games must be played head to head. For any arranged meeting for online play, if a coach fails to show up, the coach who was stood up may request to play vs. the computer if another time cannot be scheduled. Commissioner will set weekly deadlines.
Coin Toss - The CGFL will use the "Defer coin toss to 2nd half" option.
3. Rosters, Trades and Drafts
Player usage - Injuries, game and season fatigue will dictate player usage. Home field advantage will be used, except in the Super Bowl, which is played in the real-life stadium. QB fatigue will be used in the playoffs. Post-game injuries will not be used. The option to limit games missed to real life will be used.
Skill position players will be required to achieve 1/3 their actual usage in the following categories:  QB - pass attempts; RB - rush attempts; WR/TE - receptions. Failure to meet the 1/3 minimum usage requirement results in free agency for the player. Such players go into the next season's rookie draft. Teams may request a waiver for any players who is primarily a kicker or punter. This request must be made prior to the start of the season.
Audibles will be set to 3 per half.
Special Teams - The following guidelines will be used for filling in the H and LS positions:
H - Any QB, P, or real-life holder (coach must verify)

LS - Any C or real-life LS

The home coach is permitted to override totally ridiculous injury replacements when playing against the computer. Examples of such would be using a DB on the DL, especially when another DL was available.
The use of trick plays is limited to 3 per game. Trick plays include WR/TE runs, non-QB passes, direct snaps to RB/WR/TE, fake kicks and punts.
In the playoffs, the total use of trick plays throughout the playoffs is limited to a player's actual NFL total.
Trades may include players and draft picks for the year in progress plus one year. Retention rights may not be traded. All trades must be approved by the commissioner. Trading ends prior to the start of Week 6 (Thursday noon or after you start your Week 6 game, whichever comes first).
Roster size - 50 players. Teams are required to carry a rated backup at every position except kicker and punter, and must have a minimum of 800 combined rush and pass attempts, including at least 300 rush attempts, at least 300 pass attempts, and at least 180 receptions for a 16 game season on the roster.

Players may play out of position only in the event of an injury or game fatigue when there is no player available who is rated at the vacant position. In this event, use the following guidelines: C, G, T may play any offensive line position; DE, DT may play any defensive line position; ILB, OLB may play any linebacker position; CB, S may play any defensive back position. Players who play out of position are reduced in effectiveness by the game.

Teams are required to select a player from the waiver wire when they have no eligible starter and/or backup at any position. A player must be released from the roster to make room for the new player, and the new player must be released at season's end.
Draft - 15 rounds, order to follow NFL rules with a lottery to be held between the four worst teams for the first four draft choices. Teams will cut to 35 players prior to the draft, and will be limited to 2 QB on their 35 man pre-draft rosters. Teams are permitted to trade after they have cut to 35 players. Once final pre-draft file is released, no pull back of players for any teams.
4. Rule Changes, Disk Changes and Miscellaneous
Suggestions for rule changes may be made to the commissioner during the playoffs. These suggestions will be screened by the commissioner, and if approved submitted to the league for discussion. Discussion of rule proposals will be held for one week following the Super Bowl. Following discussion, a vote among league members will be held. Each member receives one vote; a 60% vote is required to make changes to the league rules.
Any topics not covered by league rules will be addressed by the commission as needed. It should not be assumed that a lack of a rule against a practice permits its usage.
Any QB who has a Rating of 59.9 or less will have his durability increased to 10.
The commissioner is solely responsible for all membership issues.

Revised 2/10/18