The 1978 CGFL Preview

Or how much “potential” do these guys have anyway?


            It’s time for football again! The new season promises to be a tight one with more competition than last year’s edition.  Clearly our adding to additional games should make things very interesting in the fatigue and injury department. Our last preview edition was right on the money predicting a Nashua championship: congrats to Dave Hogan!  This year we’ll see how close we can get to predict the division/conference/Super Bowl winner(s). Here’s a division look and some features to get you ready for the new season.  W/L Predictions are in parenthesis.  (Ed Note: Thanks to Commish Jesse for a little help!)


1977 Playoffs:


Nashua 30 at Green County 24

Baltimore 23 at Cancun 24


E Texas 30 at New York 20

Houston 35 at Ole Miss 20


Nashua 44 at Cancun 20

E Texas 3 at Houston 20


Super Bowl: Houston 17 vs. Nashua 20 (prediction was 23-19 Nashua!)



AFC East Prediction: From Worst to First?



Pts For

Pts Vs

Net Pts/G

Off Yds Rk

Def Yds Rk

QB Off

QB Def

Green Co







81.6 (1)

22.0 (1)







47.4 (13)

29.4 (2)

Ohio (Jersey)







38.5 (18)

69.7 (17)







40.2 (15)

58.9 (11)

Iron Mtn






28.0 (20)

51.1 (7)



            The AFC East produced two of the league’s better clubs in Green CO and champion Nashua.  This year it’s a different story, as the Cinderella team from Iron Mountain will challenge for the title.


1) Iron Mountain (12-4)

            The Miners are poised for a huge season and quite a turnaround from last year’s unhappy 3 win season.  How come? Well for one thing they have a possible budding super star in QB Jim Zorn.  Last year the Miners ranked dead last in passing efficiency.  This year Zorn is poised for a huge year.  The Miners have other weapons in RB Tony Dorsett, Terdell Middleton and WR David Hill and TE Bob Tucker.  In short they have struck gold! 

            On defense they have one of the top clubs in the league.  DE Ezra Johnson is a sacking fool and DB’s Thomas Darden, Rod Perry and Herm Edwards all have theft potential.  Frankly, Herm Edwards is just like having a head coach on the field. 

            This club is loaded and will be quite a story in the upcoming season.


2) Nashua (12-4)

            Last year’s championship team is back to challenge again.  Fundamentally, there’s not much difference between the Panthers and Miners.  It will come down to the two games they play against each other.

            The Panthers are led by QB Dan Fouts who figures to be in top form after last year’s injury ridden season.  The dynamic RB combo of Franco Harris and Pete Johnson are back to terrorize enemy defenses.  WR’s Lynn Swan and Mel Gray provide both finesse and speed while TE Bob Klein is dependable. 

            Last year’s defense was very good and this edition is probably the league’s best one.  LB Jack Ham, ILB Bill Bergey and DT Curley Culp will vie for league defensive honors.  They also have DE Lyle Alzado and LB Ted Washington up front; while nickel back Bobby Bryant might pick off quite a few.  The shutdown corner tandem of Gary Green and Rolland Lawrence will make things tough on opposing passers.  This is a “D” with no obvious weaknesses. 

            Watch the score lines in Week 3 and 9 since it will tell you who wins the NFC East.


3) Green County (9-7)

            Coach Randy surprised last year leading the Twisters to a 13-1 record.  However, the year ended with a thud when they were knocked out by the Panthers in an epic duel.  The Twisters figure to be a tough club again this year but not quite as good on paper as last year’s team.  Only giving up 124 points ranked them next to the 1963 Chicago Bears so that is a difficult task to duplicate. 

            The club’s new colors are pretty cool (shouldn’t twisters be more foreboding?) and a will look good on RB’s Mark Van Eeghen and Lydell Mitchell. QB Terry Bradshaw’s a competent thrower and has some inviting targets in WR Drew Pearson and Reggie Rucker.  TE Ken McAfee won’t be much of a factor. 

            The defense is solid led by LB’s Greg Brzina and Jim Youngblood.   The DB’s are also pretty reasonable led by S Cliff Harris.

            All in all a good looking club but given the rise of Iron Mtn is likely to push them down in the standings and out of playoff contention.  What a difference a year makes!


4) Ohio Buckeyes (9-7)

            Last year I fanned on my prediction of the Jersey Giants for the playoffs. So I won’t make the same mistake on the recently relocated and renamed Buckeyes.  This season should be an improvement on last year’s terrible 5-9 record. 

            The leader of the Bucs is Centralia, KS own RB John Riggins.  The other RB, Joe Washington, is from Oklahoma so it’s a Big 8 backfield which automatically makes them tough.  (Ed Note: Yes, they’re depressed about playing for a Big 10 named club!) Ageless Pearson Pearson is the 3rd down back. There is a corps of nice receivers in the mix such as Pat Tilley, TE Henry Childs, and James Scott.  QB Joe Ferguson is on the rise and just needs to take care of business with the offensive weapons available. 

            The defense is tough and should carry them into a high level of contention in most contests.  DE Jack Youngblood, ILB Randy Gradishar, and CB Mel Blount are all tough players and stoppers.  S Tony Dungy is a ball hawk in the secondary and serves as the proverbial “coach on the field”.  He appears to have a future in that direction! (ED Note 2: I hope ex-Husker Ron McDole has a good final campaign! He’ll look weird in that uniform!). 

            There’s a lot of fantastic talent here and the Bucks should have an enjoyable year and be very competitive.  It appears they’ll fall a bit short but with all that Big 8 talent they could be poised for a breakthrough.




5) Cedarhurst Bulldogs (4-12)

            The competition in this division has improved and that hurts the Dog’s chances.  Last year’s team was pretty woeful on offense especially in the QB department.  They had trouble scoring points averaging a paltry 13 per game. 

            QB Ron Jaworski is back from injury and should make the situation better.  There’s a cast of thousands at RB led by Lonnie Perrin.  WR Steve Largent is a big time talent but it falls off pretty dramatically after him. 

            The defense was reasonable last year and this one should be slightly better.  Young DE Mike Butler will put the heat on opposing QB’s and S Ken Houston will prey on the deep WR’s. 

            The Dogs look better but still need a more on offense.


NFC West Prediction: Huntsville and Baltimore Spar for Supremacy Quoth the Raven!




Pts For

Pts Vs

Net Pts/G

Off Yds Rk

Def Yds Rk

QB Off

QB Def







75.1 (5)

40.4 (5)







58.2 (10)

52.3 (8)







67.9 (6)

62.0 (12)







39.5 (16)

63.1 (14)







41.5 (14)

74.1 (19)


            Cancun won last year’s title but it was no day at the beach.   Baltimore had a breakthrough year and finished one game behind and made the playoffs.  Canton slipped to 3rd as rebuilding looks to be on the horizon. Huntsville had 5 wins and Andes only 1.


1) Huntsville (9-7)       

            The Texans are favored to win but not by much. RB Delvin Williams (ex-Kansas) keys the rushing attack and is backed ably by Sherman Smith.  Rookie WR John Jefferson looks like the real deal.  Ancient Fran Tarkenton leads the club and it’s on his shoulders whether the team wins or not.

            Last year’s club didn’t have a great defense and this one doesn’t look special either.  DE Elvin Bethea is tough and so is DT Elix Price is a sacker.  ILB Jeff Siemon mans the middle while CB Lemar Parrish is a potential shutdown.  They’ll need all they can get to fend off the other challengers. Special teams ace Tony Green was a nice draft pickup.


2) Baltimore (8-8)

            Last year’s team had a great year culminating in a playoff berth.  Ravens QB Archie Manning is the key to their title hopes again.  He looks ready for a good year as does RB Wilbert Montgomery.  TE Riley Odoms and WR Sammy White key the passing attack while RB Horace King will also be pesky for opponents. 

            Sadly the defense isn’t as good on paper as last year’s edition.  This will be the key until to keep the club competitive.  It’ll be a challenge.  DT Alan Page has put off his legal career another year in hopes of an elusive title.  S Jake Scott knows how to pick them.

            Finally this note from Coach Ed who says he:

will open up the offense this   year and throw the rock at least 11 times a game,, johhny unitas has been named my qb coach , and joe don looney has been named chaplin of the team, art donavan has the beer covered,, and mike curtis delivers the pep talks. 
I’m still not sure that’s the right spot for Joe Don but whatever.
3) Cancun (8-8)
               The Boys will slip a bit after last year’s title.  New QB Steve Grogan will be the man as he has been with 3 clubs over the past 3 seasons. He does have losing experience (Woodbine); title experience (Nashua) and now comes to sample those league leading cheerleaders.       
               RB Dexter Bussey is the main rushing attacker while there’s a cast of thousands at WR but no real stick outs.  However the O Line looks pretty weak so Grogan’s scrambling abilities will be called into the mix.  
               The defense, however, looks very strong and is right there with the top clubs.  DE Leroy Selmon (ex-Oklahoma) is ready for a huge season as is LB Jack Lambert and CB Louis Wright is one of the CGFL”s top players.  
               Special teams are a question mark especially P Mike Patrick.  
4) Andes (6-10)
               It’s a long climb up the hill for the Mountaineers but this year’s edition is much improved.  Last year’s team was woeful on offense so figure the team to do better just on improving that unit.  
               Lat year’s QB situation wasn’t bad in relative terms but the key is QB Haden and Barkowski’s ability to avoid INT’s.  They’ll probably split time and Coach Paul will go with the hot hand.  RB Sam Cunningham is still a “Bam” up the middle but lacks outside speed; other rushers are similar in that they’re tough inside.  RB Rickey Young is a skilled pass catcher and should be fun to watch; new pickup WR Willie Miller will start.
               The defense is led by the front four all of whom are reasonable players.  Key sackers are DE Ross Browner and DT Mike Dawson.  The DB’s are still a work in progress at this point and will get tested frequently.
               Overall it should be more fun but still a ways to go for Andes.
5)  Canton (2-14)
               It’s going to be a steep drop for the Crushers.  Last year’s team was getting old in the tooth and this one is going to be “crushed’ unmercifully.  The rebuild was signaled with the big trade with Woodbine when the OL was decimated.  The draft brought new talent to build on for the future.
               QB Craig Morton and QB Bill Troup are the leaders as the O Line and OJ are both inexperienced and/or old.  G Reggie McKenzie is all that remains from that dynamic line that won championships.  WR’s Cliff Branch and Bob Chandler bring speed and hands to the table.  
               The defense is in major over overhaul mode.  DT Charles Johnson is the best player along with LB Stan White.  By the way, the phrase “major overhaul” mode (and 59 base defensive points) equals 3 or fewer wins.  (Ed Note: Coaching against Calvin in other leagues I can safely indicate: he’ll be back and quick!).  
AFC East Predictions: Texas vs New York “human” for the title. 


Pts For

Pts Vs

Net Pts/G

Off Yds Rk

Def Yds Rk

QB Off

QB Def







88.5 (1)

51.1 (6)

E Texas






75.3 (4)

53.3 (9)







57.8 (11)

57.6 (10)







59.9 (8)

37.5 (4)

Hudson Valley






49.2 (12)

65.4 (15)


            Last year’s race was highlighted by the “headless horseman” coached team from NY.  The Hawks prevailed notching 12 big wins.  E Texas had 10, of course, followed by Willamette and Corleone at 7-7.  Hudson Valley came in last reflective of the stats in the above box. 


1) E Texas (11-5)

            Coach Crawford has a talented and well coached bunch returning for 78.  The key to the season and this prediction is the health of frail Bob Griese.  He should look for alternative employment soon in either politics or broadcasting (Ed Note: there’s no difference at this point is there?!).  Backing him up is Danny White and Tony Adams.  I hope you can see my point? Kevin Long and Scott Dierking are the top RB’s.  Wesley Walker and Wallace Francis are the key WR’s; Terry Nelson is the man at TE.  Generally speaking this isn’t an overly impressive bunch of names but they will get it done. Their 3rd ranking in offensive yards and scoring 313 points attests to latent talent.

            The defense is pretty good but not up to last year’s standards.  DT Louis Kelcher and DE Fred Dean are the key run stoppers and sackers. (Ed Note: That Dean has potential for TV given his looks don’t you think? Kelcher? Nah.)  The special teams are ok. 

            Lots of potential for the Cowboys but the key is health and good coaching.


2) New York (11-5)

            The Hawks are back this time with a human at the controls. Whew! We were beginning to think that a team that was coached so “robotically” could win it all! Whew! Nonetheless, the Hawks did well winning the division.  It’s a tough standard for new Coach Jeff to live up to for 78!  Good luck. (Ed Note: love those team colors; just like my MAFA Team!).  NEWS FLASH: The Hawks have announced that Mr. Robot has rejoined the team as QB Coach for one more season.  Great news for Hawk fans everywhere!

            Right now there’s not much difference between NY and East Texas so like in other divisions the head to head match ups will determine the final order.  The offense is keyed by Roger Staubach at QB and dual threat Tony Reed at RB.  Mike Pruitt’s also in the mix at FB.  WR Isaac Curtis is a big play man.  TE Don Bass is ok but not much of a threat. 

            The defense is the key and like E Texas not quite as good as last year.  DE Larry Brooks and OLB Robert Brazile are the key guys up front; S Tom Myers is a ball hawker. 

            These two teams are very close in talent so injuries and coaching will make a difference. Please watch Week 5 score line for the first hint of who’s going to take the crown.


3) Willamette (6-10)

            The Wolverines were at .500 last year but won’t come close to it this season.  QB is very unsettled; right now Matt Robinson is the front-runner. He throws a reasonable deep ball but that presents a wonderful opportunity for picks.  Not good.  RB Bubba Bean is the top guy (Ed Note: Why isn’t he on Ole Miss?) with the unwanted Andy Johnson a dynamic force.  WR Ahmad Rashad has potential and, perhaps, a future in broadcasting-or politics!  TE Dave Casper is a good one.  Watch WR Stanley Morgan and his breakaway potential.  The kick game is in good shape with Yepremian. 

            The defense isn’t as good as last year’s edition (common refrain in this division).  Far and away the top player is Lester “the Molester” Hayes.  He’s a good one but opponents will feast on that front seven.

            It won’t be serene in that Willamette valley for this season.


4) Corleone (3-13)

            Here’s another .500 club going south for the season.  Clearly, the Family could use some more muscle from Uncle Tony (or the girls at the Bada Bing).  

            The Family has a competent QB in Gary Danielson (yes I know it’s a repeat but he has a future in broadcasting also!).  He’s backed up by Richard Todd and Mike Rae.  RB Roland Harper is a tough guy and a good receiver out of the backfield.  Ex-Oklahoma Star WR Tinker Owens (this guy killed Nebraska!) is the leading receiver followed by little Jimmy Robinson who is a deep threat. 

            The defense is a lot lighter than last year’s club.  DE Elois Grooms is the best player followed by ex-Big 8 Kansas Star John Zook.  Sadly, ex-Nebraska super star DE John Dutton has slacked off also.  It’s no wonder that they won’t be as good as last year’s edition. 

            This team has a lot of talented relatives but will have to wait a year to get back in the mix.


5) Hudson Valley (2-14)

            Last year’s edition had a tough time scoring and holding down opponents.  This year’s club will be equally challenged so the prediction is one less win. 

            The O line needs more punch besides G Tom Mack.  Consequently, RB Chuck Foreman and Haskel Stanback will find it tough to find the lanes.  Foreman is a dual threat so that should take some of the heat off him.  QB Brian Sipe has upside and he’s backed up by QB Joe Pisarcik who has limited potential.  Other than WR Ron Jesse they lack a credible pass receiving threat. 

            The D spells real trouble.  CB Steve Foley and S Mike Fuller are the two best players which spells trouble.  The front 7 will have to hang tough otherwise the Pioneers will get blown away. 

            This is a hold the fort type of year and get ready for 79 draft.

AFC West Predictions: Houston gushes while Rebs and Tigers look to strike!



Pts For

Pts Vs

Net Pts/G

Off Yds Rk

Def Yds Rk

QB Off

QB Def

Ole Miss






66.7 (7)

66.2 (18)







77.1 (3)

34.0 (3)







9 (59.2)

63.8 (13)

San Antonio






38.7 (17)

85.0 (20)







32.3 (19)

72.3 (18)



            Last year’s race produced two very good clubs; one less than mediocre and two that were at the tail end of league wins and rankings.  Ole Miss and Houston both had 11 wins while Woodbine had 6.  San Antonio had 3 and USA 2.  However, this is a much improved division and will be quite competitive-except for the potential dominance by Houston. 


1) Houston (14-2)

            Just when you think “they’re going down” you realize they were just reloading.  The Oilers’ stats were pretty fantastic last year and they’re on the cusp of a fantastic season.  They do have some potential holes however.  QB Kenny Anderson has a tendency to throw picks and get hurt.  It’s not a good combo.  QB Bill Munson was brought in along with ex-Husker legend, David Humm (and, yes Raider fans, he too has a career in broadcasting!).  Likewise, the run game with Cullen Bryant doesn’t look quite as formidable although Ted McKnight has break away potential.  The receiving corps is deep and talented. Harold *&#$&*((*&^%%&*( Carmichael is back to torment opponents along with Nat Moore and Kenny Burrough.  TE Walter White adds to this group. 

            The Oiler D isn’t as substantial as last year’s groups so that gives us all hope (right). DE Harvey Martin and LB Tom Jackson are the stars of the front seven. The deep backs are all good so it’s hard to decide how to attack them.  Luckily, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson sustained an injury and will NOT be running back kicks. Whew.

            The Oilers don’t look as good but the prediction says “best record in CGFL”.  Remember: Don’t count out Coach Jesse.


2) Woodbine (10-6)

            The Tigers are looking for their first playoff berth and only second winning CGFL season.  Clearly they’re on the prowl for both as this is their best club so far. 

            Led by QB Kenny Stabler the offense should be dynamic.  However, Stabler has to guard against being too greedy and getting picks.  The RB is a stable led by Greg Pruitt, ex-Okie Stater Terry Miller, Tony Galbreath, Rolland Hooks, and Wayne Morris.  Long time fan favorite Ed Podolak has retired sadly.  The WR corps is pretty weak although rookie Alfred Jackson has breakaway potential.  Tony Galbreath is tough out of the backfield.  Ex-Nebraska Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Rodgers is back after providing a spark last year. 

            The defense is where the Tigers are likely to earn their stripes.  Mean Joe and LC are back for another shot along with Too Tall. They added DE Al Baker to an already formidable front seven. The Tigers finally have a defensive back-actually two-who are worthy of mention: CB Pat Thomas and S Gary Barbaro.  Of course, CB Neal Colzie will get picked on but it goes with the territory.  Finally, ILB Dick Ambrose deserves mention for graduating recently from law school.  He has a future in broadcasting or politics!  (Ed Note: Ambrose was recently appointed a judge in Ohio!)

            This could be an exciting time in Woodbine so watch the Week 1 score line with Houston.


3) Ole Miss (9-7)

            (Ed Note: Oddly I’m wearing my Ole Miss shirt today!)

            The Rebs rode Walter Payton last year and scored the 3rd highest number of points in the league. 

            This year’s likely to be no different as Payton will run and catch hisself silly.  Former Heisman Trophy Winner John Capelletti is in the mix also. WR Duriel Harris and Morris Bradshaw will make inviting targets for former ND has been Joe Theismann. (Yes he too can choose between broadcasting and politics; however, his penchant for Memphis cosmetics sales ladies will probably portend TV as a possibility.) Little Joey T can be erratic but his scrambling will assist him.  There isn’t a backup.  Smirk.  Can’t wait.  Snarl.       

            The defense should be similar to last year’s team, which spells good things.  The LB’s are the heart of the front seven.  CB Mike Haynes is back to torment opposing QB’s.  Happily, the returners don’t look to be quite as dynamic as last year.

            The Rebs have a solid club and the head to head division matchups will determine their fate.  They tasted the playoffs so figure them to go hard after it again. 


4) USA (7-9)

            The Americans are a team on the rise.  Last year’s team wasn’t so hot but this year’s personnel are more lethal and should display power.  (Ed Note: read Victor Davis Hansen’s foreign policy article in yesterday’s WSJ! He’s a very thoughtful guy and an ex-General.)

            There are three QB’s all of whom will play: David Whitehurst, Bob Avellini, and Don Strock.  Strock should provide some interest as a relief man for the other two and, perhaps, throw in some big plays.  RB Rickey Bell and Chuck Muncie are manning the two RB spots but their health is a concern.  WR Tony Hill and Ike Harris are a reasonable tandem and Haven Moses lives for the deep ball.  Ex-Iowa Stater TE Keith Krepfle is a tough hombre. 

            The D will be much improved and that makes it fun.  DT’s Randy White and Doug English will make it difficult to run inside.  DE Cedrick Hardeman will attack from the outside.  This group looks tough.  Willie Buchanon at CB will lock down one side.  The rest of the group is ok. 

            This club looks better than 7-9. 


5) San Antonio (7-9)

            The Renegades had a tough season last year, but like USA, is on the rise.  This club had the #1 pick and selected Texas RB Earl Campbell to key the attack. He’s a workhorse for sure.

            Besides Campbell, Jim Otis and Don Woods are also here to be their usual pesky selves.  QB Jim Hart is here along with Dan Pastorini.  WR James Lofton came over in a big trade and he’s a #1 pick.  John Stallworth is a big play type.  TE Russ Francis has big play potential.  This team looks loaded to me. 

            Furthermore, the defense is much better.  DE Joe Klecko and ILB Steve Nelson are tough up the middle.  S Bill Thompson is the key guy in the backfield.

            This team looks better than 7-9.  See USA! 



Fearless Playoff Predictions:


            Once again through the magic of simulation, we take you fast forward to the playoffs.


Semi-Finals Weekend:


Baltimore at Iron Mountain: Big upset for the Ravens! Ravens win! Ravens win!  The fans at the Inner Harbor went nuts as Iron Mountain had 3 Turnovers (2 were Zorn INT’s) and lost 29-13.  Archie Manning had a 104.1 QB rating.


Nashua at Huntsville: Bill Bergey was named MVP as the Panthers ran in two INT’s for TD’s and beat Huntsville 30-13.  Huntsville had 4 TO to Nashua’s 3. 


New York at E Texas: A division rematch and E Texas nips New York by 24-17.  Kevin Long was MVP for E Texas.  Staubach’s TD with 8:44 left put NY within 7 but they couldn’t score again.


Woodbine at Houston: A division rematch as Woodbine upsets highly favored Houston by 34-24.  Houston imploded with 4 turnovers, which led directly to 10 Tiger points.  Ken Anderson had a pick and fumbled and was the goat.  Rookie RB Terry Miller had 78 tough yards.  Tigers lost WR Johnny Perkins and Alfred Jackson early in the game.


Conference Finals Weekend:

NFC Finals: Baltimore at Nashua.  It was a rout for Nashua 30-6.  Dan Fouts had two early TD passes and the Ranvs did nothing offensively with 175 yards.  Assistant Coach Art Donovan broke out the beers for the Ravens to cry into. 


AFC Finals: Woodbine at E Texas.  Woodbine scored their second straight upset besting E Texas by 27-20.  RB Terry Miller was the man again for the Tigers.  Bob Griese threw a TD pass with 2:28 to go but the onside kick was recovered by the Tigers. On to the CGFL Super Bowl!


Super Bowl and Joe Robbie Stadium, Florida. Tigers like their chances here.  But who says it doesn’t rain in So Floridi??????????????  It is pouring!  There are 8 turnovers in the game….and the Tigers paws were slick…. This game was a snoozer with 5 FG as Nashua is the CGFL Champion with a 12-3 mudbowl win over Woodbine.  Congrats to Coach Dave for the second time.


Well back to reality for now.  The season’s ready to kick off so good luck to all and we’re ready for Houston tomorrow night.


Jay Lowrey

August 6, 2004